As you are probably already aware, the Phillies are interested in the services of Carlos Beltran and his mole. Today, Jon Heyman shed a little more light on the situation, saying the Phillies could trade Domonic Brown:

There has been buzz over the past few days about Beltran and the Phillies, who do have a decent prospect stash. While most of Philly's better prospects are pitchers, two people with knowledge of the talks said the Mets' first target with Philly would be top outfield prospect Domonic Brown. That may seem at first blush like a big asking price, but the Phillies are probably the World Series favorite and are clearly going for it this year, they need to get more righthanded (Beltran is a switch hitter while Brown is a lefty), Beltran is the best hitter on the market and they can fit him onto their team without paying a cent.


It's that time of year, folks. Ruben Amaro, wearing dark shades and a fuck you smile, has settled in at the poker table. He told the media media he won't speak about any potential trades until after the deadline… which is just fine, because he usually lies, anyway- think Paul Holmgren without the buzz cut and lunacy.

Brown's name has come up in trade discussions, but Heyman is the first to lay out the case for trading him. He also ranks the Phillies first in potential suitors for Beltran:

1. Phillies. Look like the clear favorite at the moment. Arguably baseball's best team needs to balance its lineup. Very capable of surprises (they are also connected to Rockies star Ubaldo Jimenez even though they have baseball's rotation top). Their resistance to exceeding baseball's $170 million luxury tax threshold could be allayed by the Mets paying Beltran's salary. Even if they won't surrender Brown, "they have arms,'' one scout said. But Brown would fit in rightfield as Beltran's replacement in New York. 


This may be nothing more than conjecture on Heyman's part, but if you remember, he was the first to report the Phillies' interest in Cliff Lee. We know how that turned out.

Either way, get this out of your system now.