Flyers May Not Play Rangers in Winter Classic

Flyers_winter_classicPhoto source: Zimbio

As we mentioned last week, a Flyers-Rangers Winter Classic hasn't been officially confirmed by the NHL. An announcement was expected from commissioner Gary Bettman by Friday, but, obviously, that didn't happen.

There may be good reason for that.

According to a couple of folks I've talked to, it is not a lock that the Flyers will play the Rangers on January 2nd at Citizens Bank Park.

While it is looking likely that the Flyers will be the host, I've been told that in addition to the Rangers, there are two other potential opponents: the Red Wings and Blackhawks.

As is always the case with unconfirmed reports, take this with a grain of salt. The NHL has confirmed nothing, and part of that may be because an opponent hasn't been locked-in, yet.

All three clubs would make sense from a league standpoint – the NHL wants high-profile teams with large fan bases playing in the game – but news of a Flyers-Rangers matchup has come from unconfirmed reports, not the league itself.

You can probably expect an announcement soon. Remember, back in 2009, news of a Flyers-Bruins matchup (in 2010) was first reported on June 24th… contradicting previous reports of a Capitals-Bruins Winter Classic.

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2 Responses

  1. I find it hilarious at how excited we all are, considering that i was talking a lot of shit on the nhl when they gave shittsburgh a second classic so soon…..but now that it’s us, there’s nothing wrong with it….lol.
    Although, we deserve it for being real fans.

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