Welcome to Peter Laviolette’s “Dry Island,” the Place that May Have Gotten Mike Richards and Jeff Carter Traded

Screen Shot 2011-07-25 at 9.19.28 AMMiller Lite is not welcome on Dry Island

What, I thought we were in the trust tree, with the nest? Are we not?

What I am about to tell you is true. Allegedly.

Just an incredible reporting job by gossip columnist Dan Gross in today's Daily News. Somehow, Gross got to the bottom of a story that, frankly, shouldn't have taken this long to come out. He wrote, sourcing two unnamed players, that when Peter Laviolette arrived in 2009, he created what later came be to be known as "Dry Island," an excursion to an imagined Betty Ford clinic, which required players to pledge their abstinence from alcohol for one month by writing their numbers on a whiteboard. One Seven and One Eight never stepped foot on the island.

Paul Holmgren confirmed the existence of Dry Island (Jeff Probst just found the shooting location for season 962 of Survivor) to Gross: [Philly.com]

In a phone interview Thursday, Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren confirmed that Richards and Carter hadn't put their numbers on the board, but said there had been others who declined. "We carry 23 players and there wasn't 23 numbers up there."

Holmgren was "really upset that this is out there. That's our locker room. Our inner sanctum. Our board. Someone's crossing a line here," in discussing the Dry Island.


Oh yes. The witch-hunt for which current or former player(s) leaked this begins now.

Homer called it "preposterous" that Richard's and Carter's absence from Dry Island led to the pair being traded.

But what's more preposterous, Homer? Did Lavs really expect a bunch of twenty-something millionaires to abstain from drinking for month-long stretches? That would be like asking Amy Winehouse (too soon) a gleeful pig not to roll around in shit. 

Those of you who read this site on a consistent basis know that I'm all for holding players accountable. But asking them not to drink for a month at a time? Ludicrous. Luda!

As I've written numerous times before, Holmgren performed hockey genocide this offseason: Richards, Carter, Versteeg, Leino, Carcillo… all gone. It is not difficult to find stories about any of them.

In Chicago, Versteeg came under fire for these pictures, which were taken the night before a regular season game in 2010. 

Leino always hung with Richie and Carts. The trio went on an All-Star break excursion to Costa Rica– not an island and likely not dry, either. Upon return, the Flyers got crushed in a 4-0 loss to Tampa Bay. Leino signed with Buffalo earlier this month (albeit for a ton of money).

Carcillo, who went to Cabo (not an island, not dry) with Richie and Carts after the season and Tweeted about finger-banging a broad in Atlantic City, was not re-signed by Holmgren.

Do you notice a theme?

It's not preposterous to deduce the lowest common denominator amongst the players either traded or not re-signed by the Flyers.

But wait, there's more!

Dry Island wasn't the only weird, pseudo-zen ritual (?) inside the Flyers' locker room. This past season, each player was also given a coin that they were required to have on them at all times. The Flyers confirmed the item's existence to us and said any player found without the coin was required to buy lunch (for whom exactly, we're not sure).

While the truth about the moves – specifically the trading of Richards and Carter – likely falls somewhere in between Dry Island and Paul Holmgren's lunacy, we're not going out on a limb to assume that partying – drinking – played at least a small role in the transactions. And that's why we're asking you, the reader, the puck bunnies, to help us out. We know a lot of friends, conquests, and a few of the Flyers themselves read this site. What else happened?

One email we received, just a few days after the season, claimed the Flyers' 3-2 overtime victory in Dallas on March 19th was anything but pleasant for Richie and Lavs. The tipster said – for whatever reason – Richards refused to take a shot in the six-round shootout, a denial that brought any issues between the coach and captain to a head. This is all circumstantial, but a quick check of the recap and game video did show Richie's absence from the shootout. He was also the only player on the team to not jubilantly hop the boards when Leino scored the winner, though he did later congratulate his Costa Rican buddy.

