Phillies Rally Towel Sneaks its Way onto Entourage


Oh hey there, supportive Phillies kitchen decor. How did you get there?

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about the reader who snuck onto the set of Entourage and left behind a Phillies rally towel? Well, it had yet to make an appearance on the show… until last night.

That there is a screen shot from the most recent episode, which, albeit briefly, featured one Philadelphia Phillies rally towel. A job well done by Bobby Flick, Dave Mantovani, and Chris Naimoli, all of whom helped pull off the brilliant prank.

H/T to Nick and Bree for also sending along


12 Responses

  1. Fat or skinny fuck Turtle is the worst character ever.
    BTW Sloan needs a hair dryer for her pussy

  2. Why you guys hating on Turtle? He’s the man. Jerry Ferrera is a cool dude, and his character is funny as hell.
    Well played boys. Great work getting the towel not only on the set, but in an episode.

  3. Iron Balls, there was no bet. Just straight dumb luck of us putting the towel there and the people editing the show not cutting it out! Lol

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