A Great Mashup of WIP’s Self-Congratulatory Announcement

Screen Shot 2011-08-18 at 1.20.51 PM
Incredible job by (@PhillySports) putting together this mashup of WIP's announcement yesterday. Hey, who said self-promotion was a bad thing?

WIP OMG by PhillySportsCast

I'm great. No, you're great! He's great. We're all great!

Your thoughts, Tony?

Screen Shot 2011-08-19 at 1.55.18 PM

I figured as much.

We're kidding, of course. Congrats on all the positive changes, guys… you're all pretty great.


5 Responses

  1. MPH, my biggest problem with the logo is the lack of Flyers. Make the logo a neutral color, and include every team.

  2. I agree with the other comments about the logo. You would think that with the departure of the Eagle’s moutpiece, they would want to send out the image of being representative of all the Philadelphia sports.

  3. Interesting how they think they are all so great, but their ratings say otherwise. Switching over to FM now is too late. The Fanatic’s fan base has been set, just because they added Michael Barkann isn’t going to bring any more ears over. I can see the “Mike & Ike” show being a lot like Gonzo and Vai’s show, which was horrible.

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