Sources: Malvern Prep to Play La Salle as Part of Winter Classic Matchups


Would I be posting this if I wasn’t a Malvern Hockey (we capitalize that H, yo) alumnus? No, probably not. But I am, so here’s the scoop:

According to a couple sources, Malvern Prep and La Salle are in final talks to play at Citizens Bank Park on one of the days surrounding the yet-unannounced Winter Classic. The two schools met in the Flyers Cup final this spring, with LaSalle winning on a Patrick Kane-esque goal in overtime. Malvern and La Salle consistently field the best hockey teams in the Philly area. Sorry, everyone else.

The game would be in addition to the anticipated New Year’s Eve Alumni Classic (don’t be shocked to see the Legion of Doom), January 6th Phantoms game, and rumored January 4th Penn State vs. Neumann game. We’re just one step away from having a Christmas Day Mites on Ice contest between the Quakers and whatever school Paul Holmgren’s kids went to.

None of this is official, however…. because the Winter Classic is yet to be announced.


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  1. Malvern and La Salle consistently field the best hockey teams in the Philly area***. Sorry, everyone else.
    ***Except for two years ago when O’Hara beat both of them to win the Flyers Cup and then went on to (actually) win the State Championship.

  2. haters gonna hate on us. its tough when youre the best, and in general just good at life. #malvernprepgraduateproblems

  3. It feels good to be a La Salle graduate, especially since they started winning the majority of the sports in the PCL.

  4. In my day, Villa Maria’s field hockey team could’ve beaten the crap out of the Malvern hockey team. Barefoot on ice, too. But hey- go Friars!

  5. Dice, as a former varsity coach at Norf 03’04’, i can tell you only half my team preferred crack over Oxy’s and we were always good enough to beat lansdale catholic when we were rolling our 2 lines…of forwards that is. We cone drilled by skating around the needles at Scanlon.

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