Flyers Beat Canucks… and, Apparently, We Love Cancer

Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 8.49.22 AMPhoto: Flyers, Getty

Last night, in South Philly, the Flyers and Canucks squared off for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals the third game of the season. The Flyers – dare I say "exploded" – for five goals against Roberto Luongo and his telescopic leg (Clement’s words, not mine). As always, Dave Isaac has your full recap. The photo gallery is here. And your highlights are after the jump.

Sadly, however, the takeaway story from the game wasn’t Claude Giroux’s third goal of the season or Andrej Meszaros’ dirty, filthy, belongs in a Mummer’s clubhouse wrist shot… no, it was this:

Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 8.49.55 AM

and this:

Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 8.50.42 AM


That’s right, we love the cancer. Love it.


According to a number of folks on the Tweets, when a Hockey Fights Cancer commercial was played on the scoreboard between the second and third periods, many fans started to boo at the mere sight (and sound) of Ryan Miller, Sidney Crosby, and Jonathan Toews. 

Right reaction. Wrong timing.

By 10:30 last night, the story was on Puck Daddy. And now, Deadspin.

Greg Wyshynski (Puck Daddy) – while giving the story infinitely more attention – tried to extinguish the unnecessary fire:

We're as guilty as anyone for taking whacks at the Flyers fan piñata. But please tell us Flyers fans aren't now going to be labeled pro-cancer? Please?


Brian Hickey, a Philly native who also writes for the Metro, went with the probably tongue-in-cheek but less defensible puking-Santa headline on Deadspin. Consequently, this will now spiral out of control and into a Philly fans are evil national story, even though, as usual, it’s being taken completely out of context.

Ryan Bright, who was covering the game for Philly Sports Daily, said the boos began when Miller’s whiny voice was piped through The Well like a nagging spouse complaining about a lightbulb (for realsies, just listen to Miller’s mass murderers comment from last year and you’ll see what I’m talking about). His nasally drone was followed by appearances from Crosby, the most hated player in hockey, and Toews, whose last appearance in Philly included him holding the Stanley Cup over his head. Yeah, I’d say the Pavlovian boo response was warranted.

Bright pointed out that it wasn't immediately obvious what the trio was talking about, and once it was clear that the subject was cancer, the boos quickly subsided. 

So there you have it. That’s how cities get undeserved reps. Now, about those Vancouver fans who will be tearing apart their city when the Flyers hand the Canucks their second consecutive Finals loss next spring…

We'd love to hear more reaction from folks who were at the game.

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42 Responses

  1. I was at the game and quite honestly I had no idea it was a cancer “commercial” was played in between periods and with people not really paying attention to the jumbotron but hearing Cindy’s voice, that’s why the boos. But as usual I’m sure we will get skewered in the national media as the neanderthals from Philadelphia..we will never be rid of any title they want to give us…it gets real old!

  2. Live in DC and CAPS fans are trying to tell me that they wouldn’t boo Crosby.
    (mumbles “same old shit”…)

  3. Let them talk. I personally don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of us Philly fans. While I don’t get down with some of the shit that idiots have done, I’ll proudly teach my kid the Crosby sucks chant and teach my daughter the Ole’ chant. We love our teams and if I see Crybaby Crosby or Ryan Miller on a screen anywhere I am booing. Screw the media and Non-Flyers fans, we don’t care if u like us or not.

  4. I didnt think it was necessary for Puck Daddy to put this story up even though it was in defense of Philly fans. It just gave everyone else a reason to hate on Philly even more. I say Let them Hate and we will see what happens come playoff time. Nobody outside the area knows what it’s like to be a Philly sports fan. Watching sports in this town isn’t a hobby, it’s a passion and a way of life.

  5. Shocking! – More lazing reporting on Philadelphia fans from the national media. Most fans outside of Pittsburgh would boo an unnecessary image of Sidney Crosby on their home jumbotron. Maybe use hometown players for these ads.

  6. dude Crosby’s face, Miller’s voice, Toews face, all = boos. Im not a big proponent of the boo meself, but I completely understand. But also, couldnt we just have been booing cancer? No one likes cancer just like no one likes Crosby. Boos all around

  7. I am a little surprised this got any attention, as everyone with a working brain knows Philly fans support cancer research and prevention, and the only ONLY reason we would ever boo would be due to enemy players talking, or doing something. Its beyond me why this was even written, I guess it was a “slow” night for the blogging world…..

  8. It was a focused boo….only at Crosby and his mushy brain, Miller, and Toews. Think of it like respect…they earned the boos by being a good player, a whiny bitch of a good goalie, and a punk who beat us in the finals. Do we boo the 3rd line RW…no because he sucks and hasn’t earned it.
    Santa got booed because he dropped the ball or some other clumsy gesture. He earned it because of failing with the spotlight on him.
    There are different boo’s in Philly, it is a social acknowledgement in a town with very passionate and sports savvy fans.

  9. I stopped caring what the media says a long time ago, they have no credibility on the issue of philly fans and quite frankly i feel embarassed for them. Hey did anyone hear pinnachio, who is horrible in the role btw, pregame, suggesting an attack of sedin’s bruised thigh? Stay classy Tim. More importantly can’t wait for Richards vs. Pronger saturday.

  10. I was there last night. I was talking to Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes (big time, yo) during the intermission. I heard the boos, looked up, saw Crosby’s face, and laughed. I did, then, see it was a PSA for cancer and guess what? SO DID EVERYBODY ELSE AND THEY STOPPED BOOING. Like others said, it wasn’t clear until the end of the message what it was about. (Plus, in the WFC, the intermission spots aren’t exactly loud, so most fans didn’t hear what was being said, only saw Crosby’s face. Instant. Boo.)
    Just another example of the (multi)national media having it out for Philly. This was broken by a Canucks beat reporter. I’m surprised he’s still alive, surprised he made it out of Vancouver after game 7. See? I can be a dick, too. And those fans actually DESTROYED PARTS OF THEIR CITY, they didn’t boo a rival player during an intermission TV spot.
    Not saying all of Vancouver is bad, but that’s the point. Get off Philly’s dick, media. We don’t want to get the HIV from any slutty, dirty cities.

