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This is a sticky post at the top of the site, updated in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post coming above the jump. Got it? Good.

We stopped updating this once Nnamdi was signed. Read below for all the previous moves.

12:15 P.M., Friday: Howard Eskin reports DeSean Jackson hold out will be for the long term. Not expected in camp anytime soon.

Surprised by this, we are not.

10:47 A.M., Friday: Tim McManus confirms Vince Young to the Eagles. He will be in camp tomorrow… ya know, if he doesn't get lost on that windy Northeast Extension.

10:01 A.M., Friday: The Eagles may have jumped the gun on Vince Young. An NFL spokesman told Pro Football Talk the following: 

“Until a player appears on the transaction report, then any transaction is not official, including if the move has been discussed publicly, etc.  So if a player is still a member of a club’s active roster — as Young is in this case — no other team can talk to him until he appears on that transaction report.”


Technically, Young wasn't yet released by the Titans when the Eagles contacted him. In theory, the Titans could pursue tampering charges, but it would most likely be a waste of their time.

7:58 A.M., Friday: Leonard Weaver is tweaked. He Tweeted the following last night:

Screen Shot 2011-07-29 at 7.59.40 AM


Derrick Gunn (Gunn on One!) first said he was the first to alert Weave at 9:40 P.M., but then quickly changed his tune and said the Eagles did, in fact, alert Weave of the trade first. The Eagles often lie and Weave is a religious man, so I'll go with Weave for now.

7:54 A.M., Friday: Late last night, Albert Breer reported that the Eagles reached a one-year deal with Vince Young and he will sign it today. I'm sure it's oversimplifying things, but as I told the M & M Show last night, having a mobile quarterback as Vick's backup can only help… even if he is a flake.

10:09 P.M., Thursday: Clark Judge of CBS reports Vince Young to the Eagles. Wow.

6:16 P.M., Thursday: Adam Shefter, who is just in his glory right now, reports that Vince Young is eyeing the Eagles: []

Young already was eyeing the Philadelphia Eagles as a potential destination, a source told ESPN's NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Some around the league believe the Eagles are considered the "favorite" to land Young, who would back up Michael Vick.


We need a backup. Vince Young is talented. Crazy, but talented.

3:12 P.M, Thursday: Ruben Amaro and Scott Proefrock have gathered outside the NovaCare Complex and are hurling roses at Joe Banner's window. Paul Holmgren brought a Play-Doh pizza.

3:04 P.M., Thursday: Howie Roseman seen running to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport carrying Rod Graves' jock strap, a bag of cash, and wearing a Heath Ledger smile. Oh, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. He has him, too.

Apparently, the Lerner family, owners of the Nationals, are making the business decisions for the Cardinals.


3:02 P.M., Thursday: Kevin Kolb was given a $63 million contract today. DeSean Jackson is paid less than $600,000 per year. This is our world.

2:48 P.M., Thursday: BREAKING The Kevin Kolb deal is done. Adam Caplan reports he has been traded to the Cardinals in exchange for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round pick. The Cardinals gave Kolb a five-year extension for over $63 million, [update $21 million guaranteed] (?).

Well done, Eagles. Well done.

This is a good move. Obviously, DRC is a stud, but they also pulled a second round pick out of this. No idea what the Cards are thinking extending Kolb for five years. There are so many question marks behind him. $21 million guaranteed is ludicrous. Of course, the Eagles don't have a backup QB now…

As RukkaBukka points out, I would imagine that somewhere between Dry Island and a land filled with magical ponies (and Cliff Lee), the Cardinals house some unknown game tape of Kolb performing at a high level. Who's making their decisions? $63 million?

2:36 P.M., Thursday: Kevin Acee, Chargers beat writer, says the Eagles are one of the final three teams in the running for Darren Sproles, the greatest kick returner in the history of Madden (for real, you couldn't stop him). 

2:35 P.M., Thursday: Do you know where your children are?

2:32 P.M.. Thursday: Pro Football Talk has a source who says the Eagles and Michael Vick are beginning contract extension discussions. See, Florio, this is how you cite a story, even though it's a whole lot of words with very little news.

