Morning Wood: In Heat


Here's the latest on Roy: He didn't meet with the media after the game, but he told coaches and trainers that he had experienced dizziness during the fourth and fifth innings. Team PR said he "absolutely" plans to make his next start, a question no doubt hurled from every scriptual within a 20 mile radius.

Rich Dubee was the first to toss out the All-Star game theory, though it has nothing to do with Bruce Bochy: []

"He's probably the last guy you'd expect something like this, but that's what Mother Nature can do to you," Dubee said. "It was awful hot. I'm not making excuses, but … guys that go to the All-Star Game — you've got to have the All-Star Game, I understand that — but guys that go to the All-Star Game, they come back a little drawn. It's a busy three days. For that first week back, guys generally don't respond too well. It's just a hectic schedule. They fly out there, different time zones. You've got banquets. You've got whatever. And there's a lot to it. This guy takes tremendous care of himself. He's doing better now and that's what we're hoping for."


ASG causality list: Cole, Roy. Let's see how Cliff does tonight.

Here's more from Manuel and Dubee:

The runaway winner for best Vance Worley reference last night is David Murphy:

Screen shot 2011-07-19 at 8.21.19 AM


Well played, David. Well played. Let's also be thankful that Chris Wheeler wasn't in the booth during the fourth and fifth innings, otherwise we would have heard an endless breakdown of Doc's sweat glands. Wheels loves a man who can work up a good lather.

Also, Doc owes a beer to every person in the Phillies production truck, which cut away from him just moments before he pulled off his undershirt and jersey in the dugout. If not, his machine-like chest would have been all over every website and blog today (this one included). 

The surprising thing about his sans undershirt inning was that he's actually fairly skinny. He looked like a kid with an oversized jersey. Poor Doc.

Cole Hamels posed with WWE Champion CM Punk, who's contract expired just moments after winning the the belt on Sunday. This is either a brilliant PR move by Vince McMahon, or the result of seriously flawed logic, since, ya know, the matches are predetermined. They probably could have stopped him from winning… Just a hunch. Anyway, here he is with Cole, who watched him win the belt on Sunday:


Pete Orr was optioned to AAA, Shane Victorino will be activated tonight.

Here's Shane Victorino's awkward home run blunder from Sunday.'s Jon Heyman says the Phillies and Giants are the most likely teams to land the services of Carlos Beltran and the giant mole on his forehead.


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  1. Is it a coincidence that Bouchy used Doc, Lee, and Jurrjens for 2 inns, while his starters all sat on their asses during the All-Star Game?

  2. i noticed that as well. pretty fishy.
    honestly, i was intrigued while watching Doc battle with the heat/ exhaustion. made him seem more human.
    When they showed him taking off his jersey and talking to Jimmy in the dugout – you could see he was already suffering. He looked delirious.

  3. The fact that he was even talking to his teammates in the dugout signaled to me that he was not well.
    Usually you don’t see him do much more than nod or fist bump the other guys on game day. Maybe a one word congratulation if there’s a home run. Not a big conversationalist.
    Good on Chase for realizing Doc needed a moment to breathe and buying time by re-tying his cleats.

  4. Very good point, Don, esp. since Doc and Dubee were on record hoping that he wouldn’t start! I was kinda surprised that Lincecum didn’t make an appearance either, or has his star fallen that badly?

  5. As fun as conspiracies are, Halladay, Lee and Jurrens were the top three available NL pitchers on the All-Star team – so I don’t necessarily think Bouchey had devious intentions.
    Halladay is a beast, but no one is always perfect. He got sweaty and worn out. A little heat exhaustion is a lot better than suffering from a bulging dick.

  6. If Charlie has a problem with Bochy then he should have won the damn pennant last year!

  7. Well, let’s see how well Clifton does tonight. Since he spent the second half of last season in Texas which is only slightly hotter and more humid than hell, he should be able to handle the conditions.

  8. @phillyflash, i hope cliff gets shit done, but i heard that during the off season that rumor was, yes rumor, that cliff didnt want to resign longterm in texas due to the high summer temps having an effect on his perfomance, and i believe his back

  9. To quote one of my favorite movies, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, “Somethin’ ain’t sturring the Kool-aid, man”

  10. Krikey! Look at Dubee’s shirt. That should be the subject of this entry. Holy Shyte! Does he really go out in that thing? Some of these dandies down here in the 33139 wouldn’t be caught dead with that on. But if it was free, or cheap enough, I could. Hahahahah.

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