We're looking for more of that. Did you ever spend time on Dry Island with a player? Did you perhaps escape its border patrol and romp on the dunes in Sea Isle with a certain inhabitant? We want to know. We want to know before Homer goes all Jimmy Conway and whacks every visitor for falling out of Laviolette's tree of trust.


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  1. more importantly, did dry island have a hatch, crazy numbers and a smoke monster?

  2. If I had a chance to be walk among the greats of the Philadelphia Flyers cup winners and forever be immortalized in this town, I would stop drinking for a month during the playoffs and stanley cup. Im here in Crapghanistan, and I haven’t had a drink for 3 months… its no biggie… but these 2 pecker pullers can’t abstain from some crown and coke’s for a month during the playoffs…
    im glad they are gone, especially carter who is in no-mans land hockey area…

  3. I… I just don’t know.
    I don’t understand any of this Flyers soap opera that has gone on recently, and I can help but to think that Lavy- as well as Pronger- will be gone from this team in 2 years, and then all the “problems” that Carter and Richards had won’t be problems any more.
    I think the front office may have stood on the aging, demanding side rather than the good of the future (and present) of the team. That could bite them in the ass… and soon.

  4. Lavy did not like how Carts & Richie wouldn’t participate on the dry island, instead they were out carousing, drinking, doing drugs & having unprotected sex. Lavy doesn’t play that sh*t baby

  5. This sounds just like the pledge Randall “Pink” Floyd refused to sign in Dazed and Confused.
    “I promise not to take drugs during the summer or do anything that would jeopardize the goal of a championship season.”
    So if Ritchie is Pink Floyd, would Carts be Pickford??

  6. Pretty sure the word on Versteeg’s limo pictures is that they were taken after a regular season game, not before. And uh, at least he kept his shirt on?

  7. @Horseface Hughes- I believe Carbomb would be O’Bannion and Leino would be Wooderson, in your example.

  8. @Horseface
    In your example, I believe Carbomb would be O’Bannion and Leino would be Wooderson.
    Somebody needs to photoshop this shit. Now.

  9. Love that the author continues to rail on Homer as a lunatic, simply because he apparently misses his man crushes. Insanity is defined as repeating the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. They needed a personnel change, a philosophical change. Management actually stuck with their coach, amazing in today’s modern sports world.
    I say good riddance, and quite honestly Kyle, I think a solid majority of dedicated Flyers fans are in argeement on this one. Enough is enough.

  10. fc-
    I’m a dedicated Flyers fan, and I’m not in agreement. The moves may work out, but we don’t know right now. And you said the definition of insanity. Isn’t signing old, past their prime stars the same thing the Flyers always do? Because that’s what they did with Jagr.
    I know they got younger. And supposedly better. But nothing is guaranteed, especially for this year. And don’t tell me Schenn and Couterier are going to step up big time. You just don’t know. Dom Brown was supposed to be the next big, can’t miss prospect. How’s that working out so far? Couterier probably doesn’t even make the roster.
    And yes, Homer does appear to be a lunatic. No other GM would do this to their team.

  11. I’m guessing Gross Dan doesn’t realize Homer had a serious drinking problem including a DUI/Hit and Run and some time spent in Betty Ford. He is just looking out for his boys so they don’t go down the terrible road he took.

  12. As someone who’s played on various levels of sport (from the collegiate to semi-pro level), I can say that “Dry Island” is not as ridiculous as it may sound and that a lot of players will bitch, moan and complain at such tactics, but go along with it because it’s what’s expected of the players.

  13. Real interesting you bring up the shootout in Dallas. My buddy and I were driving home from Spring Training, watching the game on my phone, and for some reason, I can still recall the “Where’s Richie?” questions from about the 4th round on. Very interesting that this all surfaces now, and Im sure theres more to follow….

  14. I think asking the guys to give up drinking for the playoffs is a reasonable thing to ask. Or at least make it so they can only do it if there’s 3+ days in between games (so they can at least party a little after winning a series).
    However, asking them to give up alcohol several times for a month at a time seems somewhat unreasonable.

