Forget Stamkos

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Who's got pitchforks?

According to Craig Custance, the deal has a cap hit of $7.5 million per year. Awesome.


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  1. I forgot about Stamkos over 2 weeks ago like a normal, sensible person. No way was he worth all that we might have had to give up.

  2. I guess Roy Halladay wasn’t worth 3 top prospects, right? Trading for Drew Brees wouldn’t be worth two first round picks? Wouldn’t trade Lou Williams, Jrue and ET for DWade?
    You give up WHATEVER you have to if you have a chance to pick up a top 3 player in any sport, let alone one who is 22 years old. Come on fresh.
    I have my pitchfork ready, Kyle. This is not a better team now than it was last year. And that’s sad when you are in a stated “win-now” mode.
    Done drinking the kool-aid all the other Flyer fans can’t seem to get enough of.

  3. He wasn’t about to leave the Lightning and they weren’t about to let him leave either. I’m actually liking Yzerman’s plan over the last year… he’s putting a good product on the ice.

  4. @J.T.
    By your examples you gave there, you obviously don’t understand what Stamkos would have cost. He was a RESTRICTED free agent. Yzerman would have any team that really wanted him right in the palm of his hand. The Flyers were out of this race for a long time because the price is not worth it.
    But this is not the Phillies (who were a contender when they got Halladay).
    If we got Stamkos… who does he play with? We already blew up the team.
    Out of the guys who we needed to keep to remain a good team (JVR, Giroux, Briere) we would have had to probably move two of them and picks for Stamkos. Then, he probably gets a bigger contract here than this one Tampa just signed him too. So that leaves you with barely anyone for one of the best players in the league to play with AND you barely have any money left. Great move.
    So, a better example is: Would you give up Ryan Howard & Shane Victorino for Halladay? Probably not. Because who else plays for that team then? The same type of thing would’ve had to have happen with the Flyers to get Stamkos. This team would not have gotten better if we gave all that up for Stamkos.

  5. @fresh
    That’s actually not true. Of course no one would have given that up. The Flyers COULD have offered him a deal, say $8.50-9M per year. If Stamkos signs in, Stevie Y realizes he can’t pay that, the Lightning would have gotten 4 first round picks.
    Secondly, Yzerman wouldn’t have wanted two of three of JVR, Giroux, and Briere- Briere costs too much now (since money would have been the reason he couldn’t sign Stamkos), and JVR and Giroux are going to cost too much in a few short years. He’d be in the same position again as he was with Stamkos. A combination of Bob, Schenn, Vorachek, Simmonds, picks/cash would have been the best deal he could have gotten, and the best he could have gotten from any other team as well.
    My problem with this offseason is blowing up the team when the ONLY logical reason to do so would be to go after the top available player. That was Stamkos. They didn’t even make a run. So now you blew up the team for what? Over the hill guys (hey, Mr. Typical Snider) and young players projected to be the next… PLAYERS WE JUST TRADED. Still doesn’t make sense. If you want to stand in front of Homer when we’re on our way with the pitchforks, be my guest.

  6. Stamkos will be a UFA in 5 years. As of this years cap, we will have over 52 mil in cap space for 2016-17.
    Get it done homer (or the next guy?)

  7. Yzerman has said repeatedly that he would match any deal. Restricted free agency with a top player is a lot more complicated than just giving the player a nice offer sheet and the other GM thinking “lol nvm l8r bro”. And like you said, Giroux and JVR are going to cost a good bit in a few years. If we got Stamkos, where does that leave us when Giroux and JVR want their payday? With our best players being Stamkos and MAYBE JVR or Giroux, and a more than likely older and regressed Briere… oh, and no money for anything else.
    Sure Schenn can then maybe develop into a great player, and he’ll want his pay day too if he gets as good as projected. Not too mention we didn’t have much cap space in the first place. We simply did not have the money or the talent to back up and make such a big move.

  8. And that brings us all the way back around to what the rest of us (abnormal, insensible, as you put it) have been asking… why blow up the team?
    Again, you are not a better team now that you were last year. And teams in “win-now” mode DON’T normally have that game plan.

  9. I think TB was going to match any offer but the whole reason they backed off reportedly was because they would miss out on other free agents… Was Max Talbott and Jagr really that pressing of an issue?? They most definitely could have dumped Carle or Coburn and offered 9 million.. Season’s Over!!! Its going to be an awful year at the Wachovia, No Sixers (not missing much) and your 8th place Philadelphia Flyers…..

