Here’s Video of the Slightly Insane Fan Who Ripped Up a Jayson Werth Shirsey and Bought a Complete Stranger a Brand New Hunter Pence Shirt

image from mobilwi.typepad.comThanks to Briana for the pic

Do you remember our Tuesday Morning Roundup about Cliff Lee pissing excellence all over the Atlanta Braves? I thought you did.  Well, we showed you a blurry picture of a fan who approached a complete stranger, ripped in half his Jayson Werth shirsey, and replaced it with a brand new Hunter Pence t-shirt (retail $24.99). 

Said fan, Doug, emailed us this morning. He has video of the incident, which we will assume wasn’t completely staged.

I saw the photo you posted of me after Monday nights game when I bought that poor fan a new Hunter Pence Shirsey in return for going Hulk on his Werth-less Shirsey. Well here is the link to the video. Make this big people.


Nice work, Doug. 

Video after the jump.



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  1. This is awesome, although I cant blame werth wanting to make boat loads of cash instead of playing here…we got Pence in the process…philly wins again

  2. I make an appearance in this video at the 0:45 mark right at the end as I watched this happen, go figure I didn’t write in about this happening, I was too excited about the Cliff Lee excellence around me.

  3. Doug’s a great guy, went to high shcool with him. Also a huge flyers/eagles fan. Saw this made it to phillybarstool as well.

  4. hahahaha doug you’re awesome!!! i couldnt believe my eyes!! i HADDD to snap some pics.. hope you dont mind!! 🙂

  5. I’d bet any amount of money this guy (like most of you) LOVED Werth when he was here and wanted nothing more than for him to come back.
    you’re all pathetic

  6. He probably should’ve bought himself a Jersey that actually fits while in the process and also a hat that matches said jersey…. All in all, this video was awesome.

  7. what is it with white people always wanting to buy others people shit??? every time i go to a bar and a drunk white person sees me without a drink they always saying “dude let me get you a drink…. come on dude you need one”

  8. dwayne it’s simple when you think about it. because we love booze…and we love to party…and we like to have fun with the brothers too
    …most of us at least

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