  15. Simple enough, those two (or four) goons couldn’t abide by the simple rules the Coach implies for the locker room, they don’t play. I think its a smart move on my part.

  16. If the drinking affected their game(which I don’t know if it did) then the coach should ask them. If not then the coach is out of line, period. Just because they make millions doesn’t mean they’re any different than us schleps making much less. Would you guys not drink if your boss asked you not to? I doubt it.
    Now, it also falls on the players though too, “should” they be partying it up every night? IMO no they shouldn’t but again this is depends on if it had any bearing on their performance.

  17. A lot of teams in all sports abstain from alcohol for the good of the team. A pledge like this is especially prevalent for certain college sports. My bro played D1 Lax at a top 5 school. They got the day after a win off from playing & practice. Those nights after the games, it was on like Donkey Kong at the bars. The playoffs were a month+ long and they completely abstained then.
    I would think a couple of slightly older, millionaires could do the same thing as a bunch of broke college lacrosse players.

  18. @ J.T,
    I’ve seen you post numerous times on here and you always try to link the Phillies or Eagles to the Flyers. Are you saying because Dom Brown hasn’t lived up to the hype yet, Schenn and Couturier won’t either? That’s insane. If you’re a dedicated Flyers fan, you should know that something needed to be changed. For 6 years, I’ve watched a team that ALWAYS hit lulls at some point in the season. No matter what, at some point during the season, periods of long losing streaks would occur. And the sad thing was is that it was almost accepted by the fans because it was just something “that they did” and we would accept it if they won a Cup. But they never won a Cup. And when they were two games away from winning it, it wasn’t Richie or Carter playing 30+ minutes of ice time, it was Pronger. It wasn’t Richie or Carter who were dominating they entire playoffs, it was Giroux, Briere, Leino, and Hartnell. Things needed to change, and if you think otherwise, then you’re an idiot, plain and simple.
    I also agree with fc about Kyle. Will you PLEASE stop calling Homer a lunatic? Just because you probably built a killer franchise in NHL 11 doesn’t mean you are qualified to be an NHL GM. Why don’t you keep being the nerdy blogger kid and let the man do his job.
    When the Flyers are a powerhouse for the next decade, fans like Kyle and J.T need to hop off the bandwagon.

  19. I’m with Mike. I played sports through college and cutting alcohol during competition season, playoffs, etc. is just what you did. It sucked, and no one wanted to do it, but it was expected. You can really piss off your teammates by showing up drunk/hungover during “dry season.” It’s disrespectful and hints you’re not willing to do what it takes.

  20. Why is it a problem that Lavvs wants them sober? There are so many GOOD things about that, that I don’t even know where to begin. Should I start by saying that it makes discipline among the players for the coach? Because it does. Or how about the fact that staying sober never hurt anyone…in fact, its probably the exact OPPOSITE…staying sober IMPROVES their game. If you wanna have wild parties…join a frat. If you wanna win a Stanley Cup…join the NHL.

  21. @Flyer-
    “Are you saying because Dom Brown hasn’t lived up to the hype yet, Schenn and Couturier won’t either?”
    Not at all. They could be great. But they are PROSPECTS. Every Flyer fan that loves these moves has already anointed these guys as the next “great” players in the league. What I’m saying is, you just don’t know. You can’t guarantee me those guys will play to their potential. Especially not this year.
    During the Cup Final run, no, Richie or Carter didn’t play 30+ minutes. BECAUSE THEY ARE FORWARDS. Forwards don’t log that type of ice time. Tough concept to grasp, I know.
    When you talk about periods of losing streaks that occur- can you please tell me which teams DON’T have those? There are how many Cup winners the last 15 years that dominated the entire season? It just doesn’t happen that often. It’s all about being hot at the right time. If the Flyers were playing the way they did in November and December in the playoffs, they would have won the Cup. No team could touch them. But sports are cyclical, and the Flyers peaked too early. It does NOT mean they would never peak at the right time.
    And so because we aren’t NHL GMs, we have no right to question moves the team makes? And you say we have to get off the bandwagon? Sorry I look analytically at my favorite team and want them to do well. Sorry I question moves when I don’t understand and don’t see them as making my team better. I’m still going to be dedicated. I’m still going to spend my money to go to games and now have to restock my shirsey collection with names like Bryzgalov, Schenn, Simmonds and Jagr (still weird on that one). I’m still gonna live and die with the team. So don’t tell me to get off the bandwagon just because I won’t drink the front office’s kool-aid anymore.

