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Here’s a little tip: China bootlegs things. They bootleg movies, music, jewelry, purses, sunglasses, clothes, and… jerseys. Lots of them.

If you remember, a few weeks ago, our far east friends managed to retroactively kill off Jeff Carter (Holmgren is still trying to get his hands on this technology) by placing Wayne Simmonds’ name on 2010 Winter Classic jerseys. They do this because they can.

Anyway, since then, a number of you have sent me – either through Twitter or email – links to the above jersey, which was rumored to be the Flyers’ Winter Classic sweater and has now has found its way into Chinese factories.

It’s not real.

While they could eventually wear something similar, the Winter Classic has still yet to be officially announced. Therefore, the NHL and the Flyers have most certainly not started to produce (and perhaps even design) the jerseys. 

A few months back, when they first surfaced online, I checked with a few folks to ask about their legitimacy. The response I got was that A) they are not real and B) it wouldn’t make a ton of sense for a team with a rich history like the Flyers to honor a now defunct 80-year-old organization. Not to mention the jerseys are ugly and look like a byproduct of The Hamburglar fucking a pumpkin.

As always, I appreciate all of your tips and heads ups – even the ones I don’t run – but please please stop sending me this. Since my half-assed Yahoo! spam filter already blocks most of the emails from my girlfriend, if it starts filtering out all emails containing the words winter and classic, it’s going to be a very long winter for me- both personally and professionally.

Also, you should probably never trust sites named “Yukiijersey.” It just sounds like something Yoshi would say as he hurls a banana at Mario’s head.