As the Puck Ices: Mike Richards Downplays “Dry Island,” Nikolay Zherdev Takes Shots at Holmgren and Lavs

Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 9.57.39 AMYeah, he's going to do just fine in LA

This Flyers offseason is part WWE, part One Life to Live, and has elements from The Wire, Goodfellas, and a soon-to-be-released Amy Winehouse TV serial. Ex-Capitan fired back at the Dry Island story yesterday.

One Zero was in LA to look for a house, meet his new (old) bosses, and speak with the media. He flatly denied Dry Island played any part in him getting traded.

Here’s what he told TSN :

"I believe what happens in the dressing room should stay in the dressing room," Richards told TSN's That's Hockey on Tuesday. "It was just something that happened for a handful of guys, just more of a playful thing that half the team took part in and the other half didn't.

It wasn't a big deal…It was just a joke around the locker room and obviously leaked out and someone's trying to make a mountain out of it." 


Seeing as though Paul Holmgren called it part of the “inner sanctum" of the Flyers' locker room, I’m not so sure the team viewed it as a joke- as ridiculously hysterical as it was.

"It couldn't be further from the truth," Richards told TSN. "Unfortunately, things get blown out of proportion and things get said and taken out of context too. I'm not sure if people are trying to get a sense of it or trying to convince other people that it was the reason, but at the same time, it's not true at all."


I’m not really sure what to think, anymore. On one hand, I’m sad to see Richie and Carts go and think the team made a rash decision because of one blown season… On the other, the more that comes out (and the more people I speak with), it becomes clear that these guys weren’t in good standing with the organization. 

Anyway, Richie defended himself. What should he care? Look at the reporter. Left coast, baby. Left coast.

Speaking of out there… Nikolay Zherdev, who may have threatened to kill his wife two months ago, voiced his displeasure with Homer and Lavs. Here are the quotes from (@euroflyers), Broad Street Hockey’s … wait for it … European reporter:

"I had a good preseason. The coach promised me a top 6 role. But when the season started, I was somehow in the bottom 6

The coach told me I should be fighting more. But I'm not a fighter, right?"


In reference to Homer calling him “an outsider”: [Philly Sports Daily]

“[Zherdev was] kind of an outsider here,” general manager Paul Holmgren told the media after last season. “I think some of that is a language barrier and I think some of that is just how he is. I asked him yesterday why he had a car service all year. Why wouldn’t you ask one of your teammates to give you a ride? He’s just a different guy.”


… Zherdev had this to say:

"I heard what Holmgren told about me as a person. I was just wondering, how can he know what kind of a man I am when he saw me 4 times?

Why shouldn't I use a driver service if I have no car & don't know the city? What's the big deal? I had the right to do so."


Maybe the car service was a good thing, since, ya know, he did try to smash his Bentley to bits with his wife inside. Flake, yo.


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  1. maybe if philly had reporters that looked like that Richie would be more open with the media

  2. I don’t see these comments as Zherdev “trashing” either Holmgren or Lavi. He’s just voicing displeasure and defending himself. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. Bill- Fair enough. That was my initial reaction to them, but I lightened up the language.

  4. Have we all been pronouncing “Simon” incorrectly, or was it Richie? He said Simon, like Simon Says. Interesting.

  5. I also still hate the Richards trade and the fact that Jagr is a Flyer just makes me sick. I can’t stand this team.
    Giroux and JVR are still awesome, but I can’t be excited about the current Flyers. Camp opened today. Phillies are a juggernaut. Sixers’ have owners who care. That’s good enough for me.

  6. “I’m pretty sure that in that top pic Richie’s hand is reaching for a feel.” — Bassfishin4life | July 27, 2011 at 10:41 AM
    Or maybe he’s giving her a pat-down in case she may be hiding any oxycodone.
    Krikey, left coast for sure. Never seen him so comfortable giving an interview. Unlike Amy Winehouse, looks like he may have gotten cleaned-up between after the 0-4 Vs the Bruins, and the trip out to LA.
    And I share your torn feelings about the trades Laddie. But life carries on, so you need to get over it already.
    And can an NHL team organization (or any pro team) force its players to get mental health exams? Sounds like Zherdev is a candidate for pills for some sort of craziness. For that matter, maybe Homer needs some exams and some meds himself.
    Furthermore for that matter, maybe even Ed “I-make-the-writings-of-a-dead-novelist-the-basis-for-my-life’s-philosophy” Snider needs to have his head examined. Just Google “Ed Snider”+”Ayn Rand”. Man did I dance a good jig when that bitch of a con artist bit the dust almost 30 years ago.
    Bat guano, Laddie, bat shyte. All of them, all of you. You too, Laddie. Probably me as well.

  7. Kyle how can you lighten the language in a quote? I don’t know what the rest of you think but in that initial shot of Richie before the video starts he looks like he’s on something, and by something I mean Percs. Never liked the Richie deal but clearly something was broken and the repair part was a discontinued item.

  8. quit being such a mark for richie and carter. how did this site go from trashing/questioning to flat out being obsessed with them?

  9. your obsession with the two former Flyers is boring me. where is all ur inside info on the NEW Flyers??

  10. Hurts watching Richie doing interviews for LA, feels like your girlfriend left ya. Rooting for the Kings whenever they aren’t playing the Flyers

  11. That top pic made me smile and laugh out loud. I am glad Richie is settling in. I am buying a Richards Kings Jersey soon. I am sickened by the Flyers.

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