Flyers Look Limp in 4-0 Loss

Perhaps all the partying in Costa Rica and All-Star Game distractions were too much for the Flyers to recover from, as they lost to the Lightning in miserable fashion, 4-0.

Bob was pulled after allowing three goals in the first period. But don't fret, folks. This all fits into the Bob Sex Corollary.

Last time the Flyers had a break (over Christmas), Bob flew early to Vancouver so he could join his girlfriend, Olga, for a holiday sex romp. Olga can't get an American visa, but Canada is no problem.

In his first appearance after leaving Olga- December 31st against Anaheim- Bob let in four goals in a loss. Last night was no different. Bob allowed three first period goals, after coming off of a weekend in Toronto with 'ol Olgy.

See that, it's just the post-Olga blues. He'll bounce back. He didn't let up more than two goals for the entire month of January- dude needs to rest up, yo.

Stevie Why has the real story here. Or you can watch the video highlights, after the jump.

Interesting note- the Flyers' team plane was the only one to land at Philly International Airport between 12:41 A.M. and 5:29 A.M.


11 Responses

  1. Liam McPoyle looked like he had all of his talent sucked out of him during the All-Star break by Olga.

  2. By the Vanilla Ice theory on plagiarism, they are completely different. See how mine says talent and yours says goalie? Totally different.

  3. P.S., I missed that gem of yours in that thread. You could always take it as “truly twisted minds think alike”.

  4. I see your point. True, by the VITOP.
    His goalie-ness IS his talent! Hence the getting pulled after 1p.
    And how dare you call me mind twisted when I don’t even have one! I only got the head in me pants.
    And I’m sorry about my other comment in the newer post. (Maybe…)

  5. “I only got the head in me pants.”
    And that ain’t working right now.
    F*BLEEP*ck this f*BLEEP*cking hangover! And I don’t recommend being three sheets to the wind with a loadful of allergy meds in the bloodstream.

  6. I thought that you were typing with an Irish accent, seeing as your last name is McGinty and all. Nevertheless, all is fair in love, war, and internets.

  7. They haven’t beaten Tampon Bay all year. They must not match up well with them and hopefully we avoid them in the playoff. I hate losing to teams from a crap sports area like Tampon Bay.

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