Jon Heyman Says Phillies Could Trade Domonic Brown for Carlos Beltran


As you are probably already aware, the Phillies are interested in the services of Carlos Beltran and his mole. Today, Jon Heyman shed a little more light on the situation, saying the Phillies could trade Domonic Brown:

There has been buzz over the past few days about Beltran and the Phillies, who do have a decent prospect stash. While most of Philly's better prospects are pitchers, two people with knowledge of the talks said the Mets' first target with Philly would be top outfield prospect Domonic Brown. That may seem at first blush like a big asking price, but the Phillies are probably the World Series favorite and are clearly going for it this year, they need to get more righthanded (Beltran is a switch hitter while Brown is a lefty), Beltran is the best hitter on the market and they can fit him onto their team without paying a cent.


It's that time of year, folks. Ruben Amaro, wearing dark shades and a fuck you smile, has settled in at the poker table. He told the media media he won't speak about any potential trades until after the deadline… which is just fine, because he usually lies, anyway- think Paul Holmgren without the buzz cut and lunacy.

Brown's name has come up in trade discussions, but Heyman is the first to lay out the case for trading him. He also ranks the Phillies first in potential suitors for Beltran:

1. Phillies. Look like the clear favorite at the moment. Arguably baseball's best team needs to balance its lineup. Very capable of surprises (they are also connected to Rockies star Ubaldo Jimenez even though they have baseball's rotation top). Their resistance to exceeding baseball's $170 million luxury tax threshold could be allayed by the Mets paying Beltran's salary. Even if they won't surrender Brown, "they have arms,'' one scout said. But Brown would fit in rightfield as Beltran's replacement in New York. 


This may be nothing more than conjecture on Heyman's part, but if you remember, he was the first to report the Phillies' interest in Cliff Lee. We know how that turned out.

Either way, get this out of your system now.

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35 Responses

  1. NO NO NO NO and did I mention NO!! You don’t trade Dom Brown for a rental player…trade some young pitching for him but not Brown!

  2. Unless Homer possesses Rube’s body, there is NO WAY they move Brown for Beltran. None what-so-ever. Now Brown moving in a Pence deal – that’s a different discussion altogether.

  3. regardless of where you stand on this particular trade, you have to believe there was a time in history they could’ve gotten much more than Beltran out of Dom Brown..during the time of everyone telling us he’s the next God of baseball probably

  4. The team is already too old, hitting is going down faster than a drunk fat chick at college, and Beltran dissappears at times, alot. Trade arms if you want, but don’t get rid of Brown…

  5. fcskills is right. Brown has certainly been frustrating this year, but Beltran is not the right kind of move to involve him in. If this were Hunter Pence, that would be a different story, but a 34 year old rental is not the right way to go with our organization’s top prospect.

  6. I really don’t like Beltran, but he’s playing good baseball right now. Still, his play does not warrant us trading a guy like Brown (remember how he was the only guy “off-limits” in the Halladay deals?), especially since Beltran would only be a rental. Maybe throw together a package of near ready prospects- let’s say, Rizzotti, Galvis, and Schwimer?
    IF you’re gonna trade Brown, why not call our buddy Ed Wade and ask for the hometown discount on Hunter Pence..

  7. The fact that 75-90% of people are still referring to Dom Brown as a prospect tells me all I need to know. He still hasn’t proven he’s our every-day answer in right. Therefore, if it takes him to get Beltran, and it takes Beltran to win a Series this season, all you D-Brown fans can buy his Mets jersey come August.

  8. Joe, he’s still a prospect because he is still a rookie, making him still considered a prospect. Brown has a higher batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage than the top prospect at the start of the year last year.

  9. Yeah, right. And everyone in San Diego thinks they’re trading Brown for Heath Bell too. Not happening.
    Wouldn’t trade him for Doc, but they’ll trade him for an aging rental-player???
    If they trade him, it can only mean that the Phillies think Brown is a bust waiting to happen.

  10. Brown is just the first name on their wish list. Not going to happen, unless there are more players involved, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility because the Phills are looking at Harriston and Byrdak as well. I still feel Brown is a guy you have to keep.

