Chase_utley_fan_cavePic via the Phillies

Welcome to All-Star week.

As we first told you (the city) about on Wednesday, The Clifton presumably threw the nastiest slurve in the history of wiffle ball the other night in Rittenhouse Square. Shortly after his outing, which reportedly lasted 9 innings with 25 strike outs of his children (we're making that up), Lee attempted to dine at Serafina, a New York rooted Italian restaurant in Rittenhouse. 

We'll let Foobooz tell you about it:

But after the hostess explained to an unrecognized Lee that there would be a 30-minute wait (which probably meant more like an hour), he hightailed it to, the also new Rittenhouse spot from former Salt owner and onetime Philly Mag restaurant critic David Fields and chef Bryan Sikora. Serafina’s Rose Parrotta quickly learned what had happened and says she “went over to to see if he was really dining there and preceded to get sick to my stomach…” Parrotta explains that the restaurant was completely full but that if she were at the door at the time, she would have “physically removed someone”, though something tells us that Lee would be too classy to have let that happen.


Well done, guys. Maybe The Clifton should stick to Capital Grille, where he gets standing ovations upon entrance.

Oh and just in case you need more Lee love fodder, he took optional batting practice at CBP yesterday. His profession is pitcher. His passion is hitting.

That picture above is of Chase Utley, who stopped by the MLB Fan Cave today to presumably talk about something that was originally funny but then made significantly less funny by the awkward fishbowl experiment. Tony Luke's was also there.

Finally, thanks to our friends from The Hamels Foundation for this picture, Cole and Heidi attended the U2 concert last night. 


Baseball, it returns tonight.