  22. For what it’s worth:
    I saw the Flyers play in Nashville in March 2010. For anybody who is unfamiliar with Music City, the arena is right across from about 20 bars (Imagine the WF Center on 2nd St). After the game, we ran into some players at one of the bars. Without even approaching 17 and 18, a guy in a suit(Flyers PR guy) comes up to me and tells me that Richards and Carter do not want to hang out so don’t even say hi to them. Hartnell, Asham, Tootoo and the official and linesman that worked the game were all very friendly. 17 and 18 hung out in a separate part of the bar most of the night except for a short conversation with the official regarding Sean Avery (can’t make that up!).
    It was just strange how everybody else couldn’t have been nicer and 17/18 had to be handled by a team rep.
    IMO Good Riddance!!

  23. Didn’t the cup winners in the 70’s wear black arm bands in practice when their favorite bar burned down? Sounds like they enjoyed partying pretty much as well. Besides, who the hell has a pro team sign a pledge? Do they think the players are 15 years old?

  24. For what its worth, I think this is affirmation of why he was bothered by the media. For all its worth, winning a championship probably would have quelled all this noise. Backsliding into the playoffs and getting swept by Boston didnt help. Compared to the Bullies’ days, the “drinking” carts and richie did was childs play.

  25. J.T
    My point about the 30+ minutes of ice time wasn’t about comparing a D-Man to a Forward, I was trying to make the point that if they had won the Cup that year, it would be because of Pronger, Giroux, Briere, etc., not Carter or Richie. I’m pretty sure Richie and Carter had ZERO points in the Finals. That’s just not going to get it done.
    It’s understandable to be upset, but if you don’t think the Flyers are going to be better because of it, you’re a fool. The Flyers needed a goalie, they got one of the top ten goalies in the league. The Flyers had the worst farm system in the NHL, they now have Brayden Schenn, Jakub Voracek, Wayne Simmonds, and Sean Couturier. You’re so worried about them being a bust, tell me the last time the Flyers 1st round pick was a bust? The latest 1st round picks have been Sbisa, (developing nicely for the Ducks) JVR, (stud) Giroux, (absolute stud) and wow Richards and Carter (both great players). I think you need to stop worrying about players being busts because the Flyers have shown that they know what moves to make and their scouting department has been spot on. I GUARANTEE Couturier is a beast, the same with Schenn.
    If you don’t think this team is better for the future, then yes, you should get off the bandwagon. They may not be better this year, but if you think Carter and Richards being on the team and no Bryz would have won the Cup, then you’re not a hockey fan.

  26. Do they think the players are 15 years old?
    No. It’s just to seperate the men from the boys.

  27. I have season tickets and will happily drink the Kool-aid, and not because I’m blind or stupid. I will drink the kool-aid because whether or not I agree with what is done during an off-season or during the season itself, I cheer for the crest on the front. And, oh yeah, I don’t make any of the decisions so it’s really out of my control – whether I like it or not.
    I am well versed on hockey (Flyers hockey expecially, duh!) and can confidently hold my own in a conversation. And believe me, I have had some doozies in the past month! Whatever went on in or out of that locker room, on the ice or off, it’s over. The new season starts in less than 2 months (yes, I count pre-season) and I, for one, will not be waxing poetic about Carter and Richards. I will wish them well and point my cheers to those currently wearing the best symbol in hockey.
    Let’s Go Flyers!! 🙂

