Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back – at least – 2/3 of the Legion of Doom.

Eric Lindros told Greg Brady and Jim Lang on Fan 590 in Toronto this morning that he will, in fact, play in the Winter Classic:

"Yeah, Paul Holmgren gave me a shout about a month and a half ago, and we talked back and forth a little bit. I was real happy to hear his voice and to get the invitation and yeah, I told him a while back that I’d fly down and have some fun. I haven’t seen Johnny in a little while. I know they’re trying to get in touch with Mikael, I've been trying myself."


Last week, Lindros told the Hockey Guys that he spoke with Holmgren, but didn’t confirm his intention to play– he saved that announcement for Toronto radio.

Listen to his announcement after the jump. The full interview is here.