Here are Pictures of Ryan Howard at the Springton Lake Middle School Girls Field Hockey Game Yesterday


The Ryan Howard soccer mom tour continues.

So far this offseason, we have seen Ryan Howard – whose five-year, $125 million kicks in… now – on a Rascal at Whole Foods, crutches at Manhattan Bagel, and now at the Springton Lake middle school girls field hockey game.

No idea why he was there, but I’d imagine it had something to do with someone related to his fiancée, Kyrstle Campbell (just a guess). Got to give the Big Piece some props, though– sitting through a middle school girls field hockey game is no simple task.

Here’s another pic from our tipster. Looks like Howard was gracious to throng of moms and babies in attendance.


October: legends are born here.


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  1. jesus the man got injured and is just doing normal shit and youre paparazzing it like he’s the worst person in the world. yeah he sucked in the playoffs. so did everyone else in the lineup. get over it.

  2. he could be taking pictures with babies at the parade that couldve been this weekend god it still hurts

  3. Howard’s fiancee is from the Media area where Springton Lake is (Delaware County). I’ve seen Ryno at Penncrest High School games, also in Media. His fiancee has a sister who is on the dance team. I assume she has someone related to her that goes to the middle school as well.

  4. legends are born in that girl in the red…my god thats a fine rump. the black boots isnt too shabby either…
    on a side not…can we finally put to rest those damn ugs? news flash girls…they look stupid!

  5. Jesus, that pussy he’s ramming must be filled with beer, homeruns and pizza to attend this shit.

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