Video: This is The One in Which John Bolaris Awkwardly Called Karen Hepp a “Babe” on Live Television

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This has nothing to do with sports, but when Bolaris lines 'em up for you, well, you gotta knock em' down.

The most fascinating thing about Bolaris, to me, is that he doesn't age. He came to my school in the second grade to do the weather and looked no different. I'm 27-years-old.

I'd tell you to never change, John, but it seems like you have that pretty much covered.

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Hop it for the video. I have no doubts that Thomas Drayton was cowering in the corner once they went to B-roll.


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  1. I interned while in college with at NBC10 – Karen Hepp was at the time a reporter & fill in anchor there before her stint in new york- my god she was the absolute most gorgeous newswoman I had ever seen. Friendly enough to make small talk with a dweeby weather intern like me on her smoke breaks, but you could tell she had that really bitchy streak in her too. Can’t begin to imagine what she’s like in bed.

  2. Knew a chick last summer who said Bolaris pulled the “do you know who I am?” line on her in a Manayunk bar. Gotta say it feels good knowing the dude couldn’t pick up my garbage.

  3. when i was little i was swinging a wiffleball bat on the beach in sea isle and bolaris and two sluts walked right behind my back swing and i almost ripped his dick off.

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