1:34 P.M., Thursday: The Arizona Cardinals continue their crusade to become the Southwest Eagles. Kent Somers reports they are interested in signing unrestricted free agent Stewart Bradley. That, of course, is in additon to their stiffy over a quarterback who has played in 20 of his team's 64 regular season games since being drafted. Are we just ignoring that?

1:22 P.M., Thursday: Zzz….

11:26 A.M., Thursday: Adam Caplan expects our long national nightmare to finally be over: Kevin Kolb will be traded today, he says. Awesome, the sweepstakes for a career-backup who has shown nothing more that marginal upside in real, live NFL action will finally be over. So… who plays in Week 3 when Vick breaks his leg scrambling for the fifth time in seven plays?

11:06 A.M, Thursday: DeSean Jackson is officially a holdout. This we know. However, as reader Joe accurately points out, D-Jac will be fined $30,000 per day absent from camp. Given that he only makes roughly $600,000 a year, that's actually real money. Of course, if holding out does help him get a new deal (which it likely will), it's a moot point. Though it's certainly worth nothing.

Glad to see football is back and we're not left talking about money and greed and all. that. jazz.

9:13 A.M, Thursday: Life!

Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 9.13.11 AM

This will be Babin's fourth team, having previously played with Houston, Seattle, Kansas City, and Tennessee. He was in Eagle in 2009. He is a 2010 Pro Bowler and was ranked 85th on NFL Network's list of Top 100 players.

Reports are that it is a five-year, $28 million deal with Babin. Philly Sports Daily has more.

8:43 A.M., Thursday: It's official, Jonathan Tamari reports D-Jac is absent from camp.

7:59 A.M., Thursday: Albert Haynesworth was traded to New Englad… soooo he's off the table. And now, Jay Glazer reports that Reggie Bush may be traded to the Dolphins. Another one bites the dust. Andy Reid, we imagine has still not realized the offseason began.

5:22 P.M, Wednesday: Andy Reid held a press conference at 5. Here's what he said ………….

4:48 P.M., Wednesday: Michael Vick is cock teasing every beat reporter in sight:

Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 4.49.29 PM

The Rich Hoffman doesn't care. Pic via (@APgelston).

Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 4.50.22 PM

2:58 P.M, Wednesday: Andy Reid is awake!

Andy_reid_campPhoto via (@Tim_McManus)

His press conference will air live at 5:00 on the Eagles' website. Here, too, if we can embed the video.

2:41 P.M., WednesdayMike Florio takes a shot at… me:

SECOND UPDATE:  The guy who runs claims to have discovered it, and apparently wants credit.  So here it is.  All we know is that we got over 50 e-mails about it, and we’re in no position in the middle of the free-agency frenzy to figure out who spotted it first.  Or to care.


Oh fuck him.

You see, when you're the first place on the internet to post a very fringe story and send a link over to a larger, national site at, say, 12:50, and then they post the story – sans credit to anyone – at 1:13, you would appreciate a little head nod. Or a link.

2:12 P.M., WednesdayDerrick Gunn (Gunn on One!) reports a Kolb deal is close.

Shefter too:

Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 2.17.13 PM

Also, can we assume that Shefter is not unlike Gordon Gekkoo in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps once he conned his family and got back in the game? Just livin' the life, he is.

12:57 P.M., Wednesday: DRC jersey available on Eagles' website. See post below.

12:05 P.M, Wednesday: Tim McManus reports that DeSean Jackson will NOT be in training camp today, and is unlikely for Thursday.

I can't blame DeSean for holding out here. It's the way deals get done in the NFL. He is grossly underpaid and the team's best player. Someone should wake Andy Reid up.

Philly Sports Daily has the story.

11:51 A.M., Wednesday: Can anyone explain what the Jesus is going on? It's mid-day Wednesday and, as our friend Kevin put it, Kevin Kolb is still an Eagle and Nnamdi Asomugha is still a free agent. And Andy Reid still has cheese wiz dripping down his chin on Joe Banner's couch. Hello, McFly!

The Seahawks signed Tavaris Jackson (?), so any leverage the Eagles had in trading Kolb to Arizona is gone. Will someone please tell Andy Reid the season started? Like, the lockout, it's over. Wake up!

