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Classic Baezkill game last night. Things were progressing smoothly for Danys then, boom, game over. Normally, a lead needs to be blown, but this one gets special dispensation because Baez lulled us into a false sense of security.

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The Phillies lost in extras, 7-6. 

Dom Brown told reporters he missed second base in the sixth inning. He was called out after seemingly hitting a leadoff triple and standing on third. John Mayberry Jr. hit his second home run of the game just a few minutes later. Had Brown actually touched the base, the Phillies would have likely won the game. [Delco Times]

"I didn't touch the base. Right there, I've at least got to go back and take the double. I don't know what I was thinking about there. Too aggressive I guess. Right there, it cost us the game. Live and learn."


Normally, this is where we would embed the video for you to watch, but since MLB seems to arbitrarily decide which videos you can and can't embed (stupid), here's a link.

For as much potential as our toolsy young steed shows, he also makes a lot of bonehead plays. More than once he has caused an adventure in shallow right. Two weeks ago, he failed to run out a ball, and, last year, he turned back to the dugout thinking a ball was caught. Now this. He's a bit of a flake.

Kyle Kendrick was apparently not happy when asked about being taken out after 81 pitches (ding ding ding- whoever had 81 in our contest can expect an email later). [CSN Philly]

“I took him out, didn’t I?” the manager said.

But when told about it afterwards, Kendrick thought he could have given much more and seemed a little chapped that he was removed from the game. Choosing his words cautiously, Kendrick told reporters that he “threw 80 pitches.”

“It’s not my decision,” Kendrick said between long pauses. “I had 80 pitches. Was I happy? No.

“It wasn’t pretty, but I was putting zeroes up.”


Hmm. Remember last week when their was an alleged incident between Rich Dubee and Kendrick? Yeah, me too.

I side with Kendrick here. The argument for taking him out after 81 pitches likely factors in the whole "he's not stretched out" mentality. Not sure that really matters, anymore. There are Christian kids waiting for marriage who haven't been jerked around as much as Kendrick has over the last few years. He likely has a rubber hose by now and could stand pushing 90-100 pitches.

Matt Gelb has more on Kendrick's anger.

Billy Lyon, legend, says Vance Worley can be great. I disagree. This just reeks of Kendrick-Happ first time through the league success.

From yesterday: 

Placido Polanco will see a spinal doctor today. Polly has been bothered by a sore back and is hitting .216 since May 1st. The beat writers are convinced this is nothing more than wear and tear, but numbers don't lie and spinal doctors aren't good. 

Ryan Lawrence has some quotes.

Shane Victorino made the media rounds yesterday, soliciting votes for the All-Star game. He told reporters his thumb feels better. The Phillies just announced that he is leading All-Star voting with less than 24 hours to go. It helps to play in a major media market. Vote here.

Big weekend series against the Braves coming up. Halladay, Lee, Hamels on tap. Mmm.

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19 Responses

  1. i disagree with what you say about vance worley. especially since he is young and surrounded by such amazing talent. if he’s smart he’ll try to learn a lot from halladay, lee, hamels, and oswalt (if he makes a recovery.) i think he’ll be great!

  2. In my head, when you type “Mmmm” in your posts, I hear the sound Homer Simpson makes when he is looking at donuts.
    You are a cracked individual Kyle … and I like it.

  3. Herndon & Baez are just awful. The Phils have to have some young arms in the farm system that can do better or bring some energy to the bullpen like Stutes & Bastardo have.
    I predicted 83 pitches from Kendrick.

  4. Didn’t like Kendrick getting pulled then, either. Putting Herndon in a game with less than a 7 run lead is asking for a loss.
    Brown’s mistakes are starting to annoy me. I understand he’s still young and all, but that’s a big goof. However, I don’t think we can say that really cost us the game; runner on third means pitcher will be pitching completely differently than bases empty, and Mayberry’s objective will be to get the runner in, not to hit a HR.

