Scott Hartnell is EVERYWHERE

Yep, that's Scott Hartnell and Andrej Meszaros at the US Open final last night. The Flyers also posted a picture of the duo on their Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2011-09-13 at 9.57.55 AM

Busy few days for Scott, what with hanging out with college students on Friday. I'm disappointed he wasn't wearing a sweet t-shirt.

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14 Responses

  1. maybe if a certain unsaid blogger got a real job then he could be “everywhere” and stop his love affairs with certain hockey players. I guess since Jeff Carter is gone you will now focus your attention to Hartnell…

  2. Dwayne, do you even enjoy coming here? Why would you come here just to rip Kyle on how he spends his time? I’m assuming you have a so-called “real job,” yet you spend your time senselessly ripping Kyle, who performs somewhat of a public service on a daily basis by providing Philly sports fans with a unique look into the world of Philly sports.

  3. @ Lars, Thank You. Nothing I cant stand more then a person that frequents a blog/business/service and continually complains about them…. ok you dont like it, we get it, how about you stop coming back… DOUCHEBAG

  4. Dwayne seroiusly get a life bro, I bet your just bitter about your own life and spend your days hating on other websites as well

  5. Move over Lars Bri and Adam want a slurp also… some shit on this blog is good and interesting and some shit is obsessive like the constant writings about the doings of Carter and now Hartnell…

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