Victorino Gets Three Game Suspension, Giants Only Receive Fines

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What a joke.

According to the beat writers, Shane Victorino has been given a three-game suspension for his part in Friday’s brawl. He was the only player to receive a suspension- let that sink in for a minute.

Ramon Ramirez, Placido Polanco, Eli Whiteside and his grey hair all received fines. Victorino will appeal his suspension.

This… this doesn’t make any sense. Let’s recap: Ramirez hits Victorino because he was flustrated (Manuel’d), Victo reacts, gathers himself, and pauses in front of Whiteside… all while Ramirez sprints toward the confrontation. Polanco, coming to the aid of his teammate, gets sacked by Whiteside. For the rest, I’ll refer you to our Zaprudering of the encounter.

To be fair, Victorino did re-enter the fray – after tossing aside umpire Mike Mulchinski – and plow someone, but Pablo Sandoval also threw a punch. And it can be argued that Polanco and Whiteside escalated the affair that Ramirez started. I’m baffled. 

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Perhaps Victo’s reputation precedes him: We all remember what happened against Hiroki Kuroda in 2008. Kuroda faces off against Roy Halladay and the Phillies at 10:10 P.M EST tonight.


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  1. he should show your breakdown of the fight for the appeal….seriously. Another hit on Philadelphia to prove we’re the “bad guys”

  2. I understand the Suspension for Shane because he stepped towards the mound and he made contact with the Umpire (both suspendable offences), but the fact that Whiteside tackled Polly and Ramirez threw at a guy on purpose, proceeded to SPRINT towards Victorino without hesitation and no suspensions were given to them is horrible by MLB! Not to mention that Sandovol wasn’t even mentioned and he threw punches and “choked out” Ruiz…

  3. It doesnt matter what you do. Everyone knows you cant push umpires. Should there have been other suspensions? Yes. But Victorino should have gotten the worst of it for pushing the ump.
    Also, for being a fucking pussy and possibly getting Polanco re-injured thanks to the bitch stutter-step he took to the mound.

  4. No one is disputing that Victorino should be suspended, but everyone else just getting fined is total horeshit. If MLB is going to suspend Vic, then at least suspend Ramirez and Whiteside, too. What kind of message does it send if you can get away with hitting a guy with a 90 MPH fastball on purpose and not have any consequences? Wow, MLB. Way to ensure that the bad blood keeps festering between the two teams.

  5. Mike, Shane deserved the most? If I’m not mistaken Jared Weaver just got 6 games for throwing at Alex Avila(obviously throwing at the head is much worse), but Ramirez deserved just as much as Shane!

  6. Weak move by the MLB powers to be…Vic’s suspension is adequate, he pushed an umpire and re-entered the brawl (or 3rd grade playground pushing match, but typing brawl is shorter I guess)…but they have to be consistent and throwing at a player on purpose, which I’ve yet to see any argument made from the Giants that that’s not what happened, has to be a suspendable offense. LaRussa went ape-shit last week when his player plunked Braun after the mlb’s poster boy Pujols got plunked, but to his point, he was adament it wasn’t intentional. Bochy did nothing of the sort and just said ‘it’s baseball’. The pitcher deserved the same suspension that Vic got, and Whitehair pushed the thing over the edge with his pathetic jumping routine and should have gotten something too. Oh well, Mayberry will get a couple games in Center and the Phils keep winning.

  7. Idiotic. Sandoval throws a punch & gets nothing? The pitcher runs toward Shane (who took like two steps toward the mound) & he gets nothing? (Not to mention that he started the whole freaking thing!)
    Whiteside tries to go all MMA on Polanco & gets nothing? (Granted, it’s more of a punishment to the Giants to keep him in their lineup.)
    As for the umpire contact – the ump had his hands all over Shane. I don’t think Shane should have done what he did in shoving the ump (who was trying to keep the whole thing from escalating), but it should not be OK for the umps to put their hands on the players at all if you’re going to suspend a player anytime he does the same in return. (He obviously was not attacking the ump.)