  28. Flyer,
    When have I EVER said they would have won the Cup without Bryz? I ALWAYS said trading Carter to clear the cap space for him was the right move. You had a surplus of quality centers, you could afford to deal one of them. It was not surprising or upsetting. I can get into why it was upsetting trading Richards, but I’ve gone around and around on that and there’s no reason to go over it again.
    You guarantee Couturier and Schenn are going to be beasts, and you say trust the front office because they always make the right moves with young players. BUT THE FRONT OFFICE HASN’T WON A FUCKING CUP. You tell me that I’m an idiot if I didn’t want change because Carter and Richards have been here 6 years, we know what they are and they weren’t winning us a Cup. Yet you defend the front office WHICH HASN’T WON A CUP IN 36 YEARS. How does that make sense? You can’t use the “they haven’t won a Cup” statement to ostracize two players yet ignore it when saying how great the front office does.
    Richards may not have gotten a lot of points in that Cup run, but it does NOT mean he was not an important part of it. The best two way player on the team, and the best penalty killer on the team. He was pretty fucking big in that run, even if he didn’t put up the points.

  29. People can’t compare this to college programs having a dry season. If you broke the rules in college, you didn’t play, possibly got kicked off the team, possibly had your scholarship revoked. When Richie and Cartsy break the rules, what is Lavs gonna do? Bench them? Nope, never gonna happen. Cut them? Riiiiight. People that are comparing this to dry seasons in college are way off. All that being said i think that 17 & 18 are complete dick heads. I cant blame them at all for partying and boozing it up. If i were in their position id do the same thing. But when your coach asks you to take part in somethig that the rest of the team is a part of and you refrain, thats where i have a problem. Flyers 2011 team slogan : snitches get stitches.

  30. well carter and richards should listen to lavy because last time i checked his name is on the Stanley Cup and theres is not. They had to grow up, they were expected to be leaders of this team, and they failed, they wouldnt even answer questions after playoff games. really, i know your probably dissapointed you lost, but your proffesionals, act like it. if u wanna act like a bitch and not answer questions go to the nba. it is not ridiculous to ask players to not drink for the playoffs or one month of the season. kyle, honestly i love this site, but there is no way possible anybody can defend richie or carts in this aspect. they were asked to step up and be leaders, there numbers should have been the first ones up on that board because thats whats exepected of them. in order to win the cup they were asked to sacrifice one month of drinking, 30-31 days without drinking, not that difficult. your a proffesional hockey player and made to be a leader of the greatest franchise in sports, grow up and act like it. thats why both of them will never live up to there potential outside of the fact that carter chokes everytime and richards cant do a postgame interview is there lack of maturity. it is not too much to ask to dedicate yourself fully to the positive outcome of the team and not drink for a month, if thats too much to ask than alright, have fun losing the rest of your career in front of hack fans, celebritys, not living close to a beach, and most importantly not winning a stanley cup which we will do this year because homer is a genius and devised a team that fits not only lavys style of coaching but the way philadelphia hockey was ment to be played.

  31. the comparisons to high school and college sports are ridiculous. the pros are a different ball game. i understand the school of though, and i’m the first to call out guys, like i did with richie and carts many times, but asking pro hockey players tosign an alcohol pledge is a losing battle. they’re not kids.
    i truly don’t believe this is the reason they were traded, but i’m sure its just one example of the organization’s frustration with them. they wanted the captain on that list and he wasn’t. that whole scenario is fucked.

  32. @Grocery Stick: “But when your coach asks you to take part in somethig that the rest of the team is a part of and you refrain, thats where i have a problem.”
    That’s my point. It doesn’t matter what level you play and in what form these requests are made — if you institute a team policy and a player doesn’t abide, then it’s not good. My point about having a dry season in college is the fact that these requests happen. If athletes want to party any other time of the year, that’s their business. I don’t think they should have gotten booted for partying; it’s whether or not they neglected a team policy.