  10. Why blow up the team? I think you’re the same guy that I’ve gotten in that same debate with on previous posts, which I guess you can dig up if you really want.
    What exactly is a “win now” mode to you? Collapsing during the 2nd half of the season after being the best team in the 1st half? Going 7 games against the 7th seed as the 2nd seed? Or getting swept in the 2nd round? For a team in a “win now” mode, they weren’t doing too much winning. Don’t give the “one goaltender away from a championship” line either… Keep in mind they barely got into the playoffs in the first place in 09-10 (the Cup run year).

  11. This must explain Homer’s recent appearance in Hot-lanta in the wedding dress, he was distraught and on his way back from a last ditch effort in Tampa Bay to land the Stam….

  12. At this point, the NHL and the Flyers should be on a lockout for the upcoming season because the Flyers are dead to me in 2011-2012.
    Homer is anticipating that the team will be a pure defensive team and win 2-1 or 3-2 each night. I see them as a 6th seed maybe 5th seed if they are lucky and an early 1st round exit in the playoffs.

  13. So many people know little to nothing about hockey. Get your pitchforks out? For what? I feel like I’ve said the same thing to the same fans over and over again. The Flyers had too many long term contracts (Carter, Richards, Pronger, etc.) to go and get a goalie, which the owner requested. In order to get Bryz, you have to give up something, which ended up being Carter and Richards. The Carter trade was amazing, the 8th overall (Couturier, who is going to be a stud) with Voracek, who isn’t too bad either. The Richards trade is iffy, but Schenn is going to be a stud, and Simmonds brings grit and size, which is also needed.
    The Flyers had the worst farm system in the league, and now they are loaded with prospects. Also, if you don’t think Giroux and JVR are the best players on the team, you don’t watch the Flyers or hockey. Giroux has top 10 ability imo and JVR showed what he can do in the playoffs last year.
    People keep complaining that were not going to win anything this year now that we traded Richards and Carter, but if you look at the past six years they were here, they didn’t win anything. Embrace the future if you’re a true fan, if not, go cheer for the Kings or Blue Jackets, who won’t be able to hold a candle to the Flyers in years to come.
    Also, Kyle, you definitely don’t know anything about hockey. Stick to Phillies updates.

  14. yeah because flyers fans have no right to be upset after being in the stanley cup finals a year ago with the same group only to have the owner get rid of a top scorer on the team and their captain for players who MIGHT be good in 3 years. you know who wont be good in 3 years? pronger. he will be sitting at home retired.

  15. and bryz is not THAT good to get rid of both of them. hes probably the 6th, 7th best goalie in the league, very good, but its not like they didnt have goalie (bob)on their roster who has potential to be a “stud”

  16. C’mon, now! Did anybody here REALLY think the Flyers were going to land Stamkos? Yzerman would’ve been lynched, then burned at the stake by disgruntled Lightning fans if he let the team’s marquee player walk. Get over it, Flyers fans!

  17. Whats the issue? Did Stamkos even want to come here? Also could Tampa just match what the Flyers would offer? He didnt come to Philly big deal.

  18. OK, Flash. I knew Stamkos wasn’t likely to move, but it seemed that the FFO never really tried. Actually, Homer and Yzey had some talkin and it never got serious. But I think Homer could have also tried to make a move on Brad Richards.
    But I think the gist of many of the posters here (and other Flyers fans) is that Bryzy better be better than he was for the Yotes if he’s werth what it took to get him. We knew we needed a preemeer goalie but the FFO may have went overboard and blew their wad too early. Only time will tell now.

  19. And OK I’ll concede apparently the torch has been passed to a new generation, Giroux, JVR, and now Schenn, but the ladder has been untested and the former two have been but they haven’t proved their mettle to full effect. But on the other hand, you had Richards and Carter who were pretty much guaranteed to get a certain number of goals/points per year but always seem to get prone to get hurt, especially near/in the PS. They’re ageing. Boy if we had the 2010 PS or the 2011 PS roster back in 2007 or 2008 PS when those guys were a couple year younger and healthier. And if they didn’t party so hard during the season… And the locker room rift (which was a bigger problem only when they had their dismal downward spiral into the PS and the crash in the playoffs).

  20. People don’t seem to realize how hard it would have been to get a big player that’s a restricted FA. Including guys like Doughty. In fact, other teams look down upon it. Remember Kesler?

