Hunter Pence is Selling His Spikes on eBay

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For charity, of course.

Pence hinted that he might do this when he was a guest on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk. Here’s the listing:

You are bidding on a ONE OF A KIND AUTHENTIC GAME USED PAIR OF REEBOK ZIGTEK SPIKES.  These were Hunter’s last spikes worn as an Astro and first Reeboks worn as a Philly.  As you can tell he spray painted them red to comply with the Phillies policy on red shoes. They are embroidered with his old number 9 on the back which is now a rare find considering it looks like he will be wearing 3 for a while. If you win this VERY RARE one of a kind item we will have Hunter INSCRIBE AND AUTOGRAPH THEM HOWEVER YOU WANT! 

If you notice Hunter went through a very tricky process attempting to make these spikes appear red.  As you can see he went straight Picasso with red spray paint and added in the red shoe laces to really accent the Philly red!  These are without a doubt a one of a kind item you cannot get anywhere but here and would be an incredible find for a collection!

By Hunter’s Request, proceeds acquired from this item will go towards improvements at the Hunter Pence Baseball Academy in Houston, Texas.


Someone likes their CAPS LOCK… The post looks like it was put together by a person from Pence's academy, probably not Hunter himself. Anyway, as of writing this, on Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock, the spikes have 46 bids up to $1,125… with seven days to go.

Quick, somebody buy some t-shirts and tickets… If my ownership of two 2008 Phillies World Series Monopoly games (played combined total of once) is any indication, I’m not one to be above frivolous purchases.

Last week, The Hunter posted this picture of his niece wearing the spikes, so don't be surprised if you find a Lego or whatever kids play with nowadays in with your purchase:


Two child pic posts in a row- I’m going to need a Mets snafu or a dick joke, stat!

The eBay listing here. More about the spikes here.


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  1. “[Pence] spray painted [his spikes] red to comply with the Phillies policy on red shoes.”
    I thought that was a league-wide policy, to have all parts of the uniform only having the team’s colours. Funny, since black’s really not a colour.
    And if the Phillies aren’t allowed to wear black how come they can wear those special patches? Seems like the policy is hippocritical and too inflexible for someone in the same situation as Pence was in when he got traded. Just me two pence worths.

  2. I have that ’08 Monopoly game too. Still wrapped in plastic. I am a sucker for the memorabilia.

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