image from mobilwi.typepad.comThanks to Briana for the pic

Do you remember our Tuesday Morning Roundup about Cliff Lee pissing excellence all over the Atlanta Braves? I thought you did.  Well, we showed you a blurry picture of a fan who approached a complete stranger, ripped in half his Jayson Werth shirsey, and replaced it with a brand new Hunter Pence t-shirt (retail $24.99). 

Said fan, Doug, emailed us this morning. He has video of the incident, which we will assume wasn’t completely staged.

I saw the photo you posted of me after Monday nights game when I bought that poor fan a new Hunter Pence Shirsey in return for going Hulk on his Werth-less Shirsey. Well here is the link to the video. Make this big people.


Nice work, Doug. 

Video after the jump.