Jim Salisbury sat down with Ruben Amaro to discuss what might be in store for the Phillies at trade deadline. Rube said he likes the team the way it's constructed – even though the offense doesn't, ya know, hit – and that we shouldn't expect any major moves.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ruben Amaro: [CSN Philly]

“You will not see a major move this year,” Amaro said Wednesday. “I don’t think we need it. Right now, I’m happy with the guys we’ve got and I’m hoping they get us to the dance. This is a good team that is not playing as good as it is.”


Two things:

1) Lies. 

2) Is the offense as good as we assume? They really haven't hit consistently since the 2009 NLCS. That was like – does math – two seasons ago.

The Phillies do have the best record in baseball, so while there's not a lot to tinker with, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't think the offense could use a little shot of Thome something.

Rube, in his never ending game of poker, isn't always truthful in his proclamations. Most notably, there was Chase Utley's knee and, of course, Cliff Lee (poet). So what to read into this? Expect a major move in about a month's time.

Side note: Could you imagine being Amaro's kids? "Bath time" must have been like a high-stakes nuclear disarmament negotiation- I'll give you two cookies and a lesson in faux-demurity if you get in the tub and remove your ABMs from Europe. High standards, man. High standards.