Occupy Broad Street: Fans Protesting Outside NovaCare Complex

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We’ve taken to the streets.

While the jobless masses gather outside City Hall to protest just about everything (actually agree with many of their points, but they’re costing taxpayers even more money by forcing the city to pay police officers overtime), a rally of its own has formed near the corner of Broad and Pattison (also presumably by the unemployed). We were first alerted to this by Rachel Appel-Vazquez, a booking producer for CSN. Apparently, according to her and others, folks have gathered outside the NovaCare Complex with #firereid banners.

This is what a postseason collapse and mid-season meltdown will do to fans. We’ve lost our minds. Heads must roll.

This summer, I implored you to storm The Well with me so we could protest Paul Holmgren’s failure to adequately use the cap space acquired by trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. Now, it seems, Homer may be our last chance. The Flyers are 2-0. The Phillies? Done. The Eagles? Well, Reid may soon be pulling a Muammar Gaddafi and getting out of dodge. 

Perhaps the Occupy Broad folks are onto something. Consider me on board with this. If by 5 PM on Monday – the start of the bye week – Reid is still employed by the Eagles, we march. We bring with us clocks, set them to 2:00, and hurl them over the fences at NovaCare while yelling Time’s Yours, Andy! Fire Reid!

Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 2.54.01 PMPhoto via reader Inseo

But we don’t stop there. We continue our march down Pattison, crossing over Broad in a twist of intentional symbolism, and stop at the home plate entrance at CBP. We pull bats from our backpacks (Nerf bats, of course- this is a family event) and sword fight each other like the nerds from LAIRE in Role Models, demonstrating the ease at which internet types can easily simulate contact, something the Phillies seemingly can't do.

Or… I’ll just sit it my leather chair and blog about the lunatics sitting outside NovaCare on a Monday afternoon. Yeah, that sounds easier.


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  1. Haha you really hate Homer… I’m just going to accept it now. I love this new Flyers team, though. It’s very exciting.

  2. I’m on-board for the LAIRE idea. Not that I normally do any live-action role-play, it’s more for the “smack the SHIT out of something to get off some steam” effect.

  3. Protest signs are so much better with spelling/grammar checkers. Its columbus day, they’re probably postal employees.

  4. I can’t stand Andy either, but there is no way in hell he gets fired before the end of the season. No way.

  5. I’m in with Lars. Watched both games by the Flyers and felt pretty good about the team we have. Fast, young and play with a sense of proving themselves that makes for great hockey. Not to mention having a elite goalie makes a world of difference.
    And to think, John Buccigross on ESPN didn’t even have the Flyers making the playoffs this year.

  6. I don’t know why you hate Homer so much. Regardless of the 2-0 start, as I am speaking on logic and not just over reaction to the first two wins of the season, I still agreed with most of these moves.
    Richards and Carter were due no trade clauses at the end of this year. So, judging by their reactions (or lack of) they would have never waived them. We would have been contributing $100+ million to two guys that ownership wasn’t convinced could bring us over the top, and by all accounts were not good for the locker room.
    He then went out and got a top-tier goaltender, something the Flyers haven’t had since Ron Hextall and arguably since Lindbergh and Parent. Bryzgalov and this defense could be the difference in a deep playoff run if they stay healthy.
    Versteeg sucked. Carcillo was a bum. Leino was waaaay too expensive. Sean O’Donnell was old.
    So, I really dont get the hating on Homer. That is all.

  7. I demand we treat the Occupy Wall Street protesters the same way we “handled” the MOVE protesters in the 80s.

  8. guys- you really need to get over the homer thing. i’m not bashing him, i said the Flyers are 2-0. Every time I bring it up doesn’t mean I’m bashing him. Jesus.

  9. I’m still angry with Homer. Come on, Jaromir Jagr is a Flyer. I don’t care how good he is, that still just doesn’t sit right with me. That and what the hell do I do with my Richie jersey now?
    Carter for Tim Thomas should’ve happened week 1 last year and it didn’t…BOOM

  10. You used the word bashing and Homer in the same sentence. Clearly bashing him, except for that good newsv. bad news article from awhile ago where you gave the flyers a 50/50 shot at these crazy moves working out…which they will.

  11. Kyle- quit being a douche and learn to love. No more bashing of my child, Paul Holmgren or I’ll shoot a lightning bolt up your ass.
    P.S. – Go to church more often.

  12. Kyle,
    Good to hear. I mis-read. I just get infuriated when people act like he destroyed the team, aka FACE who is mad that Jagr is a Flyer because it “doesnt sit right”. Jagr is going to make the PP finish in the top 10 dude. 50 points easily for Jagr, and I wouldn’t sleep on 70. He had long hair and we hated him 10 years ago. Crest on the front not nameplate on the back.

  13. Bryz has 2 well played games and he’s an “elite goaltender”? whoaaaaa boys…let’s take it easy.
    As the season wears on and teams have a sense of how to match up against the giroux line the flyers will have difficulty scoring, go through droughts, as they do they’ll need to press a bit to score which will open up opportunities for the other teams offense. I knew they were taking a step back in order to go forward and that’s still most likely the case. That’s fine as far as i’m concerned.

  14. The best way to protest is to… not do anything. Literally. But that can’t happen because this fan base follows the Eagles unconditionally. Stop spending money on the team and there WILL be changes.

  15. MM – I’ll bite that Bryz is an elite goaltender. It’s not like that label was handed to him last Thursday or today for that matter. He’s been in the top five goalie talks in the last two years, winning a gold medal with Russia in 2009 and coming in as runner-up a couple of years back for the Vezina. Pretty elite resume to me.

  16. Lars, Jow, and all:
    “Now, it seems, Homer may be our last chance. The Flyers are 2-0.”
    That’s Laddie-boy’s convahlooted way of admitting he was wrong, and it’s the closest to an apology that you’ll get from him.
    And Boyo, good-for-all that the protestors are costing money. Because the political process (elections) as of today is so fucked-up that the middle-man is the little man—now that the Supremes voted that the corperations have the same rights to donate as an individual—and he’s screwed unless he takes drastic measures, like protesting (a freedom that I fought amongst many to protect).
    Union song.
    Union battled.
    All added up,
    Won us all what we got now.

  17. iron balls mcginty is kind of an annoying faggot on these boards. you’re not funny, just in case you thought you were.

  18. @wtf, i agree, what i was trying to do is temper our flyers fever a bit. Bryz is definitely an upgrade however, no goalie can save a team that leaves him hung out to dry, it’s early, the flyers are full of young guys who are gonna make mistakes on the ice (due to the situations i outlined above)for a while but hopefully a lot less mistakes off the ice. The flyers provide hope and hope is great.

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