Killing Us Softly: Casey Anthony Rocks Phillies Cap

Casey_anthony_philliesGooo Howard!

Maybe when Plaxico Burress walked out of the slammer wearing a Phillies hat earlier this year, we should have known that the baseball gods would be tweaked.

Yesterday, just hours after Ryan Howard's second consecutive season-ending at-bat sucked the life out of Citizens Bank Park, Casey Anthony took part in a deposition for a defamation case. Her attire? We'll let the Orlando Sun Sentinel fill you in: 

News 13’s Amanda Evans reported that Morgan questioned Anthony for about 45 minutes, and her attorney invoked the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. It sure sounds as if Anthony was more composed than her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, when they were deposed in the same case.

Via Morgan, Evans supplied more details about Anthony: “Anthony was wearing a Phillies baseball cap, large sunglasses and what appeared to be a dark, black wig.”  

That’s more bad news for Philadelphia Phillies fans after the heartbreaking, season-ending loss to the St. Louis Cardinals last night.

Evans added that Morgan will give the deposition to a judge, who will decide whether Anthony must be compelled to answer Morgan’s questions.

I have a question: Why a Phillies cap? Haven’t Phillies fans suffered enough?


Sweet! So Cay-A is on board. Plax is on board. Where you at, Juice?!

In unrelated news, I'm told that Charles Manson's remaining followers will appear at their parole hearings wearing Nnamdi Asomugha jerseys. 

H/T to Kelly for the tip

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4 Responses

  1. Wasn’t she spotted wearing Ohio State gear earlier this year? I don’t know what’s more offensive…a murderer wearing a Phillies hat, or the fact that now Philly’s being lumped in with Ohio State.

  2. I wish she was wearing a metal skull cap and a large copper foot bracelet so that she could have an electrifying date with Old Sparky. Sadly Florida pussed out with the rest of the nations by going to lethal injection, and even she won’t that because those moron jurors in St. Pete / Clearwater watched too many CSI’s.
    And I wish they didn’t drag her back to Fl for probation, and that she stayed in Ohio. There are already too many inbred Mid-Westerners living here.
    And WTF, Laddie?! Where’s the story on the Flyers? Don’t you know last nite’s victory was their first shutout since 4/6/2010 (regular season-wise; you know they had 3 more in the playoffs, the last being in the East Conf finals G2 against the Canadiennes on 5/18)?

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