An early-round playoff exit brings with it a number of spoils: lengthy beach trips, flights to Paris, finger-banging… and a whole host of who's its and what's its galore.

You probably already knew that the Flyers' 2010-2011 slogan was "With all of our will, we will." Well, they didn't, but that's besides the point. What you probably didn't know was that, according to a friend of the team (read what you will about a friend who had access to the emptied pocket trinkets of our favorite Finnish forward), each Flyer was given a coin emblazoned with the ominous slogan. Reals.

There's more.

In all sorts of secret society, blood brothery goodness, players were required to have the coin on them at all times. If they failed to present the coin during random checks – whether they be at official team functions or away from the rink – they were fined $400. UPDATE: I got an email from the Flyers. There was no official fine- rather, any player caught without the coin had to buy lunch… for whom, exactly, I don't know.

Looks like it really worked, the Boston Bruins say the real thing is great.