8:32 A.M., Wednesday: Grilled Reuben Frank, the blowhard stenographer who once felt the need to comment on a reader's very positive Facebook posting of a CB article, saying "that's hardly brilliant," reports the Eagles have yet to make a decision on their free agents (conflicts with a report from last night). I won't link to it because it's hardly a brilliant report. That's all you need to know, really.

8:30 A.M, Wednesday: There are a number of reports that Donovan McNabb was dealt to the Vikings. He was not… yet, according to Adam Shefter.

8:26 A.M., Wednesday: Plaxico Burress may meet with the Giants on Wednesday.

The hell? I'm now convinced Andy Reid is asleep in the office of Joe Banner, who, in turn, is concerned that coach may have sleep apnea. This first 24 hours is a little messy. No?

11:25 P.M., Tuesday: Ike Taylor signed a four-year deal with the Steelers… so he's out.

5:40 P.M., Tuesday: According to a report on, the Eagles do not plan to re-sign any of their own free agents (Stew Bradley, Sav Rocca, Quintin Mikell and Dmitri Patterson) and are preparing to make a larger move. Paul Holmgren is impressed.

3:13 P.M., Tuesday: Here's the Eagles' training camp schedulebrought to you by Sports Authority! Yes, they're absolutely selling ad space on their Twitter account.

3:08 P.M., TuesdayAdam Caplan reports that players on teams starting training camp on Wednesday (Eagles) have an extra day to show up. So D-Jac not showing up might not mean he's holding out. Semantics!

Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 2.44.27 PM

2:41 P.M., Tuesday: According to Geoff Mosher, DeSean Jackson will probably NOT show up at Lehigh tomorrow.

I imagine the Eagles are circling the wagons like a poorly-funded presidential campaing. What do we do? Comment? Ignore? 

Andy Reid: Lunch.

There are other updates and video of Vick talking about D-Jac's potential hold out, after the bump.


2:25 P.M., Tuesday: Eagles are doing some serious tire-kicking on Vince Young.

12:14 P.M, Tuesday: We're not more than 150 minutes into the unofficial start of the season and the Eagles are already selling ad space on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 12.15.44 PM
Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 12.15.44 PMRevenue!

11:55 A.M., Tuesday: Michael Vick says DeSean Jackson could, may, might hold out.

Hold up (Regulator voice).

Say what?

Here's the quote via Jonathan Tamari:

"I just don’t know, just being realistic about the situation. It's all in what Desean wants. We're trying to figure out what’s going to happen. Hopefully he'll be there tomorrow. Desean just has some thing to think about and some decisions to make that only himself can make"


Well this would certainly be news and explain all the Plaxico Burress talk. D-Jac is only making $565,000 this year. However, he did Tweet yesterday that he was ready for some football. Ya digg?

Tim McManus has a little bit more.

10:47 A.M., Tuesday: The Eagles have announced the signings of rookies: WR Perry Baker, WR DeAndre Brown, RB Graig Cooper, P Chas Henry, QB Jerrod Johnson, DT Ced Thornton, WR Terrance Turner, TE Martell Webb, and LB Brandon Peguese.

10:23 AM, Tuesday: Beat writers are more excited than a pubescent puppy in a room full of NBA player. Legs. Legs everywhere.

Les Bowen and Tim McManus take the early lead for most obsessed Tweets.


Media lockout still in effect at NovaCare. Enough armed guards to march south and invade Delco, w/orders not to let anyone inside til 10.

TV trucks camped out on Pattison Ave. Because they can't come inside til 10. "We don't have to let you in yet, nyahh nyahh naa naa naaahh!"

Note to #Eagles: End of lockout is a joyous occasion. Photos of returning players, stories are GOOD publicity, not a nuisance. We aren't here to steal Joe's secrets. We come in peace.

Players pulling in. Far as I can tell from Twitter, we're only media contingent being told to wait outside.

Mr Lurie, tear down that wall!


T-Mac: the gates unlocked



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  1. Nice to know nothing’s changed since last season. The Eagles still act like the oldheads from the Kremlin and treat every little thing in their orbit like nuclear secrets.

  2. The “Paul Holmgren is impressed” comment was great. Well done. And if the Eagles don’t do something big… I’m doing something big.

