Steve Smith Responds to Giants Fans (Again)


I kinda like this guy, though he might want to lose the hat.

After seeing the massive backlash from fans on his Facebook page the other day, Steve Smith promptly responded with a fairly apologetic post and thanked those who were reasonable. Today, he took aim at the fans who claimed he turned down a huge offer from the Giants:

For those of you saying the giants offered me a 5 yr $35 million contract w/$15 million guaranteed before i got hurt- thats news to me bc if that happened i would have signed it and done back flips on my way to practice !! u should also check out these 2 articles as i think the comments on the bottom of them say a lot.. thx again to those supporting me


The first coherent response?

If I send your Giants jersey back to you, will you unsign it for me?


Well played.

Considering the fact that the Eagles are giving him $4 million ($2 million guaranteed), you certainly can't blame him for a hypothetical jump at 35/15. The articles he points readers toward (here and here) are from Pro Football Talk, where the comments are mostly critical of the Giants, not Smith.

I would also highly recommend taking a look at some of the fan made Photoshops on his Facebook page…

Yeah, the rivalry just got turned up a notch.

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  1. This outlash from these cockroaches is pretty comical. And to anyone who says that Philly would do the same thing…that’s bullcrap. The whole situation with Werth is similar. Signing with a rival simply for more money. I don’t remember anyone wishing him harm or threatening his family. It was more laughter about who he signed with. If these VaGiant fans are so confident that the Eagles aren’t going to win a trophy this year why all of this hatred for a guy who essentially went where he got a pay raise? Any of those pricks would have done the same thing.

  2. take the high road and don’t respond. i mean it’s cool and all that he’s interacting with the fans, but you can’t make a business decision and expect all the fans to love you

  3. I added my “3 CB’s” Photoshop to his page and told him not to worry. Also gave this site a shout out, so that’s always good.

  4. And in a surprising turn of events, Giants fans are bashing me and going to the “no trophies” routine. Again, I’m shocked. That’s all they have left.

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