Peter Laviolette Talks to Mike Missanelli About Dry Island

That is a pictorial representation of the interview Peter Laviolette just had with Mike Missanelli. Just dodge. Just fucking dodge everything. 

This thing is like goddamn Fight Club, only weirder and less fun.

Instead of directly acknowledging the existence of Dry Island (though he did admit it in a very convoluted way) and saying that it was implemented to keep some of the younger guys in line (a reasonable crusade), Lavs told Missanelli that it was meant to cover all manner of drinking:

"Everything right now is being referred to in a partying type mode and that wasn't the case at all, either. It was a casual glass of wine with dinner, and I asked that person to give up that casual glass, as well. And some did and some didn't.

Whether you were having three glasses of wine, or one beer, my point was any alcohol that got taken out of play in that stretch run, while we were trying to push to get back into the playoffs, could have helped the team in any way.

I'm going to not comment on who did and who didn't. And just leave it that as a team, we did the best we did to get our team in position for the playoffs.

If someone went home and had a casual glass of wine with dinner, a player 34-years-old and his wife's cooking dinner and he had a glass of wine and then maybe another half a glass or whatever, my thought was, if that wine were removed, because of our situation it would be better for our team."


That is fucking ridiculous.

This means if Chris Pronger went home and decided to have a glass of merlot before making sexual with Lauren, he would have been violating the statutes of Dry Island. Makes sense.

Lavs then challenged the report by championing the accomplishments of the two cornerstone players the team just traded away.

"The way [Jeff] came back from two broken feet was nothing short of miraculous for me as a coach… He came back, he did everything he could with two broken feet to come back and help us play."



Then this:

"And I think Mike's play speaks for itself." 


So then why trade him?

Because the partying most likely did play a part. That's why.

Lavs should have just stayed off the radio. The goals of Dry Island were noble. There's no reason to hide it. But the request it carried with it is absurd. If you're 34-years-old and your boss asks you to not have wine with dinner, punch him in the face. On the spot. You have my permission.

Then things just got nutty:

"I can't comment on [people seeing them out] because I don't know that's true. That's speculation. Do you have the names of the people who saw these guys out?"


Really? Really? Just stop. You're better than this, Peter.

You can listen to the whole slithery, I did my homework but I forgot it at home then I slipped in a puddle interview right here.


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  1. ah just hanging with a fan wearing an ILL shirt and Vinny from the Jersey Shore. Good Riddance, Jeff.

  2. Partying had nothing to do with this trade, nothing, it’s fucking ridiculous to think it did… OD, Boosh, Powesy… they weren’t rumored to be partiers, they’re gone… yeah so is Carbomb and Versteeg… but for obvious reasons in their play… Leino wanted too much money and the fact you bring up Leino’s trip to Costa Rica as evidence of his partying lifestlye? Are you f-ing kidding me? Since when can’t a player go on vacation…. partiers/non-partiers had nothing to do with changes this offseason

  3. Kyle, its apples and oranges to say punch your boss in the face if he asks you to stop drinking a glass of wine if you are an NHL player trying to help your team win a Stanley Cup. Championships are all about sacrifices, and I don’t think asking your players to stop drinking COMPLETELY to get through the 3-month long strain of winning a Stanley Cup is anything ‘fucking ridiculous’. In fact, it is the absolute right thing to do. Alcohol kills your system worse than any drug there is. You should research it sometime. One glass is enough to fuck up your reaction the next day.

  4. If you think alcohol doomed these guys, you should go catch up on some of this past postseason’s clips over on NHL Network. They played like shit and they got shipped out. End of story.

  5. You’re starting to sound considerably less intelligent with each Flyers-related post. Stop whining about Laviolette and Holmgren, and crying about Richards and Carter. It’s done – move on.

  6. Hmm, guess we now know why Mike Richards needed so many “maintenance” days.
    @Chuckgagir – Couldn’t agree more. Not only does alcohol make you sluggish, but it also weakens youre immune system. Last I checked, what did Richards give as an excuse for his shitty play in the playoffs? Pneumonia? Hmm. Guess some Gatorade and proper diet would’ve helped that!

  7. I couldn’t decipher any meaning from the words you decided to write. This was nothing but tripe.

  8. And some of you Carter/Richards apologists are coincidentally some of the most fallacious arguers I’ve ever seen. They failed to deliver, they drank far too much for NHL players, and they were consequently shipped out of town. I don’t miss them nearly as much as they’ll miss their much-abused freedoms in Philadelphia.

  9. I’m not apologizing for Richards. Lavs interview was ridiculous.
    And yeah, I’ll go check the 2010 tapes. Richie looked pretty good that year.

  10. While you’re shedding a tear and having a tug with those 2010 tapes dude, why not pull up some great 2005 Calder Cup action too.
    This is a “what have you done for me lately” era in pro-sports and in 2011, the team did nothing but tail-off in the regular season, squeek by Buffalo in the first round and had their collective asses handed to them by a hungrier (not as talented) Boston squad.

  11. So, Yapples, why do you support the moves the team made then? They did it mainly to get Ilya Bryzgalov, and he was BAD in the playoffs this year. So, if it’s “what have you done for me lately,” how can you support Ilya’s signing? Because you want to use that argument when it helps you, but not when it will hurt. The basis for signing Bryzgalov has been his long term performance, not last year.
    While “what have you done for me lately” may work for the fanbase, the front office CANNOT have that attitude. If it was, Pronger should have been shipped out because the guy can’t stay healthy. Laviolette should be fired because he couldn’t keep control of his players. Holmgren should have been fired for acquiring Kris Versteeg, after which the team immediately started their downfall. Snider should sell the team because he failed. See how that doesn’t work?

