Chase Utley Has a Concussion, He Will Probably Be Out for the Roadtrip

Not good. No part of this is good.

I have this fear that Chase Utley’s “mild concussion” is going to play out like Adam Banks’ wrist injury in DII: The Mighty Ducks and we’re going to see b-roll of a forlorn Charlie Manuel standing in the clubhouse staring at Utley has he tries – unsuccessfully – to turn his wrist pass an ImPACT test before Game 1 of the World Series.

Ruben Amaro via Jim Salisbury:

“He’s going to be re-examined on Saturday,” Amaro said. “If the test goes well, he could go ahead and meet the team in Houston on Monday. But I don’t expect him to play the next two series just so we can be cautious. That’s my guess.”

“It’s very mild, we think it’s very slight, but it’s a concussion nonetheless,” Amaro said. “Chase is already feeling better. He’s getting some rest. We’ll know more Saturday.”


Like Paul Holmren, Ruben Amaro lies.

Utley may be just fine… but he also has a concussion, an unpredictable injury that can go away just as easily as it can linger for two months. Of course, if this ridiculous analogy does play out the way it's supposed to, we can fully expect Utley to just wake up one morning with no pain. Right, Adam?



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  1. Well, I certainly hope this doesn’t turn into a situation similar to what happened with Minnesota’s Justin Morneau who missed the entire second half of last season with a concussion. While that’s the absolute worst case scenario, one I hope doesn’t come to pass, going into the postseason without Utley is wholly unpalatable.

  2. Blessing in disguise.. take a couple extra days off vs Houston and he’ll be back next weekend for some AB’s before the playoffs.

  3. Kyle, your knowledge of the Mighty Ducks makes me believe you have have the Encore/Starz package through Comcast.

  4. Chooch missed 3 weeks with concussion. Came back and called a playoff no-hitter. Let’s hope for the same caliber return for Chase.

  5. While it’s easy to put blame on O’Flaherty (which I do – no way do I think that pitch was unintentional), Utley also bears some responsibility. His balls-out, take-one-for-the-team style of play is one of the reasons we love him.
    However, not even trying to get out of the way of a 95-mile per hour fastball aimed for the area above the shoulders is not admirable; it’s reckless. And if he costs himself playing time in the postseason because of it – even more irresponsible.

  6. At least we don’t have to worry about Utley being a wuss like Crosby, who 8 months later still has yet to be cleared for contact.

  7. Of course he had a concussion, we saw it. A concussion literally means to hit your head. The real matter is whether he will have symptoms of PCS (post-concussion syndrome). That’s what only the test can tell when he’s not routinely having migraines and hearing ringing in his ears. No, this process isn’t a good thing, but it doesn’t mean anything is really wrong at this point. They are right to keep him out a week as a precaution.
    Utley never saw it heading for his head apparently. Turned away thinking it would plunk him in the back perhaps.

  8. @phillygrl, what if he would have not turned his head and just tried to drop down and not been fast enough??? then pow right in the kisser! broken orbital bone and done til January!?!? better a “concusion” then broken eye socket!

  9. Wait a second… Is no one taking a look at whats really important here..? If this plays out like DII and Adam, er, Chase Utley comes back from injury just in time for the big game, we will have Wilson Valdez (or MiniMart) as the assistant coach?!!? Valdez’ soul-patch at third could be a distraction for anyone on the team trying to round 3rd.

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