Wag the Dog: Michael Vick Rocks Shorts and Flip Flops to Post Game Press Conference


Photo source: Bob Grotz, Daily Times

I’m beginning to think that nothing involving Michael Vick is real.

His $100 million contract- that’s not real. “Michael Vick radio” is not real. Most of the parties carrying his name are not real. And now, not even his wardrobe is real, apparently. 

Between Vick’s gaggle of PR handlers and all of the folks trying to make a quick buck off his name, it’s hard to tell what’s reality and what’s deception. If that was ever summed up in one hilarious photo, then it’s the one above.

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23 Responses

  1. It must really suck to be your little tiny article. Small minded hateful people who live in trailers or basements. Sounds like you. Michael Vick has always done his press conferences this way even in Atlanta, his complete attire he wore cost more than everything your trashy tail has ever owned. That is why you closet racist are so mad.

  2. Love it Mike with your fine black self. Poor Kyle is going to have stroke with his hate, he will say it is about dogs, rednecks find excuses. Did mike Vick telll you he had a radio station? Who contract is what they say? You are such a loser, but dummies like you have followers. KKK

  3. Who said anything about racism? Anytime anyone says anything about a black person, it is automatically racism. Let it goooooooo. Not everything is black and white. Is this a sports web site or what? Let women worry about fashion and what he is wearing. Judges in court often wear shorts under their robes. Newscasters too. It’s just more comfortable. Women worry about things like clothes. Small minds cry racism over every lil thing. What mattters is what happened when he played – looked good to me. He even did a baseball legs first slide, which he said he couldn’t do. You guys are focused on all the wrong things. Man up.

  4. Its funny. Why dont you guys relax a little?
    More importantly, can we start a fund that will raise money to buy that reporter, on the left, a new iPhone?

  5. Wow all you people(first 3 comments) are really quick to play the race card… its truly pathetic and really shows your lack of respect to past generations that experienced TRUE racism(such as back of the bus, seperate bathrooms, whites only restaurants etc)…. pathetic

  6. Kyle as a Southern Jersey shore vacationer you should be loving Vick’s casual wardrobe, even if he is rockin socks with flip flops. First 3 people you are idiots. “Who contract is what they say?” What does that even mean; try that in English please?

  7. this is what happens when reporters want to ask you all kinds of questions and cant even wait for you to dry you nuts good.
    the first commenter is an idiot nothing extremely expensive about some 20 dollar flip flops

  8. everyone needs to chill is right. disagree with the racism being thrown around and disagree with the shit talking on vick. love the photo i heard he has done that for a while, id do the same thing haha. people need to chill and take stuff for what it is and stop looking so far into some things. leave it alone with the whats real or fake nonsense and same goes with other people who have commented saying race is a problem, get over everything, he’s the qb of the eagles right now, done

  9. greatest. picture. ever.
    i love it. it says…im a well respected professional athlete ready to take your questions in my fine tailed suit jacket and freshly pressed shirt with the starched collar up top. and down low it says…when the fuck is this presser gonna be over?!? Madden has been on pause for 10 mins and I KNOW D-Jax un-paused it letting me get delay of game penalties so it will be 2 and 65 when i get back!

  10. I mean really….how many times are people going to pull the race card?! GET OVER IT. But if it was a picture of a white QB it wouldn’t be racist right? It’s a funny picture, thanks for sharing. In no way does the picture or post bash Michael Vick or black people. Get over yourselves or stop reading the blog.

  11. Those ignorant idiots, clearly the comments they made show they don’t read much. Knowing the actual details of the references about “not being real” wold help these fools realize nothing bad was said. Vick’s contract is WORTH $100 million but only guaranteed $40 mil and has plenty of debt to pay off first. The radio show and parties are just using his name to attract people to the venue, when he has no real affiliation, just is getting paid. Kyle even provided links, so this wouldn’t happen. People these days are insane at times.
    On a side note, great picture, it’s always fun to see people wearing shorts with suit tops. (I’m looking at you, Dutch.)

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