  8. didn’t vic start the bench clearing in 08 against the dodgers? That was Joe Torre’s first year with the Dodgers…durring his first of 2 times he would loose in the playoff’s to the Phills. Torre is now the executive VP of MLB….he made this decision.

  9. as mad as i am..the phillies will still make the playoffs regardless of this. we all know here in philly that the giants are a punch of pussies.

  10. Pat Burrell left the bench. Isn’t he on the DL? Thought that was an automatic suspension.

  11. Why is baseball the only activity where it is not considered a total puss move to throw the ball at someone when you are upset? Where / when did this become “hard-nosed” old fashioned pitching? Basketball, football, Christ even tennis you are considered a coward for doing this. Not baseball. Also, all MLB has to do to stop this crap is one simple rule: you leave the bench or your position when someone charges the mound it’s a 10 game suspension. These little shit pitchers won’t throw at anyone if they know their catcher can’t help them and as fans we get to see an actual real fight if they do throw at someone. Freaking nonsense.

  12. I was expecting Victorino’s suspension. He bum-rushed right back into the brawl.
    I expected a lot more suspensions, Oswalt and Burrell to name two (DL, not supposed to leave the bench).
    But it’s complete and utter insanity that Whiteside and Ramirez and Fat Panda didn’t get slapped with suspensions.

  13. And that fucking douchebag Wilson should be suspended for his epic dipshit 2000% fashion-fail beard.

  14. I’m frankly surprised at least Whiteside and Ramirez didn’t get suspended.
    Last year, when Chris Volstad threw behind Nyjer Morgan and the benches cleared, Morgan got an 8 game suspension, Volstad got 6, and Gaby Sanchez (who clotheslined Morgan) got 3.
    Yet Whiteside gets fined. Makes sense.

  15. Yes. The pooch got screwed here in that other players should have been suspended and Come Back Shane’s (

    ) number of games should be reduced.
    I love Shane’s intensity as a player but he needs to transform those UFC rages into hitting more balls over the fence.
    Here’s some sage advice for Shane from The Stranger:

  16. Look, I’m with the general population in thinking Whiteside should have gotten a suspension. But lets throw the homer goggles off and look at this realistically. Victorino pulled the biggest no-no here in LITERALLY pushing the home plate umpire out of the way, and then jumping (again literally) back into the scrum.
    Also looking at it realistically, Ramirez didn’t “sprint towards the plate.” For the love of God. The man didn’t take two steps towards home after his wind-up until Vic started coming towards him. Vic should’ve either gone all the way with his Napoleonic rush, or stayed in the damn baseline.
    And while I agree that Whiteside was looking for a brawl, if you look at it without the homer-goggles on, you can easily justify his tackling Polly on the fact that Polly was coming up behind Ramirez, and Ramirez was left completely blind. Sucker punches are AMAZINGLY common in fights on the diamond. It’s the catcher’s job to protect his pitcher. Plain and simple.
    I can’t say anything about Pablo, because even though I’ve watched the replays about 15 times, I still can’t pinpoint a punch being thrown. But come on, guys. This shit happens in baseball. The cardinal rule when it comes to what is and isnt acceptable is that you dont, under any circumstances, touch Blue. Vicky went above and beyond touching. For quite a length of time. His suspension was more than justifiable. And if you REALLY look at Whiteside and Ramirez and what they did, they at least have excuses, true or not, for doing what they did.

  17. stop whining !! Victorino shoved/grabbed and pushed an ump – he’s a moron
    stop being Philly bitches always claiming the league, the umps, the refs, the media are against us…grow up

  18. So appalled by K. West playing in the background…
    This is ridic…pitcher intentionally throws at suspension, catcher tackles a suspension…player gets plunked and decides to see whats’up..and gets suspended… MLB you got mad props on this one…
    Lets just move on…we already know Phillies will be back to the postseason, while the Giants simply won’t make it.

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