Hunter Pence: Burns Bacon, Melts Faces, Not Living with Cliff Lee

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Since we are interested in everything Hunter Pence…

Now, you might be wondering: was that Cliff Lee's condo? No, it was not. Pence never moved in with Lee, despite telling an ESPN reporter that would be the arrangement. It was an option, but a few sources tell me he's living at a condo in Philly… with his parents (for now). Not quite as awesome. [UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that this was also mentioned by Ryan Lawrence here.]

Screen Shot 2011-08-17 at 12.17.03 PM
Well, at least he still has the bacon…

Also (thanks to Tim for sending), he melts faces: [ESPN]

And bench coach Pete Mackanin reports, after a week of watching Pence's ferocious hacks at the plate, he kiddingly told Pence he should try blooping in a hit once in a while. To which Pence replied: "Pete, I don't do that. I melt faces."



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16 Responses

  1. The way that I read it his parents picked out and set up his condo. I don’t think that he’s living with them?

  2. Jesus, there will be some sort of “bacon alarm” t-shirt before I get back from lunch. This man wakes up in the morning and pisses memes.

  3. And I love LGE-HP3, but is “melting faces” = “swinging at a pitch that brings in a game-tying walked-in run”? That pitch looked like it was way outside even before Collmentor released it. I agree that the Phillies had really lost the game in the 9th (perhaps not if they at least had a visit to the mound after Doc allowed the first 2 hits), but their offensive push got nipped in the bud after that bases loaded opportunity fizzled.

  4. Well, I’m glad HP3 didn’t burn the bacon. I would’ve lost all respect for him if he ruined my favorite food. Let’s go eat!

  5. Twitter has got to be the first sign of the apocalypse. I’m as big a phan as the next person, but if you’re gonna tell everyone ALL THIS SHIT day after day, it’s gonna get tiresome REALLY quick. I seriously don’t give a damn how his bacon turns out (well maybe figuratively, but not literally)…

  6. Hunter Pence’s Bacon =
    Magically Delicious!
    Krikey, that original Leprechaun on the left looks creepy. It must have been the inspiration for this guy who scared a much younger and frumpier Jennifer Aniston into getting some work done on her face so that she’d catch a break in a couple of years soonafter with Friends. Apparently she also was fatter before Rachel because when she was very younger and very unknown (and very not blond), she was a spokesperson for one of those diet brands who appeared on Howard Stern to plug the diet:

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