Colonel Shane Tomko apologized for his remarks about using a round to "fix" the Roy Halladay problem the Cardinals were having on Tuesday night. Well, apologized in the sort of way that only a leatherneck could: [ESPN]

"I’m not trying to kill Halladay, not in a million years," Lt. Col. Tomko says about the joke he made in the booth. 

"I was referring to his pitching ability and our ability to knock a ball out of the air with a thermal sight. The tank [M1A1 Abrams] can track multiple targets while moving in rough terrain at 50 miles an hour." 

Could they track something the size of a baseball then? 

"They can track anything,” says Lt. Col. Tomko. "If it had heat, they can follow it and Halladay throws heat." 


Right. A simple "I'm sorry" would have sufficed. In fact, it didn't really even need an apology. It was just a jackass comment, which now has an even more awkward retraction.

I think we can move on. Although, it would have been nice for ESPN to throw a link to these "angry Phillies fans" who pointed out Tomko's remark.

H/T to (@countryfeedback)