  12. If you get paid millions of dollars a year, no matter what industry you work in, if your boss tells you to stay sober…you stay sober. More than half of the soccer teams in Europe mandate players can not drink during the course of a season. Alcohol direcetly affects your play in a sport that relies on speed, mechanics, reflexes and endurance.

  13. Kyle, come on. People get traded. Don’t apply real life work to sports teams, they’re different environments and situations and pay grades. “Dry Island” wasn’t mandatory. This entire thing is completely overblown. Stop giving so much God damn credence to a shitty gossip writer from the section of the Daily News I generally put in my rabbit’s cage so it can piss and shit on it.

  14. what i took away from that interview, was that the flyers 2010-2011 season ended in a failure so dismal it resulted in the trade of our captain and several other key players, because a couple of guys kicked back with a beer after dinner.
    the story may be trite after the fact and the idea itself may or may not have been well-intended, but let’s be real, this is all a bunch of bullshit.
    i don’t know who put this info out there to begin with, but there are ways to handle it and this is not it. he’s essentially throwing people under the bus then making up for it with lame backhanded comments like “i think his play speaks for itself”.
    i think some of the bullshit calls you made during the playoffs speak for themselves too, lavy. and i don’t see richards and carter calling up missanelli to bitch about it.

  15. Meh. Tits and Beer. I bet Carter is all kinds of SSSSUPER excited to play in the permanent craptasm called Ohio now that they signed Prospal. LOL.

  16. lavs was trying to build team trust by saying if someone goes home and has a drink when there supposed to be on dry island he expects them to be a man and admit that they had a drink. same concept with the coin. he wanted players to be responsible and the team to trust eachother. let me ask you something kyle, if you cant trust someone to do something as little as not drink any alcohol for a month, one month, than how can you count on them in the last minute to score that goal, read that pass, make that diving stop, how can you count on YOUR CAPTAIN TO LEAD YOU TO THE STANLEY CUP THROUGH 9 MONTHS OF A EXTREMLY GRUELING AND PHYSICALLY DEMANDING SPORT WHEN HE WONT EVEN SIGN UP TO NOT DRINK FOR A MONTH!? thats ridiculous hopefully richie will realize hes a dumbass and grow up.

  17. o and J.T. u clearly just lost all credibility in any argument because u just said illya was bad last year. tell me how are you supposed to win with that team in front of you, patrick roy could have been in net and they would have had the same result, maybe won 1 more game but other than that, that team is garbage they have a few young good defensemen otherwise, not good.

  18. josh- a lot of these guys are grown men. asking a guy to not have a “glass of wine” with his wife, lavs’ words, not mine, is ludicrous… and borderline offensive.

  19. Maybe carter lifts that puck an extra 18 inches in the fading moments of Game 6 regulation if not for that miller light at dinner the night before. Doh!

  20. Is alcohol really more important than the team? Are they such alcoholics that the thought of going 30/31 days without a drink starts withdrawal symptoms?!? God forbid they put the team first instead of themselves. Get over yourself because everything Lavs has done has been for the good of the team and to get them the cup.

  21. Kyle I’m sorry your not in a profession that requires you to be in top physical shape. I doubt Doc drinks during the hunt. If my Sgt. told me to stop drinking, I stopped drinking. Because I am an adult and I am responsible; not a whinny child who throws a fit because someone told me that I couldn’t do something. That is what selfish children do. Plus It takes 24-48 hours to become fully hydrated, so the beer you drink today will effect you tomorrow.

  22. Aside from the diving goal in the Montreal series, Richards wan’t all that in 2010 either. Briere and Gagne lead that team to the Cup. Did you figure that out watching the tapes? Its offensive to ask them to sacrifice a glass of wine with their wives cause they are grown men? Grown men don’t drink and party every night, especially if they are trying to win a Cup and be responsible to their teammates. If it took Laviolette to hold the WHOLE TEAM accountable by instituting this because these guys obviously had a major problem controlling themselves, then he should be applauded even more than he already is. He’s the best coach in hockey. I’m glad they are gone. We will win the Cup before either of them ever do.

  23. Jesus just get over the obsession with Richards and Carter. The two are gone and not coming back. I highly doubt that Richards and Carter were just going home and having a glass of wine. They were party guys and the leaders of a team that failed so they paid the price. Please let your man crush go and stop writing about these two.

  24. Yo, Kyle, I’m afraid I have to agree with everyone else here who said that trading Richards and Carter had been the right thing to do.
    From everything I had read about this “Dry Island” business, it seems to me that Richards and Carter chose to put their own selfish desires ahead of the team when they refused to sign up for this thing. As leaders, what sort of message did that send to the younger players? That boozing it up and partying into the wee hours was more important than team bonding and the ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup? That those two didn’t have the willpower to avoid acting like irresponsible frat boys for a mere month? Perhaps I’ve missed something, but that how I read the situation, and if that was truly the case, then Richards and Carter punched their own tickets out of town, and I don’t feel the least bit sorry that they gone.
    Bottom line: It’s time to stop dwelling on the past and look forward to the future with the Flyers. Will those trades make them a better team? Who knows, but I’m willing to bet it’ll make them a more cohesive unit with out the sort of distractions Richards and Carter brought to the table.

  25. My boss has no reason to ask me to abastain, your analogy is flawed, i’m not a millionaire athlete. Can we move off richards and carter please?

  26. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what Lavvy says or doesn’t say.
    His name is on the Cup. Carter and Richards are not.

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