Dateline October 20th, 2011: Good News, You Can Now Buy Phillies Spring Training Tickets!

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Aloha! The World Series started last night, Shane Victorino is analyzing it on Twitter… and now you can dump a few hundred bucks on Spring Training tickets!

The Phillies sent out their Spring Training email today and one reader cc’d us on his reply:

Dear Phillies Vacations Customer Service Team, 

I find the timing of this e-mail to be quite poor.  The fan base is still trying to cope with the tragic event that was the NLDS.   Like many, I have not been able to watch any baseball since the best team in the history of the Phillies organization went cold in October.  The Fall Classic started last night and a date which I anticipated for months meant nothing.    The recovery process is a longer one this year and I am anxiously awaiting the end of the World Series to mark another step in the process.   Then this e-mail comes along!

Not sure whose idea it was to start marketing Spring Training trips the evening after the start what should have been our World Series, but I think you could have waited a bit.

I will always remain a die hard, but for now I am still devastated!


[name redacted]


I’m not going to kill the team for trying to sell their product, but, yeah… timing, guys. Timing.

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19 Responses

  1. K – I did the same thing as well. Poor timing and Kyle ignore these people who say we should just get over it. I have been a diehard fan since 1977 and I am not over it. I won’t be over it for awhile.

  2. “and now you can dump a few hundred buck on Spring Training tickets!”
    proofread and change it to bucks. Your typos are glaring.

  3. This emailer said exactly what I’ve been thinking for weeks. *sigh* My wife, who is a diehard Philly sports fan, doesn’t even get it. We’re in mourning, and will be until after the WS at least. The Phillies should’ve known better.

  4. Received that this morning, immediately deleted w/o opening. It’s tough to think about next year when the sports stores still haven’t completely rid themselves of their “PHILLIES POSTSEASON 2011” T-shirts yet.

  5. they just going to start choking again renewd bag ova his head fan the just a dicktease nemore the phils are like a handjob nobody wants one cause u can do it better yourself

  6. the next game that matters – Game 1 of the 2012 NLDS – from the day they signed Cliff Lee until win 102 I was all over them…
    I worried (and posted) all year about the lack of not only hitting, but shitty worthless, at-bats, failure to move runners, pop-ups, strike outs and all those guys trying to “roof it” when it’s 1st-and-3rd with one out.
    Every time I posted, I got slammed back in my face “BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL” “BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL”
    FUCK that – just make the playoffs and be ready to fight you fuckers…
    look at these fucking Cardinals – they make pitchers work, they foul off pitch after pitch, even Albert goes to right if a single brings in a run. they bunt, they move runners – they FUCKING scrap, they fucking WORK – they are fucking HUNGRY
    we had that in 08 and 09 – 10 and 11 have been an embarassment
    I hope I never hear that again

  7. I’m not surprised by this at all. And the team probably doesn’t see this as bad timing, either. No NLCS or World Series ticket/merchandise/concession sales = a need to find other ways to make/sustain their $175 million payroll! And all they’re left with right now is the hope of next year.

  8. Thats the most emo fucking email and bunch of responses i have ever seen. quite whining. People already bought season tix and packages for next year.
    It was heatbreaking, i agree, but you know what doesnt suck? watching phillies in clearwater beach with perfect weather in late feb/march. ill be down there drunk yelling at chooch. that is all. good day.

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