  11. Trading Brown for Beltran would probably prove to be the mistake of the decade and we’re only a year and a half into this decade. Unless of course the Phillies’ philosophy is to be as old as possible.
    Can we talk about maybe moving Worley instead? He could be the new JA Happ. Let’s see if we can get some return for him while his value is at an all-time high.
    Jimenez? Really? Very interesting. He’s not as good as our top 3, but he would definitely help the team out. Imagine if at the beginning of this season you had been told that Oswalt was out #5. lol
    Hey, if we are able to get an ace or two at every trade deadline and offseason from now until forever, I don’t know if I have a problem with that.

  12. Is that serious? Are they in on Jimenez????? What are they offering for him I wonder???? Can you imagine?

  13. @harry… The irony in your post makes me giggle like Kyle when he sees Cliff Lee tie his shoes.

  14. Beltran Would be a nice addition to the team, but it wouldn’t be worth it if we have to lose baseball’s top prospect in the process. I would gladly trade a world series win this year for 2 or 3 in the future with Dom Brown. I think we trades few pitchers to Houston for Pence so we can have some outfield options.

  15. If they trade brown and lower prospect for pence great then flip Worley rizzotti maybe 2 other low A guys for Jimenez would give us halladay lee Jimenez through 2014 and money for hamels as well

  16. Do NOT even think about getting rid of Worley, he’s a star in the making, trading him would be a terrible decision. We’re the best team in baseball, maybe trade some prospects for a reliever but nothing else needs to be changed. This crap about trading away young talented guys with a lot of potential for old guys and rental players is for the birds.

  17. With the way injuries and pitching has been, you can NOT trade Worely. There’s no time table yet on Blanton, as far as I am concerned he’s done. Worley has been pitching his balls off lately. He needs to stay and be the 5th starter.
    Brown for Beltran….Not a good deal. For Pence, yes. Beltran is 34, a rental player. What happends next year? Who plays the outfield? Ibanez contract is up after this year, he’s gone.

  18. The stros won’t trade Pence for Brown. That’s just silly. Trade a strong right-handed hitter for an untested lefty. You’d need a lot more convincing than that.

  19. An NL scout said that he thinks Brown will eventually be a better player than Pence, so I doubt they would trade him for anyone. I wouldn’t mind the Phillies parting with Rizzotti, Overbeck, Galvis, one of their lower level pitching prospects. Not all of them, but I would be pumped if we had to give up two or three of them to get Beltran.

  20. Bah, I’ll believe it when I see it. But I think that any trade terms should include a manditory clause for a mandetory removal of that mole. It would make watching Phillies games a little too disturbing. Krikey, that thing must even be bigger than Laddie Boy(le)’s little weezer… Or his girlie joy-bell button… Take your pick, whatever, but just pick that dang mole off already! Hahahahahah

  21. i’m really hoping for maybe some sort of three way trade for hunter pence involving raul ibanez. final year of his contract, not coming back next year, would give us a left fielder for this year and next year and the year after that (pence is under team control until 2013 i believe)

  22. every time the Phils play the Mutts, it seems like Beltran is either A) on the DL, B) Not at 100% because he is just returning from the DL, or C)comes out of the game clutching his knee or ankle etc.,and is on his way to the DL. I know what he can do when he’s healthy, but he’s never healthy anymore. I’ll bet he misses 2 games by the end of this month.

  23. Like pretty much everyone else, I’m not a fan of this rumored Brown for Beltran deal. If anything, I’d rather the Phils cast their envious eyes towards Minnesota and swing a deal for Michael Cuddyer who would be a less expensive fit and wouldn’t cost us too much. In addition, doesn’t he play third base? That would make for a welcome addition as who knows how long Polanco will be on the shelf with his bad back, and sooner more than later, Mini-Mart (Michael Martinez) will cool off and remind us why he’s a life long journeyman.

  24. Brown’s OBP is .339! He’s a 23-year old rookie and while that number isn’t dazzling, it’s above average and clearly better than our other corner outfielder. Brown is developing and will (no question) be a good ball player. Give the Mets some pitching prospects and let’s talk to Beltran about the next couple years before we pull the trigger on anything. But Brown must stay.

  25. I have played with D brown for about 6 years, just wait you will see what he’s all about after he gets somemore AB’s in the numbers will keep going up, he is young now but he will grow fast


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