Ilya Bryzgalov Already on Dry Island

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Oh amazing.

At the end of Bryz's introductory press conference (which took place after a light workout), he joked that he was winded when putting on his jersey:

"I gotta quit smokin'… Actually though, guys, I'm not doing drinking." 


Dry Island!!!

Unfortunately, Paul Holmgren was out of frame at this point, but I imagine his reaction went something like this:

A few months ago, we learned that Bryz is a longtime resident of Dry Island, where he owns a weathered beachside cottage with wind chimes that sing with each passing Bryz (sorry- I had to). He quit drinking at age 17

Watch video of the awkward moment after the jump. The hushed silence that befell the room was priceless. I apologize for the screen grab taken in the middle of the stream…


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  1. The only reason “Dry Island” was created, was to keep two guys who partied way too much from infecting the rest of the youngsters with their I don’t really give a fuck attitude. The fact that the two guys who needed it the most didn’t step up(not even to win a cup) printed them a one way ticket out of town.
    Lead by example? Richards? “not me” Carter? “not me”

  2. Fuck Richards and Carter. They cared about drinking more than hockey, and they can act that was elsewhere now. Thank goodness.
    They make around $11 million a year combined. Come on…

  3. It’ll be big news when Laddie Boy does us all a favour and land on Dry Island.
    Actually, I’m like 3F Lenny, nothing wrong with imbibeing in moderation, but sometimes Boyo takes it to exess. Then we all have tp suffer from it with when he constantly blogs his pinings for the loss of his drinking and partying heroes, #18 & #17.

  4. Whoever calls Richards a “drunk” or “loser” or whatever can just go f&ck yourself! Let me ask you this…what were you saying to yourself when he was given the Whales trophy in 2010? What is “Fuck Richards and Carter. They cared about drinking more than hockey”?! I don’t think so! I’m sure you said something like…This guy gives 100 percent everytime he’s out on the ice! This guy bleeds orange and black!
    What all you morons are doing is drinking the Koolade from the MAIN STREAM MEDIA!! You read an article from one of those scumbag writers that haven’t played a minute of hockey and all of a sudden there experts! I’m a huge Flyers fan…been watching since the Broad Street Bully day’s and it makes me sick to my stomach reading comments from you morons bashing a guy that gave everything he had to the Flyers organization. Once again come up with your own opinions and STOP believing everything you read!!

  5. I could give two nuggets less what Richards does in his free time as long as he produces on the ice and doesnt cause any trouble. However, Lenny, it seems as though you are just as fanatic in your defense as the rest of them are in their lambasting and assumptions. So, as a Kings fan I ask you… what makes you more knowledgeable about Mike Richards off ice habits than those who are calling him out?
    PS: If you don’t like partiers.. you guys have tons of fun with Wayne Simmonds. Loved the kid, but there came a point where he started playing like he knew he made it rather than being a hungry kid out to prove himself and his partying ways were pretty common knowledge around Manhattan Beach. Along with Doughty. Perhaps the trade will be a wakeup call for him, especially since his wingman is still here in LA (Kinda). I hope for your sakes it works because he has all the potential in the world for success. A pesky little grinder with good hands who can finish in the crease… if he’s trying.

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