Morning Wood: Best Road Trip Ever Edition

Screen Shot 2011-08-11 at 8.48.52 AMThis team looks great

Houston, we have a problem (no, Ed, I don’t need a starter). Yesterday, for the second day in a row, I went in search of a little mid-innings pick me up- a snickity snack, if you will. Unlike Tuesday night, I wasn’t aiming to keep my eyes open, I simply needed a little late-day sugar. Like Tuesday night, I founded myself reaching for Simply Enjoy’s raspberry sorbet (seriously, try it, it’s like angels feathering your tongue). It was at that point I realized I was approaching a very slippery slope…

On Tuesday, just moments after digging in like a wild boar in a walled garden, Clifton Lee mashed his second home run of the season. Yesterday, not three minutes after I began my methodical dismemberment of what little treat remained, Chase Utley hit a game-tying single and Ryan Howard tossed a bomb into the left field seats. Shit. You know what that means, folks: the raspberry sorbet is good luck. Later today, I will be stocking up on gallons and gallons of the stuff for the stretch run. I accept donations.

So either my newfound snack has special powers or the Phillies are just really good. They beat the Dodgers yesterday, 9-8, and completed their best road trip ever at 9-1. Full video highlights here.

Over the last 10 days, like a sweeping success story from Craglist’s casual encounters, this city has, from afar, fallen head-over-heels in love with Hunter Pence. We also witnessed Lee throw 17 shutout innings, a last-out comeback in Denver, more Dodger hilarity, and a brawl. Yeah, the Phillies deserve a standing ovation when they take the field at CBP tomorrow night.

Bill Lyon, legend, writes about how things are back to being funner.

With the news of HP3’s supposed move into Condo de Lee, most of you became rather excited. Just check out your reaction to our Facbeook posting:

Screen Shot 2011-08-10 at 5.07.33 PM

Creepers. All of you.

As such, our man Mike (@MikeVickKrum) put together this somewhat disturbing flyer for HP3’s anticipated move:

Screen Shot 2011-08-11 at 8.57.48 AM

We can only wish that at some point Kristen walks in on Pence having sexual on the couch.

If that scene sounds glorioius to you, make sure to check out our Definitive Phillies Man Crush Guide.

Reminder: Tonight, Drinker's Tavern in Old City, Phillies quizzo. I'm hosting, you're playing. 8 P.M.

Finally, Casey Blake wins today’s delusion award:

"All three games, [with] a hit here or there, we could win two out of three or sweep that series. But it seems like that's kind of been a theme for us all year."


Yeah OK, Casey. Maybe throw some Just For Men in that beard of yours. 

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13 Responses

  1. If Kristen Lee wants more flattering Photoshop pictures, she should get more stuff out there that’s available on Google Images. I’m not a detective, I just take the easiest one I can find. I just assumed she still looked like that because she looks the same in every other pic on the web. I’m sure she’s a sweetheart though.

  2. I dont know how delusional casey blake is. They had the tying/winning runs at the plate with 2 outs in the 9th in the last 2 games of the series. I suppose technically he’s correct, with a hit here or there…as long as that hit was a home run at that very moment.
    All that being said, awesome series. The dodgers have really fallen off…like, into Mets territory.

  3. That game was so good yesterday. Probably didn’t help that I was drunk as shit sitting out in the hot ass sun the whole game. Also, that stadium was probably under half full. Pathetic. And a 3rd of those people were in Phils gear.

  4. No Laddie, rasberry sorbay is not good luck, the Phillies are just that great, they don’t need any luck. And you’re OK with talking about eating rasberry sorbay all the time? This coming from a guy who thinks that hummus is for chicks:
    I think we’re past the point of no return to the damage on your brain from the alcohol abuse.
    And yes, Casey Blake needs to get it together. They lost that series, particularly the last game, in part because they can’t friggin field balls.
    And to just clear up your title in case the other readers haven’t heard it, this last road trip had the best record in the team’s history: 9-1
    The guys definitely deserve a feast for tonites off-day.
    I think I like LGE-HP3 with the butter mop top. if it was red hair, he’d look like a poet warrior.
    Speaking of LGE-HP3 shacking with the Lee’s, I’m surprised the Phillies organization just doesn’t buy a decent mansion (good time to do it now with the market being depressed and all), and let all the guys like Vanimal who don’t have pads here share it like a frat house/boarding house/bed & breakfast. Some teams used to to that in the old days. It’s win-win because it’ll create more jobs: house-moms, butlers, maids, cooks, and gardners, not to mention the harem of hoe-weres (


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