  3. Is this “LARGER MOVE” gonna end up with the team just losing a bunch of players and upgrading one position and having us come out looking worse in the end? If the Eagles wanted to pull a Holmgren they would talk about trading Kolb, then flip Vick instead

  4. They really screwed up the Kolb trade already…wow….
    Get ready for a long season, guys.
    We’ll never go anywhere with this stubborn front office.

  5. Also, the Giants can not meet Plaxico at a neutral spot and the meeting is not supposedly happening.

  6. Reuben Frank is the fat jerk off who always looks and sounds like he has cheeseburgers lodged in his jowels right? fuck him…

  7. They now have major needs at CB, LB and DT/DE. Plax would be great, but not an area where we are hurting. Can’t sign FA’s until Friday at 6pm, so lets just relax for now. Friday at 7pm…….all hell can then break loose, lol

  8. The Philadephia Eagles, were being slightly better than Average is the annual goal. God I fucking HATE Joe Banner, Howie Roseman and Andy Reid. How the hell did Howie Roseman even end up with that gig? That dork has ZERO football experience. Hell, I play franchise mode in Madden, I draft, trade and sign players all the time. Does that make me qualified to run and NFL franchise? Fucking cheap skates.

  9. Chaney, Fokou and Clayton are your starting linebacker corps at this moment, anyone else think we r in a hell of alot of trouble if there isnt news coming out of that Nova Care Complex very soon?

  10. the fact this this “running commentary” is only being updated every 4 hours and is only being used to say what HASN’T happened is enough to know that once again fans will be disappointed in the end.

  11. Adam Schefter says he’s not holding out and should be in Friday or Sat.
    They have to report Thursday according to reports.

  12. 12:36 this just in – Andy Reid is a fucktard and the Eagles are a cleverly crafted front to steal your sheckles!!! what a news flash!! GO PHILS!

  13. Jackson needs to realize that he is in the last year of his contract…wouldnt you think you should make the team that you play for fucking happy so that they will give you a good deal. What happened to proving yourself on the feild….yes he has been proving himself and is underpayed but next year he can be rich as hell..they arent just going to let a player that is that good just leave…they will pay you what you deserve…stop being an asshole come to training camp and worry about next year when next year comes…lets play this year of football

  14. “Kevin Kolb is still an Eagle and Nnamdi Asomugha is still a free agent”
    You do realize if the eagles trade Kolb for what they’re projected to get Nnamdi won’t sign here… right?

  15. “2:41 P.M., Wednesday: Mike Florio takes a shot at… me… Oh fuck him.”
    Take it easy, Laddie. I’ll back you up. I don’t see you taking any credit (unless you updated that entry), and you actually give credit to a reader who tipped you. So you both got it around the same time from different sources by coincidence.
    So yeah, F*ck you Florio, whoever the f*ck you are, whatever you are, cause you couldn’t hack-it working at the Mother-ship. Wanker.

  16. “Desean Jackson averaged 3.4 receptions per game last year. I’ll just leave this here.”
    Averaging 20 yards a catch.

  17. Why either of you want credit for a non-story is beyond me but while I’m on the bandwagon, FUCK YOU FLORIO! You are a douchecanoe of the highest degree, fuck spittoon!

  18. SI- I hear you. But a link from PFT is worth a lot visits (read: money). It’s that simple.

  19. I dont agree with any player holding out, esepcially in football where everyone and I mean EVERYONE knows how these contracts are structured.
    Jackson wanted to be a football player and has to deal with that until he gets a new deal. Its tough to respect players for complaining about being “underpaid” in a major league sport and then holding out when they knew full well the contract terms they were signing VOLUNTARILY.

  20. I dont agree with any player holding out, esepcially in football where everyone and I mean EVERYONE knows how these contracts are structured.
    Jackson wanted to be a football player and has to deal with that until he gets a new deal. Its tough to respect players for complaining about being “underpaid” in a major league sport and then holding out when they knew full well the contract terms they were signing VOLUNTARILY.

