Two Shootings in Parking Lot Outside 49ers Preseason Game Last Night

Screen Shot 2011-08-21 at 3.24.19 PMPhoto: Deadspin

And we get the bad rap… You stay classy, San Diego Francisco: [The Big Lead] [Busted Coverage]

First, two separate shootings occurred in the parking lot. One involves superficial facial wounds, but a second victim is listed in critical condition. That individual is reported to have been wearing a t-shirt with the creative phrase “Fuck You, Niners” on it. Another man is also in critical condition after being beaten unconscious in an upper level restroom, and is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.


Lots of incidents involving San Francisco folks over the last year: Earlier this month, a Phillies fan was hit by a car leaving the Giants-Phillies game. Last October, a man was robbed at gunpoint for his ticket to Game 5 of the NLCS. And, of course, there's the Giants fan who was beaten in LA.

Video of another fight during last night's 49ers game, after the jump. Unreal.


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17 Responses

  1. I got an idea. Instead of crying about how the media portrays Philly, why not ask Philly fans to stop acting like assholes?

  2. Two people were almost murdered, and you use the story to bitch and moan about the media.
    YOU should stay classy, Crossing Broad.

  3. This kind of crap should never happen.
    I love sports, but c’mon, people – it’s just a freaking game! It ain’t supposed to be life & death.

  4. Hey Gonzo, if this is the real writer and mike missanelli wannabe (seriously you were the worst radio show host ever on the fanatic), you would understand the internet, and its importance. The video is on major news sources like
    Yeah there is the Philly angle that we are violent drunken maniacs by the national media, while other fans are hardly ridiculed. You never hear a story about Philadelphia’s fans without it beginning with “the same fans who booed santa claus and threw batteries at players…” Why not start off ridiculing other cities with, “the same fan base that has latin gang murders outside their stadium…”
    The other reason i’m sure kyle posted this is that we, as sports fans in a city with a bad reputation shouldn’t dumb down and exhibit this type of behavior to continue our bad rap. Considering Kyle has the #1 Blog, he has a lot of influence on people in the area, and he’s working on it for the good.
    Gonzo, please stick to your day job of writing for a dying medium in print, and stay off sports blogs that the rest of us enjoy. Seriously your an ignorant blowhard, and i’m not sure what Ashley sees in your skinny ass and big head.

  5. @That Guy:
    No, I am not the writer for the Inquirer. Funny how you call me an ignorant blowhard by being an ignorant blowhard.
    The people in this town suck. No, not all of them. But lots of them. Maybe Kyle should use that so-called influence he has to make this town a better place? Quit being drunken assholes. Quit harassing fans from other towns. Shit, quit beating up on each other.

  6. Hey Gonzo. This story is posted on Drudge Report. Why don’t you email Matt Drudge and tell him that there is no political angle here.

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