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Now, whether that was started by one of the 10,000 or so people who read our Movement post or just some drunk kid repeating a slogan the Phillies’ marketing department was predictably late to pick up on, I do not know. Either way, I may have yipped a little bit when I saw Hunter's Tweet while downing Flyin' Hawaiians in Media. But there are rules for the Let’s Go Eat chant. You can read them right here.

More Sunday morning goodness.

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Life is tough being a Phillie…

When I read something like this, my first instinct (disturbingly) is to imagine the reactions of the players on the bus. You just know Cliff Lee was entirely unimpressed with the boob sitch and mumbled something like, “seen better.” And, I’d also imagine an excited Chooch ran through the bus doing his goofy antler ears, Hamels texted Heidi to tell her he didn’t look, Stutes secured the flasher’s digits, and Charlie whipped up some cryptic phrase: “You know, that’s kinda like what I like to call what we call a full set. Hell, like I’d motor… motor… like, motor bike those sonbitches."

Or something like that.

The Phillies won last night, 5-0. Full highlights here.

The D.C. takeover continued- some pics from Ms. CB's father, who was at the game.

Roy Oswalt finally looked like himself again. His fastball averaged 92.2 miles per hour, up significantly from the 90.6 miles per hour he averaged in his last start, on August 13th. He also topped out at over 94 last night. These are good signs.

Tom McCarthy – creepily – was in the middle of talking about J-Roll's™ range to his left when a groundball was hit… forcing him to go to his left. T-Mac does this a lot.

Finally, reader Luke checks in via email:

First Phils game at home, watching with my 3 day old son, L.J.  Eyes open for the first time during the game, Pence goes yard.  He promptly shit himself.  I assured him its OK…we all do.


You better stock up on some extra diapers for October, Luke.

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