  21. Dont know if anyone pointed this out yet…but dont expect DeSean’s holdout to last too long…its $30,000 fine per day this year…thats 5.3% of his salary (565,000) after 5 days he’ll have lost about 25% of this seasons salary…yeah won’t be lasting too long

  22. I think the Eagles will outsmart everyone in the end. Just watch and see.

  23. The Redskins would have accepted a ham sandwich for Haynesworth before trading him to the Eagles where Jim Washburn was waiting with open arms. I’m not surprised The Patriots got him. This is what they do. They take players who were once regaurded as one of the best and then fall on hard times only to revive their career in the Patriots system. Nnamdi, Joseph, Mebane, Babin, Ray Edwards, and a number of other people are out there. They’ll get someone. Relax

  24. Good move if they didn’t spend too much money on him…I like Babin but I’m not totally sold on him yet. I really wanted Charles Johnson from Carolina

  25. Guys I think the Eagles could sign:
    Vince Young, Tommie Harris, Brandon Mebane, Jonathan Joseph, Kirk Morrison, Barrett Rudd, Darren Sproles, Jamaal Brown

  26. No chance they get Rudd. The Bucs are almost 60 mil UNDER the cap. They’ll re-sign him.

  27. We get it Kyle, you don’t like Kolb. But there’s obviously something that teams see (saw) in him. And I’ll take professional scouts’ opinions over a blogger.

  28. @fresh, yea because professional scouts are ALWAYS correct in their evaluation of QB’s. Remember when we flipped AJ Feeley for a 2nd rounder. What a great career he had as a starter. Anyone who had watch this kid can see he has the arm strenght of a 12 year old girl, and he is a pansie in the pocket. He’s no better than the likes of JP Losman and such.

  29. …and the birds commit highway robbery!
    Kolb probably poo’ed himself after the cards offered that extension.
    serious note, does this make larry fitz a top 5 fantasy wr again?

  30. I’m on the fence with the Kolb. I surely think we got the value deserved but what happened to a 1st round pick?

  31. fresh Kyle isn’t the only one with those same thoughts. All week on ESPN and talk shows they have been saying the Cardinals should go after a different QB that was available. He has shown just as amount of good as he has bad.

  32. I think this was a huge mistake and will bite them in the ass. Vick is one play away from ending his career, and, as much as I like Kafka, he is nowhere near ready to start.

  33. I hear the Birds want to sign that big lineman from Temple Kevin Sentner. Any truth there?

  34. Oh boy, can’t wait to see Reid dust off the retarded, ineffective wildcat plays again. I’m getting angry already.

  35. The last time the Eagles had an off-season like this they went to the Superbowl …. just saying.

  36. So the Eagles got the Best DE available, the Best QB available, and the 2nd best CB available? I thought the sky was falling the way Eagles fans were reacting Tuesday and Wedsnday.
    Now all they need is to get the best LB available (Tulloch) and they’ll be set.

  37. I’ve heard the Vince Young rumors and I’ll admit to being on the fence about the guy. On one hand, he’s still talented but he’s gone off the rails, however, if Andy Reid can work his voodoo on Young like he had with Mike Vick, it might be worth the risk.

  38. I have a really fancy idea. Let’s use the wildcat where we line Vince Young up as a wide out, since that fooled everyone so much last time. I will personally grundle punch Reid if he tries some stupid shit like that again. Was anyone, even a cheerleader, fooled when Reid lined McNabb up on the line as a receiver?

  39. From Leonard Weaver’s recently edited Wikipedia page…some fan was pretty upset.
    “On July 28th, 2011 in a disgusting act by the cheap disloyal Philadelphia Eagles, Leonard Weaver was released without so much as a phone call notifying him of the Eagles decision. Weaver found out through a reporter after taking the time to fly to Lehigh Valley for the opening of training camp. The only good news to come out of this situation is that Andy Reid is still fat, Joe Banner is still a dirtball, and Jeff Laurie…. well he’s still Jewish.”

  40. S.I. Co: Something tells me Reid WILL probably try some nonsense gadget play with Vick and Young. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Fatboy Andy can’t help himself, he’s like a mad scientist when it comes to crap like that, hell, I suspect Reid’s already drawing up such a play even as I type. Like it ot not, folks, it’s coming!

  41. The problem is that everyone knows that they’re not going to risk Vick (or formerly McNabb) getting hit lined up as a wideout. The wildcat would work more effectively (IMO) if they lined up the secondary QB in the backfield and swung the halfback out to the slot, or perhaps even with a dual halfback formation and 4WR set. It never works as trickery when you line the QB up in a WR spot. DUMB. Andy. DUMB.

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