Cliff Lee and Hunter Pence Discuss the Phillies’ Lucky Rubber Ducky Song

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Holman Auto, which works with Cliff Lee and his CADEKids program, sponsored a Meet and Greet with Lee and Hunter Pence last month. They just posted four videos of the event to YouTube.

Highlights? Cliff and Hunter talking about Roy Oswalt’s Rubber Ducky song (covered here), and Pence on watching himself strike out against Lee in the pre-game pump up video. [from Part 4]

Lee: J-Roll’s ™ in charge of the boombox in the clubhouse. And every once in a while Oswalt took over and put some country music in there. But it’s usually J-Roll™ and he does a pretty good job. He’s alright. It’s a lot of rap and hip hop from him, he does a pretty good job, though. Every once in a while, Oswalt took over and would go completely opposite and go straight country on us. 

Pence: Or like the Rubber Ducky song. I don’t know if you all heard about that, when I first got over here our victory song was some duck, duck, rubber duck…

Lee: Elmo.

Pence: Elmo singing the Rubber Ducky song [editor's note: it's actually Ernie, but whatever], and I was like what are we doing?

Lee: That was Oswalt, too. It was kind of joke, he started doing it in San Francisco and we won like 3-4 game in a row, so he started doing for a while. It kind of faded out now, though. Haven’t heard it in a while.


Play that song!!!!!!

All four videos are after the jump (bonus Rubber Ducky song, you know, for luck).



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  1. Not even the best Sesame Street song- you just can’t f**k with the 1,2,3,4 Pinball song. This is for #9, for obvious reasons.

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