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Oh happy day.

We knew Pat Burrell’s old shag pad couldn’t go unoccupied for long. A few months ago, we brought you this real estate listing for Bat’s condo at 1601 Rittenhouse, The Lanesborough. It was listed at $3 million back in August, and while we can’t confirm it was sold, we can safely assume that, after dancing for Bongo Cam at the Phillies game, Max Talbot brought these two girls back to penthouse #1700 at 1601 Rittenhouse Sunday night.

From an anonymous tipster, these are the Facebook statuses of one of the girls. Names are redacted:

Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 9.54.10 AM Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 9.54.10 AM

Ah yes, the late night trip from Public House to PH 1700, a trail blazed by so many Philadelphia coeds.

Just to be sure this isn’t some other, similar looking luxury condo, we performed a little detective work with the photos. The findings… are after the jump.


Here is a screen cap from the video tour of Burrell’s condo:

Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 10.05.55 AM 

And here is another picture from Sunday night:

Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 10.06.04 AM

Triangular rack (yellow), tan sectional (red), hanging flat screen (blue), chrome and wood railings (black), two happy to see you coeds gleefully posing for cameras in the early morning hours- check, check, and triple fucking check! That's Pat's place alright.

Even though the condo hasn’t sold (at least we couldn't find the transaction), it’s entirely possible Pat is renting it out, since, you know, he no longer has a job. Talbot seems like he’ll be a fine tenant- he’s new here and likes to party.

Glad to see someone is taking good care of our city’s favorite residence. And as for Dry Island… well, it just suffered some storm damage.

In other hockey residence news, here's video of Mike Richards' lakeside cottage (via reader Henry).