Dateline October 20th, 2011: Good News, You Can Now Buy Phillies Spring Training Tickets!

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Aloha! The World Series started last night, Shane Victorino is analyzing it on Twitter… and now you can dump a few hundred bucks on Spring Training tickets!

The Phillies sent out their Spring Training email today and one reader cc’d us on his reply:

Dear Phillies Vacations Customer Service Team, 

I find the timing of this e-mail to be quite poor.  The fan base is still trying to cope with the tragic event that was the NLDS.   Like many, I have not been able to watch any baseball since the best team in the history of the Phillies organization went cold in October.  The Fall Classic started last night and a date which I anticipated for months meant nothing.    The recovery process is a longer one this year and I am anxiously awaiting the end of the World Series to mark another step in the process.   Then this e-mail comes along!

Not sure whose idea it was to start marketing Spring Training trips the evening after the start what should have been our World Series, but I think you could have waited a bit.

I will always remain a die hard, but for now I am still devastated!


[name redacted]


I’m not going to kill the team for trying to sell their product, but, yeah… timing, guys. Timing.


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  1. K – I did the same thing as well. Poor timing and Kyle ignore these people who say we should just get over it. I have been a diehard fan since 1977 and I am not over it. I won’t be over it for awhile.

  2. “and now you can dump a few hundred buck on Spring Training tickets!”
    proofread and change it to bucks. Your typos are glaring.

  3. This emailer said exactly what I’ve been thinking for weeks. *sigh* My wife, who is a diehard Philly sports fan, doesn’t even get it. We’re in mourning, and will be until after the WS at least. The Phillies should’ve known better.

  4. I just miss the days when the Phillies’ won without the expectations of a WS every year. (See 2007, 2008)

  5. Phils should have just sent that email to all the clueless chick fans that say the Phils had a great season

  6. Received that this morning, immediately deleted w/o opening. It’s tough to think about next year when the sports stores still haven’t completely rid themselves of their “PHILLIES POSTSEASON 2011” T-shirts yet.

  7. they just going to start choking again renewd bag ova his head fan the just a dicktease nemore the phils are like a handjob nobody wants one cause u can do it better yourself

  8. yea, I got that email as well, still heart broken, its in my trashbox for now. Bad rimming phils,bad timming

  9. the next game that matters – Game 1 of the 2012 NLDS – from the day they signed Cliff Lee until win 102 I was all over them…
    I worried (and posted) all year about the lack of not only hitting, but shitty worthless, at-bats, failure to move runners, pop-ups, strike outs and all those guys trying to “roof it” when it’s 1st-and-3rd with one out.
    Every time I posted, I got slammed back in my face “BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL” “BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL”
    FUCK that – just make the playoffs and be ready to fight you fuckers…
    look at these fucking Cardinals – they make pitchers work, they foul off pitch after pitch, even Albert goes to right if a single brings in a run. they bunt, they move runners – they FUCKING scrap, they fucking WORK – they are fucking HUNGRY
    we had that in 08 and 09 – 10 and 11 have been an embarassment
    I hope I never hear that again

  10. I’m not surprised by this at all. And the team probably doesn’t see this as bad timing, either. No NLCS or World Series ticket/merchandise/concession sales = a need to find other ways to make/sustain their $175 million payroll! And all they’re left with right now is the hope of next year.

  11. Thats the most emo fucking email and bunch of responses i have ever seen. quite whining. People already bought season tix and packages for next year.
    It was heatbreaking, i agree, but you know what doesnt suck? watching phillies in clearwater beach with perfect weather in late feb/march. ill be down there drunk yelling at chooch. that is all. good day.

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