Audio: Mike Richards on with Preston and Steve

Mike Richards was on the Preston and Steve Show on WMMR this morning. Here are some excerpts:

Planned on sticking around here for a long time:

I had planned on ending my career there, in Philadelphia. My agent called me about 1:30 and gave me the heads up, “don't be shocked if this happens, there's about a 90% chance of it happening.” But then Jeff got traded, so I didn't know what was going on and then I actually get text messages from the Hockey News, and it gives you breaking hockey news, and I got one saying Mike Richards was traded.


Long-term contract:

Jeff and I signed long-term contracts thinking that we'd play together and stay in Philadelphia together, the city that we love… and win a championship together. That was kind of our plan and that's what we envisioned happening over the next nine years or 12 years or so. I guess they had other plans.

I spoke to [Jeff] a bunch of times yesterday and, um, we are both kind of, ah, baffled at what went on.


On rumors:

I did not expect it at all to tell you the truth. The conversation my agent and I had yesterday, it started out… I just thought it was a casual phone call to see how the summer is going, so I was "yo hey, how's it going, what's going on, blah, blah, blah.." And the next thing you know, he's like "Mike, I have to talk to you about something." And then right there I was like "oh." There's rumors and usually you hear them before hand. This kind of caught me off guard, which is tough.


Tough indeed.

Here's the audio (thanks Aaron).

This is all, of course, in stark contrast to Richie's phone call with Chuck Gormley (live from Cabo!), when he took full responsibility for this season.

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16 Responses

  1. Hearing Richie on P&S was the first time that I cried over a playing being traded out of Philly. I will truly miss him!!

  2. Richie, if you read this blog you’ll be missed brother. Not all of us wanted to see you go. I’m still not sold on this trade…the Carter trade yes, this one not so much. Schenn looks promising but time will tell.
    The only big upside to this is the cap flexibility, other than that I don’t like it.

  3. richards did not have the maturity or leadership traits and he will never win a championship.
    He and Carter are two underachieving sophmores.
    They had to go. They were NOT philly material.

  4. Hope Richards has great success. Really liked him as a player. Mebbe if the stars align, he can come back and finish in orange and a Cup.

  5. My favorite Flyer. Not happy to see him traded.
    Schenn had BETTER be a HOF player & bring a Cup to Philly ASAP.

  6. Lavy made it clear when he took over last year. You can either party all the time, or you can win a Stanley Cup. You can’t do both.
    We all know what Mike liked to do. I don’t think its a coincidence that they always played bad in day games. I have also heard from peoples that hang out in old city that alcohol was not their only substance of choice.

  7. @b
    So, Richie, who played his balls off and was leader by example, does not qualify as “Philly” material. Okay, then who does? I always thought this town gravitated towards athletes with a blue collar mentality. Richie personified that and then some. What is this standard that qualifies people as “Philly” material. I would love to know.
    Also, frankly, I’m quite sick of people throwing the guy under the bus for his “lack of leadership skills.” No one can really comment on that besides the guys in the locker room.

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  9. @John P
    examples of Philly Material:
    Bobby Clarke Chase Utley Bernie Parent Chris Pronger
    Moses Malone Carlos Ruiz Hextall Allen Iverson
    Just to name a few.

  10. @b
    You give examples, but what are the specific qualities that make an athlete “Philly” material. How would Chooch, who I also love, make it on the list, but Richie doesn’t.
    When I think “Philly” material, I think of someone who is gritty, tenacious, relentless, and any other related synonym.
    I don’t understand how people rag on a guy who played through pneumonia through the playoffs and a busted wrist throughout the season.
    I’ll admit the transactions do make sense on paper, since it offers bigger wingers, cap flex, and draft picks. I’m still sad to see Richie go. I’m pissed about all the flak he’s been receiving since the end of the playoffs. Mike Richards is Philadelphia…or was.

  11. @John P.
    You describe Philly material very well and I agree with you.
    I think Richards is a good player with alot of talent and I admire that he played with pneumonia and a wrist injury but he should not have been made the Captain and perhaps that was the coaches fault.
    Richards needed to be much more than what you admire him for. He needed to be a much more vocal leader in the locker room and on the ice.
    He needed to be more critical of his team when they were doing wrong.
    And eventhough he was young he needed to not set bad examples by partying like there was no tomorrow. If you wear the C you need to accept the enormous responsibility that comes with it and in my opinion he fell well short.

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