  21. Who gives a shit if other teams look down on it? If the GM signs the player and makes HIS team better, isn’t he doing his job? I do remember the Kesler situation… and I don’t remember the Flyers not making any trades because other teams wouldn’t talk to them. It’s a business. The other teams get over it and make deals if it helps THEIR team, because that’s their job.
    I love when you finally wake up and don’t drink the kool-aid, how the other fans who are still brainwashed tell you that you aren’t a real fan, and to “go root for the Kings or Blue Jackets.” Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.
    I guess I’m not a real Phillies fan because I was upset with getting Omar Daal as the centerpiece in a trade for Curt Schilling, right? Ridiculous.

  22. And fresh, I do realize how hard it would have been to get a RFA. Doesn’t mean you can’t at least make a run. And yeah, don’t give me the “you would have had to wait 7 days and miss out on other free agents” story, because I wouldn’t have been that upset with “missing out” on 39 year old Jagr and Max Talbot a.k.a. “The douche bag’s Darrol Powe”.

  23. Yo, IBM! Didn’t you used to sell computers? Anyhoo, I happen to have lots of faith in “Breezy”, despite not having played one minute in goal yet, he’s already a tremendous upgrade over the last quarter century’s worth of has-beens (Vanbiesbrouck), never-weres (Leighton), false messiahs (Bob?) and flaming whackjobs (Checmanek). If the Flyers become the frozen version of the ’11 Phillies, as in a team that wins more with defense than offense, I’ll be a happy camper. But then, like you said, only time will tell.

  24. JT what are you even talking about? How do you know Homer didnt make a serious run at Stamkos as you state? From all the rumors and interviews i read it sounds like he did talk to Tampa about a deal and didnt like what they wanted from the flyers. (Rumored deal of Bob, Schenn, JVR(or Roo), a few picks, and 7 +mil a year deal. Aka: No fucking thanks.)
    Also what is everyone smoking saying we cap space to do this deal? its like for once the flyers have a little cap space and everyone is shitting their pants. The flyers are still pressed up against the cap for the next few years and have expiring contracts to coburn, carle, JVR, and roo that they have to get done. We sign stamkos and you maybe can bring one of those guys back. Id much rather have those 4 guys then stamkos especially considering who the fuck do the flyers have to replace coburn and carle on defense. Its not like you’re moving any of the other defensemen Mez(4Mil+ a year), Timo (35+ contract), or Pronger(35+) to any team to free cap space to sign a replacement either.

  25. John. He was a restricted free agent. Important part of that? FREE AGENT. They didn’t have to TRADE for him. They could have SIGNED HIM TO A CONTRACT. Yes, Tampa probably would have matched the offer, but they still could have made a run by OFFERING HIM A FUCKING CONTRACT. I would have been satisfied because at lest they would have tried. How do you not get that?

  26. Again, I’m not saying getting Stamkos was EVER a sure thing if they offered a contract. But, again, I’ll sound like a broken record, and your citations of the contracts they can’t move bear it out- why trade away your chance at a Cup NOW for a chance at it a few years from now… when Pronger and Timonen aren’t playing? It just does not make sense.

  27. I really think you are over simplifying the RFA thing in hockey. Im sure the flyers were not the only team interested in obtaining stamkos. if they wanted stamkos they needed to trade for him. There was no chance tampa was going to let him walk for four first round picks even if they couldnt afford to match it, it would still be a sign and trade type of situation. Also If its just as easy as offering him a contract whats your reasoning behind every other team in the NHL not offering one as well. (especially teams that arent at the cap floor and have 20mil to blow? and other teams publically expressing that they wanted him aka Toronto)
    Plus as i stated the flyers dont have the cap room to sign stamkos to a long term contract and field a competitive team for the next few years around stamkos. It would essentially be win the cup this year cause we’re blowing the team up next year to fit your contract.

  28. oh and to reiterate the flyer have $175,239 in cap space now and have 51 contracts out of the possible 50 contract limit. This is without courtier signed so hes guaranteed to not make the team since his contract will have to be slid into next year’s limit via NHL’s agreement with juniors. But anyways the flyers once again have very little flexibility.

  29. Stamkos was never going to leave Tampa. Apart from Vinny and St. Louis the veterans, he makes the trio of formidable players that make Tampa a contender. Tampa has had issues with the past owners since the 04 Cup win so the new owner was not going to risk a fairly new and good reputation with the fans by letting a prized draft pick who has put up 119 goals and been a great asset get away to another team in the east. It would be insane. I see him staying in Tampa and keeping the level of competition and winning . Oh And I am still celebrating our 04 game 7 win in the east finals hahah

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