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I’m sure this will be peel back the curtain to reveal details of his dogfighting ring and time in prison. Here’s another PR tool for Michael Vick. 

On July 27th, QB 7 will release an autobiography, Finally Free, co-written with former Charlotte Observer reporters Charles Chandler and Brett Honeycutt.

The book will feature “the quarterback's childhood, his early football career and his rise to stardom with the Atlanta Falcons. He'll move on to his 19-month federal prison stay after he pleaded guilty to dogfighting charges, then discuss his signing with the Eagles in 2009 and the resurrection of his NFL career.”

Tony Dungy (obvi) wrote the forward:

"Finally Free tells an amazing story. It's not pretty, but it's real. If you're like me — if you've ever done something in your life you wish you could take back, it will encourage you to learn that we serve a God of second chances and live in a country of second chances."


Oh brother. Expect to soon find this on the discount rack in Marshalls, just next to Schneider Shardonnay and a pair of $19.99 headphones that you don’t need.

More on the book at its website,, and an akward trailer, set to Dark Knight theme (?), after the jump.