  33. Remember when Lavs punched Leino’s helmet? Starting to think it was intentional…

  34. How about we bring McNabb back and keep doing the same shit every year.
    Would you want to trade McNabb in 2005?
    Haven’t done shit with these guys. Young teams win the Cup!!!! Look at that rookie in Boston tearing it up. Look at Chicago, Look at Pittsburgh, Look at the Red Wings. All had young guys that stepped up and quality veterans who can put time in.
    Everyone can just move to Columbus so they can jerk off Carter score his 30 goals on a team that’ll finish 10th in the East.

  35. Lav is the coach, whatever he says goes. “your an adult and telling them not to drink is ludicrous” that statement is ludicrous. At any fortune five hundred company if you don’t follow the rules you fired. Just because your a millionaire doesn’t mean you can ignore your boss. Lav was the boss. If you choose to break the rules you choose to accept the consequences. And their disrespectful attitude got them traded.” You can pick your choice, but you can’t pick your consequence”

  36. @steve
    The question about McNabb has no similarities in this discussion.
    Young teams win the Cup. Hmm. Tim Thomas, he is pretty young. And he is what won the Cup this year. Saying a ridiculously obvious statement like “All had young guys that stepped up and quality veterans who can put time in” is just… well, ridiculous. Of course they did. EVERY team that wins in ANY sport has that mixture.
    “Everyone can just move to Columbus so they can jerk off Carter score his 30 goals on a team that’ll finish 10th in the East.”- That’ll be a pretty amazing accomplishment since they currently reside in the Western Conference.
    Good work on that post, though. Quality.

  37. Good to see fcskills saw the movie wall street money never sleeps and pawns of a line as his own…

  38. Lavy is gonna be on with Missanelli in a few minutes to clear the air.

  39. @ JJ (July 25, 2011 at 09:41 AM: https://www.crossingbroad.com/2011/07/welcome-to-peter-laviolettes-dry-island-the-place-that-may-have-gotten-mike-richards-and-jeff-carter.html?cid=6a0120a6dde087970b014e8a1c02db970d#comment-6a0120a6dde087970b014e8a1c02db970d ):
    Stay safe, my friend (and thirsty, for when you get back to the REAL world). That place has been a shyte hole since the beginning of time, and it will always be. I wish the peckerheads running things would bring all you boys home safe and sound and take care of you for all troubles. That place doesn’t deserve our help. I wish there was a way to level that place into dust without nukes and without sending our finest over there to die.
    Back in me war days when we couldn’t scrounge up alcohol, we made our own hooch and our superiors most times turned a blind eye if we didn’t get carried away. I guess times have changed, huh?
    I’m in no way a teatotaller, but I tend to agree with the “dry island” concept. If me livelyhood depended on the pristeen condisshun of me body, then I wouldn’t take any chances on spoiling that pristeen condisshun. Of course Laddie Boy disagrees with this, but then again, he’s young, and despite what he thinks, his too inexperienced. I wonder what his position would be when (if) he gets to be my age.

  40. As a former division I athlete I understand what it is like to have rules within a team, and taking some time off from drinking should not be too much to ask. These guys represent something more than just themselves, they represent a team, a franchise, and a city. These guys should be more than just hockey players, they should be role models to some extent. If they cannot control themselves for a few months, than they do not belong? I can’t blame Holmgren for getting rid of the guys that he did if those were the reasons. I love Carbomb, but really, posting the things he did on twitter is just not appropriate and is a very poor representation of the club.

