11,000 Fans Showed Up to the Flyers’ Rookie Game Last Night, Half of Them Were Wearing This

Screen Shot 2011-09-16 at 10.36.50 AMNeither of these jerseys will be worn this year

Oh shit. This is going to be the new ill shirt isn’t it?

Remember this post, in which I explained why the Hamburglar-screwed-a-pumpkin Winter Classic jerseys were not real? Well, apparently that didn’t stop a number of you from going out and purchasing the bootlegged Chinese sweater. 

Walking around The Well last night for the heavily and impressively attended rookie game, it was quite clear that many of you took the plunge and picked one up anyway.

I don’t like to shout-type, but this is me shout-typing: Why?! These were rumored to be the design last time, and we know how that turned out. Why would you spend your hard-earned money on jerseys from a Chinese retailer for a game that hasn’t even been announced yet?


Perhaps one Tweet I got summed it up best:

Some supervisor in a sweatshop in Asia is smiling.


Yes he is.

Speaking of the rookie game, check out the crowd. Over 11,000 people, myself included, showed up to watch inexperienced minor leaguers play a pre-preseason game. Perhaps this is why Jeremy Roenick called us “crazy motherfuckers.” And that’s a compliment. Well done, folks.


More than a Sixers game

Our old friend and current Capitals beat writer friend Steve Whyno has a brilliant styling in the Washington Times about the awesome crowd.

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14 Responses

  1. I think people like those jerseys because they are something different. Its the same reason why I own and wear a blue flyers jersey. Some of us would like to see some different designs other than the vintage look we have been keeping. I like these more than the orange and creme jerseys we will probably have for this winter classic.

  2. I saw the Giroux jersey last night.
    But in better news, I alllso saw an old school Eastern Conference Lindros jersey. The black Kings Schenn jersey I saw later in the evening was a nice sight as well.

  3. @MPH for the same reason you’d pump your hard earned cheddar into a crane machine containing 7 cent toys laced with carcinogens and chemicals guaranteed to kill a gorilla, made by 11 year olds in cambodia on loan from the bordelo. cause you’re a fuckin idiot. kill him.

  4. I like the jerseys. And obviously us being Orange&Black will make us look like Halloween. Philly’s first hockey team was the Quakers and I know they were bad, but if it can educate some of the fans on the history of the NHL, why the hell not?The logo was perhaps also a hybrid from the old Quebec Aces? The sex with that and this jokes are getting old dude, stop trying to be funny, let it happen. You write some good stuff on here, but those comments are predictable. You’re better than that.

  5. bern – he wasn’t making a ‘new joke,’ he was pointing out an old article and a joke he made over a month ago. But then again I don’t read a blog daily to try to point out everyone’s perceived shortcomings.

  6. i find it HILARIOUS, might I add, that someone people actually bought those busted ass jerseys. but i will say that i was disappointed with the flyers WC jersey last time, the only real discernible difference being the patch. this time they better get a little retro and different, even though variety has been pretty small throughout the years. I dont think i have a problem with inventing a retro-looking jersey for the WC. I hate to say it but the Pens’ jerseys last year were pretty sharp, as were the caps. Pains me to say that though…

  7. Ugliest. Jersey. Ever. Period.
    Seriously, if that is the jersey, I may not be able to watch the Winter Classic.

  8. @ Out of Whack Jacks, I was there last night with my family and had a great time. And we are not white trash! And there were many families there, that weren’t white trash! Maybe because it was free, I don’t know. I have four kids and could never afford to bring them all to a real game.
    All I know is that it was an awesome experience for them!!
    Could not believe how big the crowd was, and I don’t give two shits about what jerseys people were. What ever happened to just a good old fashion night out with the family????

  9. I was there. Went with friends, and all took our children. No fights, no trash. Just family fun. Saw the jerseys and actually thought they weren’t as bad in person.

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