Jason Kelce Would Like You to Not Voice Your Displeasure with His Shitty Coach

The Eagles stink right now. The defense stinks. The coach stinks. The yet-to-be-hired defensive consultant stinks. Swoop stinks. And, perhaps most notably in this case, the offensive line stinks.

On Good Day Philadelphia this morning, Jason Kelce said he threatened to take down the “Time to go, Andy” banner that was displayed by Eagles protesters outside of the NovaCare Complex on Monday:

“No, didn’t get rough with anybody. We asked them to take it down, and we did say, if you don’t take it down, we might get out and take it down."

“But to all the people and the naysayers, and the critics and everybody, and the media that are bashing us, I don’t really got a lot of respect for them, but right now, we are out there just trying to get it corrected, and trying to be loyal to the head coach, right now.”


When asked about it on Twitter?

Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 11.44.19 AM

There's an "N" in varmint, but whatever.

He also retweeted this:
Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 11.44.33 AM

While the type of people who have the time and desire to stand outside the practice facility on a Monday afternoon may very well be “varmit,” I’d argue that they’re also the most hardcore of fans- the people who pay more than they can afford to attend games and support the team. And the fact of the matter is, for 12 years now, Andy Reid has let this city down. He’s been the one constant amongst a myriad variables. If people want to call for his job? Then that’s their right to do so. Here's my banner. Ready, Jason? More people will see this than the banner on Pattison:


There you go, tear that down.

You see, J-Man, people are free to say what they want. You know that, right?

Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 9.24.24 AM

Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 9.24.24 AM
Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 9.24.24 AM
Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 9.24.24 AM

Thought so. Block someone.

[Angelo Cataldi had a similar rant on WIP this moring. Buzz on Broad has the audio.]

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  1. I would sucker Kelce in the back of the head if he ever mouthed off to me. BTW Double J should be starting at center.

  2. Great an misogyhistic racist is the center for our line. What the hell did a Mormon coach see in this guy? MAybe if make the opposing D-line where long hair wigs and makeup he’ll play like a Pro Bowler. As if there weren’t enough reasons to dislike this ‘team’.

  3. kelce would be pumping gas and his fist if it wasn’t for Reid’s poor judgement. His loyalty is understandable.

  4. Wow, what a dick head. All chauvinistic and racist comments aside, what really pisses me off is that he tried to sully a chipotle. who the eff walks into any place where food is service other than a pool snack bar without a shirt and I guess thinks it ok because they dont speak english? Good luck being an nfl player for a full year.

  5. Kyle this is brilliant, i think your phils anger/enrgy has come full circle into your work, absolutely brilliant…this goes to show how poor reids judgement of character truly is. I also think your banner should be a billboard on 95.

  6. Christ, this is worse than I thought. Who in the hell is this snarky, racist punk to rumble into town like he owned it and stir up all this shit? Just because Kelce had his dick sucked regularly in college by emptyheaded bimbos because he was BMOC doesn’t mean his act will fly in THIS town, because it bloody well won’t! If this jackass thought we were critical before, he’d damn well better pray the Birds don’t come back from the bye 1-5 or there things will REALLY get messy!

  7. “We might get out and take it down.”
    Yeah, good idea, wade into a crowd of angry Philadelphians and threaten a few of them. His ear would probably be kept pickled behind a bar in Kensington for the next hundred years.

  8. So, he has issues with women, Hispanics and Asians, wonder what all those “brothas” he works with think of his opinions?
    Hard to believe his feeling towards Blacks would be much different.

  9. Dear Jason Kelce,
    You’re extremely fat, ugly, racist and homosexual. Your complete inability to block the man right in front of you completely baffles the city of Philadelphia. We love that you refuse to act tough with the opposition and would rather do so with the people that pay your salary. How you are starting for this 1-4 team is a joke and enjoy it for another week. Keep the fans out of your mouth because no one likes you anyways, and no one is a fan of you. You suck at more than offensive line, you suck at life and it is indeed offensive. Shave your beard.
    That is all,
    Small Balls.

  10. Kelce and Vick are perfect together. Maybe then can switch it up and have Kelce kick a puppy and Vick punch an Asian woman in the face.

  11. So its down to players vs. fans now. Me thinks the eagles brass might want to put a muzzle on kelce asap.

  12. At least when the Phillies shit the bed, it’s a bunch of likeable guys doing it… and you almost feel bad for them. The Eagles? Fuck. The more I think about it, there aren’t but 5 or 6 guys on the team that I’d like to have a beer with. Losing seems to have brought out the inner dickhead in most of them. Avant, Nnamdi, Jamaal Jackson and Cullen Jenkins seem OK. Vick continues to play his role of Mr. Reforned, too. The rest of them come off like a bunch of spoiled punk kids.

  13. i dont care because he is wearing a flyers hat. love it bro. hes a C for cryin out loud. what do you expect? gandhi?


  15. Everyone with a twitter should tweet this at Jason Kelce:
    “The first 7th round draft pick, Jason Kelce, went on duty on on September 11th, 2011. Since then, red zone scoring and quality QB play for the Iggles has decreased at a staggering rate.”
    Fuck you Jason.

  16. great pic of him, all googly eyed. looks inbred or at least from a poor gene pool

  17. Now that I look at him again, he really reminds me of the Sexual Harassment Panda from South Park

  18. what a blow hard. This guy and Billy Tibbits should go bowling. There is one rule: you don’t mess with the fans. This idiot crossed the line. Just a matter of time before he’s off the team. He’ll be boo’d for the rest of his ‘short’ career every time or if there ever is a time Dan Baker mentions his name.

  19. I love this article so much I want to have sex with it, and have a bunch of little baby Eagles suck articles. It’ll never happen, but a man can dream.

  20. Did he say…”our unsuccess” ? Shit. I thought centers were supposed to be the smartest dudes on the team. Now I find out ours is a redneck moron. Damnit.

  21. On WIP the guy who made the sign said Mathis did most of the talking and threatened them. Mathis and Kelce are trash. Also the dude who made the sign is a season ticket holder

  22. From men like Reggie White now down to this piece of shit. Oh how far we have fallen in so little time. Dog killers and racists on the offense, revolving doors on the defense. What a sad, sad state we have to endure.

  23. Don’t say that
    Don’t touch there
    Don’t be nasty, says the silly bear
    He’s come to tell you what’s right and wrong
    Sexual Harassment Panda

  24. “great pic of him, all googly eyed. looks inbred or at least from a poor gene pool”
    Posted by: Defenestrate Wheels | October 13, 2011 at 02:22 PM
    Hahahahah I didn’t notice that he’s COCK-eyed. No wonder he can’t block. Always picking the wrong guy with that double vision hahahahahah.

  25. Guy was on WIP tonight who was involved with the sign, he had the greatest comeback ever. Mathis asked him “when did you play football professionally?” to which the guy responded “when did Roseman?”
    Jason Kelce needs to go away.

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