  5. last night’s game may have frustrated me more than any other this year, especially considering that we failed to complete a sweep AGAIN. I have been a loyal Kyle Kendrick supporter for 3 years now, not because I think he is a great pitcher (he isn’t by any means), but because with him once the first 2 innings are over you know what you are going to get. He has such a bad reputation because when he gets hit it’s like 8 runs in 2 innings and he is just awful. Rarely does he throw five good innings and then explode. Even in that Toronto start he was just consistently bad and for whatever reason Charlie kept him in that game. When he is pitching like he was last night (great sinker, ball staying down) the ball will be hit hard but on the ground and he will get outs. There is no excuse for pulling him from that game especially when your next option is fucking David Herndon to Danys Baez.

  6. Even after a brutal loss like last night, you crack me up, Kyle! Between “Baezill” and the Christian kids reference, I was howling! Thanks!

  7. the difference with Worley, and I also see it in Stutes/Bastardo as well, is that they have that “it” factor on the mound. The same Quality that Lee, Halladay, Oswalt & Hamels (most of the time) has…that I dont give a fuck, here’s my pitch, hit-it-if-you-can mentality like their better than whoever is at the plate…Happ seemed to have it a lil bit while he was here but Kendrick just looks like a scared lil bitch sometimes on the mound and I dunno if its just how he is or if it’s because of what he’s been thru with the organization since he first came to the Majors. But I do think given the present state of the Bullpen, particularly the 5-7th inning guys (Mathieson, Herndon and anyone else not named Stutes or Bastardo) Kendrick should have stayed in there for at least one more inning.

  8. I’m no Kendrick fan either, but he could’ve been left in the game longer than he had, something I saw as ridiculous. Could that little dustup he had with Rich Dubee played a part in Uncle Charlie’s decision last night? Yep, you betcha. Putting Herndon in any game with less than say, a ten run lead is begging for trouble.
    As for Vance Worley, I would agree with Kyle that it’s too soon to annoint him the next greatest thing since sliced bread since he’s only faced a handful of teams since he was called up. Let’s see what happens after he’s been through the league once and teams have film on the Vanimal, THEN we’ll find out just how good he really is….or isn’t.

  9. Anybody else have a problem with the Florida Marlins celebrating like they won the god damn World Series last night? I mean, they just barely avoided a sweep by winning a game in which the Phillies starter was, at best, #7, when healthy, 3 of the 4 relief pitchers who entered the game were last off the bench kind of guys and the Phillies made three errors in the field and one on the basepaths. It really is pathetic that a professional athlete would celebrate like that at winning one game, much less a game that the other team handed to me on a silver platter.

  10. Who cares if we sweep a series?? If we win 2 out of 3 games for the next 80 games, (carry the one, move the decimal) that will give us another 53 wins. Are you happy with 106 wins this season?
    Relax and enjoy the greatness you are witnessing.

  11. @Bogans.
    This is the Marlins’ World Series. Teams celebrate walk offs like that ALL the time (even the Phillies… they’ll attack a guy for a walk off single). So, no, I don’t have a problem with it. Look at the slide they’ve been in. Look how badly the Phillies have dominated the Marlins recently, especially in Florida. Look at how many at bats it had been since Stanton hit a home run. It was the perfect storm for a “AHHHHH, FINALLY!” moment, and they reacted as such. No problem with it. Don’t be a homer (remember Chooch juking out of the way after a walk off single? Yeah, that’s cause the Phils celebrate walk offs the same way).

  12. $20 says you’ll be swinging from Vance Worley’s dick in the future because a)he’s a lot better than Kendrick and will be a full time starter once Oswalt retires and Blanton has triple bypass and b)you just like swinging from dicks

  13. What does this all mean? Well, according to the voting in our Six Pack, 82% of you care more about the outcome of the Women’s World Cup Final on Sunday… but I think there is a greater impact. Here’s what I wrote earlier:

  14. The sale of the Sixers has the chance to signal a major change in organizational philosophy. Ever since Pat Croce left, the team has played to a half-full arena, with lackluster players and no direction.

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