Anyone Know What This is About?


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  1. Can’t they just call or at least text each other? Twitter is not the right place for this.

  2. This would be perfect opportunity for a quality fake Andy Reid twitter account to get in the middle of this.

  3. I’ll take it. First they were rallying around Reid, now they’re rallying against any media source that has a negative thing to say about them.
    Whatever makes these guys come together as a cohesive unit, I’m all for it. Nothing says team like and angry mob on a witchhunt! If you’ve gotta be the guy KS, then so be it. Between these guys and Victorino though…you’re not too popular with the teams you’re covering nowadays bro.
    I’d also like to add that no professional athlete should be allowed to even have a twitter. Period. It’s ridiculous.

  4. LeSean: “That bitch you hooked me up with is pregnant.”
    Asante: “Don’t call my ho a bitch.”

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