  41. guys,
    i have to agree with some of the folks here:
    Lavy is the boss. Boss creates a rule, you follow it. Whether you think it’s stupid or not, you buy in. It’s your job. You can offer your criticism, concern, and put up a viable argument as to why you disagree, but bottom line is: He is the boss. Do what he says. If it doesnt work after a month, and you dont see progress, you can use the negative results to justify your position and leverage those results to articulate the need to change the boss’s strategy/tactics.
    To not follow bosses orders, in any company, is a basis for being fired.
    Yes people can do whatever they want in their free time. BUT I can tell you that even though i work in an entertainment driven industry where partying plays a role, i’ve seen people come to work hung over too often (not just once or twice), unable to perform their duties as expected, and it has had an overall negative affect on their team. And when traveling on business, you are expected to maintain the utmost professional comportment – ie don’t get drunk, whore around and embarrass us. Keep it quiet. And whenever this has happened when i’ve seen it in an organization- and it has – it was addressed. “change your behavior or you’re fired.” And i’ve seen people get fired for it.
    I know people will disagree with me on this as noted in a lot of posts, but this is a business. you follow your boss’s direction.
    Just sayin’

  42. Oh, that’s right. I forgot “boss” was a synonym for “slave master.”
    Bosses DON’T have the right to tell you how to live in your personal life, unless what you do DIRECTLY affects either your job performance or potential client’s/customer’s view of your company. If neither of those happens, the boss doesn’t have a right to say anything. Richards and Carter have both been above average NHL players for years now. So you can’t prove that their social life had anything to do with their performances on the ice. You also can’t say that the team’s customer base was put off by their lifestyle- ticket sales are still amazing, and Carter and Richards were two of the most common names you saw on the backs of jerseys at the Well.
    You can say Richie’s partying affected his play this year. I can tell you it was the wrist injury he dealt with from training camp all the way through the season. No one can say for sure which had more of an effect, except for Richie himself. And good luck getting that out of him.
    If the “Dry Island” was a player-driven policy, I’d have more respect for it and would have wanted Richards and Carter to participate. But Laviolette has been run from other organizations for being too hard on his players, so I don’t blame any players for not buying into everything he does.

  43. JT if your behavior is negatively impacting the team, then yes, there is justification.

  44. and Lavy won a cup with his approach… may have been run out afterwards, but he won a cup.

  45. Dry Island is, um…Dry Island IS WEAK. They would have been better off signing up for inclusion on “FUCK SOME SHIT UP ISLAND” given how the second round ended.

  46. At J.T.
    Alcohol does DIRECTLY affect an athlete’s performance. It does nothing but weaken the immune system, and slow the body down. Athletes are constantly encouraged not to drink, more specifically the players with injuries, it slows down the healing process. Asking the guys to not drink for a little while should not be that difficult of a task to handle, if it is, then maybe they should seek out some help. What Lavi did is nothing more or less than what most other reputable athletic programs, both college and professional, follow.

  47. You mean to tell me that you traded the future of the franchise, who were signed at reasonable cap hits, away because they drank? What a joke. I’d vie to say that about 75% of NHL players in their 20s drink and party the same amount Richards and Carter did. I’m sorry, but I never saw Ricahrds on ice performance go down when he was here. If you go back to the 2010 playoffs and look at some of the most crucial goals (OT winner vs Jersey game 2, OT winner vs. Boston game 4, 4th goal in game 7 vs. Boston, Shortie vs Montreal in game 5, Empty netter in game 5), Richards had a part in every single one of those, the determination and playmaking ability of the guy was unmatched, not to mention the shorthanded threat. You’re gonna trade that away because he didn’t put his name on a louzy board? I’m sorry, but thats not right. And don’t forget the 2 conference finals, 1 stanley cup final, and first Atlantic Division Championship he led them to while he was here. That is all.

  48. “I’m sorry, but thats not right. And don’t forget the 2 conference finals, 1 stanley cup final, and first Atlantic Division Championship he led them to while he was here.”
    Um, did they win the Cup?

  49. If Carter and Richards (or anyone) is that good WITH the partying, it makes me wonder how much better they could be if they cut back a bit. No amount of money makes you immune to alcohol affecting your performance.

  50. What? – so would you trade away Ovechkin if you were a Capitals fan, since he hasn’t taken them to a Cup final, let alone a conference final, even though they finished as the best in the East 2 years in a row? Didn’t think so.

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