Your Thoughts: Phillies “Summertime” Song

Here's the latest Phillies jam by West Chester rapper B.K., who put together Phightins Up last year.

Your thoughts on his latest video, Summertime? Even though I'm not sure Will Smith has a whole lot of street cred left and the square head Phanatic needs to go, I enjoyed it. Plus, any pirate beerman reference is a win. Solid 7 out of 10.

Let me recommend Kanye's Lift Off for a playoff anthem, B.K…

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19 Responses

  1. Talk around the campfire has it that Will is chatting with M. Night Shamalamadingdong to team up for a film, so the Fresh Prince’s cred is officially gone. Meanwhile, I liked the video! Two thumbs up!

  2. 0.0

    I was actually enjoying the begining before you hear the “Drums please”, but it all went to crap after that. Plus there was one too many ill shirts. I guess the BK stands for Better Keep trying.

  3. Horrible. Stupid. Shameful. If this were the same quality for any other city’s team in any sport, it would be posted on this site and ripped to shreds.
    The stupid bitch singing back-up can’t even get the pitch of the word ‘summertime’ to match the original song.

  4. last years playoff song was terrible and we lost to the giants. this just was brought to the light and polanco is on the dl. please stop before hunter pence looses a limb.

  5. Shots with Dutch & Missanelli were at Dutchy’s Dugout last Thursday at a charity event/grand opening. Good stuff

  6. I haven’t watched this video but I have to note that “Lift Off” is probably the worst thing that either Kanye or Jay-Z has ever ever been involved with. Seriously, there are some jams on “Watch the Throne,” but that shit is the most terrible, uninspired stab at radio play I’ve ever heard.

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