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After appearing on Jay Mohr’s ridiculous, soon-to-be canceled TV show, Jeremy Roenick took to his Twitter account to defend himself. His responses to fans were defensive, to say the least. 

Thanks to one well-connected reader, I was able to get a hold of Roenick. We first exchanged two emails, in which I presented myself as a Philly blogger and told him that we would like to get his point of view on the matter. I explained the Philly fans' frustration with his comments. His response was similar to what you can read on his Twitter account (@Jeremy_Roenick). He believes the quotes were taken out-of-context and the show was edited in a way that made it seem like he was agreeing with Mohr, when, in reality, he was defending Philly fans:

Do u know anything about tv. If u don't its called editing. I said during the show I loved phili fans but they r crazy. U can't argue that. Did u here me agree w jay mohr???? I don't think u did. He said it he made the decision and u don't get the entire dialogue during a show after its edited. Its embarrassing after watching the show how u and some phili fans r blowing this so far out of proportion is crazy. What came out of MY MOUTH was not derogatory to phili fans. Jay mohr hates phili and its his show that he edited. Not me. Bitch slap jay for what he said a nd portrayed in the show. All of u close minded phili only or die fans r totally rediculous and unreasonable. I have never bashed phili fans and how come nobody says way to go JR when I praise and boast about phili fans being the most passionate supportive of their own team kind of town!! Which is A LOT!! Not gonna waste my time w this crap anymore. Total waste of energy especially when some people are 100% unreasonable 


I had sent along my phone number in the initial email and asked to speak with him in an on-the-record interview. After sending the above email, he decided to give me a call. This is that phone call.

Full disclosure: I had no idea he was going to call and was not prepared to record our interview. As you can hear, it was difficult to get a word in during the first five minutes of the call, but I did ask Roenick to pause while I got to my computer. For that reason, the audio quality is sub-par.

There are only slight edits (the parts where we talked over each other)… I didn’t want to take Jeremy out of context.

Be careful if you are at work… there are quite a few F-bombs in here. Listen to the interview after the jump.