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Since we are interested in everything Hunter Pence…

Now, you might be wondering: was that Cliff Lee's condo? No, it was not. Pence never moved in with Lee, despite telling an ESPN reporter that would be the arrangement. It was an option, but a few sources tell me he's living at a condo in Philly… with his parents (for now). Not quite as awesome. [UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that this was also mentioned by Ryan Lawrence here.]

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Well, at least he still has the bacon…

Also (thanks to Tim for sending), he melts faces: [ESPN]

And bench coach Pete Mackanin reports, after a week of watching Pence's ferocious hacks at the plate, he kiddingly told Pence he should try blooping in a hit once in a while. To which Pence replied: "Pete, I don't do that. I melt faces."