Perhaps all the partying in Costa Rica and All-Star Game distractions were too much for the Flyers to recover from, as they lost to the Lightning in miserable fashion, 4-0.

Bob was pulled after allowing three goals in the first period. But don't fret, folks. This all fits into the Bob Sex Corollary.

Last time the Flyers had a break (over Christmas), Bob flew early to Vancouver so he could join his girlfriend, Olga, for a holiday sex romp. Olga can't get an American visa, but Canada is no problem.

In his first appearance after leaving Olga- December 31st against Anaheim- Bob let in four goals in a loss. Last night was no different. Bob allowed three first period goals, after coming off of a weekend in Toronto with 'ol Olgy.

See that, it's just the post-Olga blues. He'll bounce back. He didn't let up more than two goals for the entire month of January- dude needs to rest up, yo.

Stevie Why has the real story here. Or you can watch the video highlights, after the jump.

Interesting note- the Flyers' team plane was the only one to land at Philly International Airport between 12:41 A.M. and 5:29 A.M.