Marine Colonel Apologizes… Sort Of

Colonel Shane Tomko apologized for his remarks about using a round to "fix" the Roy Halladay problem the Cardinals were having on Tuesday night. Well, apologized in the sort of way that only a leatherneck could: [ESPN]

"I’m not trying to kill Halladay, not in a million years," Lt. Col. Tomko says about the joke he made in the booth. 

"I was referring to his pitching ability and our ability to knock a ball out of the air with a thermal sight. The tank [M1A1 Abrams] can track multiple targets while moving in rough terrain at 50 miles an hour." 

Could they track something the size of a baseball then? 

"They can track anything,” says Lt. Col. Tomko. "If it had heat, they can follow it and Halladay throws heat." 


Right. A simple "I'm sorry" would have sufficed. In fact, it didn't really even need an apology. It was just a jackass comment, which now has an even more awkward retraction.

I think we can move on. Although, it would have been nice for ESPN to throw a link to these "angry Phillies fans" who pointed out Tomko's remark.

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4 Responses

  1. I don’t get what the issue was…no one can take a joke. I understood it. IT’S A JOKE! And yes I am a life long Phillies fan.

  2. I agree with you Kyle, just fucking say you’re sorry (if you feel the need to) and move on. But don’t make up some BS and insult everyone’s intelligence in the process.
    “…we can fix that with one round pretty quickly.”
    It’s pretty clear what that means, just fucking own it. It was a joke, that’s all. Are we going to have to dress this guy in a suit and send him on an Apology Tour through the south too?

  3. I have to laugh at this. I am a marine in Camp Lejeune, NC, originally from the Philadelphia area, and a life-long Phils phan. I will admit that we Marines do and say some pretty stupid ass shit, and apparently officers are no different. I don’t condone by any means what he said, but it was a joke and should be taken as such. Go Phillies!!

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