  11. Also, a simultaneous “Kudos” to ESPN and a “bump bumpty bump” to Stan Verrett.
    I get home from the game last night, lay down in bed, turn on Sportscenter for a bit before falling asleep.
    Kudos to ESPN because they actually showed Flyers highlights. Caught me by surprise.
    Bump bumpty bump to Stan Verrett, who called Claude Giroux (top 10 player in the game) Claude “Jarrah.” I thought that was bad. Then, it’s the third period, and Verrett says “With the eventual game winner, it’s Andrej Meshtarosh!”
    You kidding me, Stan? You guys are the “Worldwide Leader” and can’t even get CLOSE on pronunciation of names?!

  12. I hope you all realize that the first thing said (before anything cancer related was said or shown) was, “Hi, I’m Sidney Crosby”, Miller and Toews weren’t even booed, and the second time Crosby came on, he wasn’t even booed. Give me a break, put that in Washington, New York, Detroit, or Montreal and the same thing happens, media needs to get over it.

  13. In all fairness to us, they seemed to have gone out of their way with this commercial to find the players that Flyers fans hate the most…


  15. I was at the game and Scott you have it a little wrong. Nobody booed Toews or Miller. Crosby was the first one that popped up and he started by saying “Hi this is Sidney Crosby”…(see your video). That got all the boos. Once his face came off they stopped.
    There was nothing wrong with it, its just another opportunity to knock on the Philly fans. I wrote that guy at yahoo a nice little email as well. Its funny how yahoo has a bunch of idiots that try to talk about hockey and know nothing of the sport…

  16. I was there and missed it because like every normal human beings, between periods I take a piss and grab a beverage or some food.
    The 18 people still in their seets that boo’d I’m sure were booing the players on the screen, completely unaware of what they were even saying.
    This is a non-story, but as usual the media makes it out to be a big deal because they’re just sitting around with their thumb up their ass, waiting for something to write about.
    The kid that scored two goals in mite’s on ice is a bigger story than this. That kid was all over the place!

  17. It seems as if the media also forgot to mention the Flyers Wives Fight For Lives carnival which is without a doubt the largest NHL fundraiser…hmmm wtg media…

  18. why show the ad between periods anyway? why not do it when people are actually in their seats during media timeouts as opposed to fat people dancing?

  19. Also, what the hell is the new goal music? Where is Pennywise “Bro Hymn”??? Not happy with this new tecnho trash. PENNYWISE FTW!!!

  20. dude shut up bro hymn fuckin blows. DOOP is the shit they play it at union games too. but they should really go back to the old horn and aint talkin bout love as their song. bring fans back to the lindros days

    This is getting out of control…put a rival on any screen in any arena for any reason and they get boo’d…Im so sick and tired of being villified because of petty bullshit!

  22. Really? You don’t like Pennywise? Damn…well I’m disapointed that it’s gone and am not a fan of doop. To each his own I guess.

  23. I was there last night too. One definitely could not initially tell what the add was for, and it was barely audible. If this is getting recognition, why no mention of the standing ovations given to the 2 men who were acknowledged for their military service, along with the “USA” chants? Or the moment of silence to acknowledge the minor league hockey players killed in September? Oh that’s right, cause those would be positive remarks in a city people love to hate…

  24. I can’t believe this made the fucking news. I was at the game. I was looking at my phone and heard the boos, looked up and saw Cindy Crysby’s face…Made sense. No one was really booing that much at Toewes or Miller, just Crosbaby. It was kind of hard to hear the audio coming from the screen the entire night, let alone when Cindy’s face was up there to a crowd full of boos, so until it was visually obvious what they were talking about, they bood everytime his ugly face was on the screen. They subsided once it was obviously about cancer.
    Some douche named James O’brien wrote a piece on it on pro hockey talk, and of course he brings up the stupid santa clause, the batteries, Michael Hooker fucking cocaine loving Irvine, and even the fact that Sarah Palin was booed when she was at the home opener in 08…REALLY???
    The fact that this made news is really pathetic. Since when has it become practice to report on every little common, inconsequential fucking thing that goes on during a sporting event? Wayne Simmonds, after being a media darling during the whole banana thing, was completely thrown to the wolves for saying faggot. Now we get this horse shit story about fans booing their arch rival?? REALLY??? Wowww…A hockey player swearing and fans booing their arch nemesis, what a fucking surprise. Next we’re gonna see the media torching philly fans when they boo the refs, chant ‘bullshit’, or do any other normal fucking thing that they do in every other fucking city.

  25. If only the flyers held a fun event, something like a carnival, to help raise money for cancer research. That would prove we were anti-cancer

  26. We might boo and all that BUT I never heard of any of the Philly fans beatin other fans up!!! Am I wrong here???

  27. Who gives a fuck if everyone hates us? Anyone who does obviously is stupid enough to buy into the media’s bull shit. They just want a good story. And yes, once they realized it was an anti-cancer ad they stopped. Plus nobody hears anything positive Philly fans have done. It’s not good media coverage apparently. And people are telling us to grow up? Pleease. Don’t be jealous because we have more enthusiastic fans.

  28. I was at this game….Why doesn’t the MEDIA bring up the fact that the Flyers gave a soldier, who just came home, a personalized Flyers Jersey and the crowd chanting USA USA?? Dear God they show or talk about that.

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