Well, Ilya Bryzgalov isn’t Shy…

Bryz isn’t exactly shy about giving his opinions.

The other night, when the Flyers got blasted for five goals against the Capitals, Bryz was less than thankful of his teammates’ efforts to block shots, but stopped short of blaming the deflected goals on the defense.

Last night, he inched closer to the it wasn’t my fault line after another loss to a St. Louis team, one that arrived at 3 AM on Saturday (I’m really beginning to hate that town): [quotes courtesy of the Flyers city-leading PR department]

Q: What happened on the exchange? 

“Bad communication, somebody yells 'I'll get it it' and they don't get it.”

Q: Coburn…?

“Yeah, I guess.”

Q: Chris just said the communication needs to be better in terms of the defensemen with yourself, is it still a work in progress?

“We have to establish it because it needs to be very simple. We need to have three words and everybody has to know these words…..play it, leave it or over. Not,  everybody comes up with his own words, like I'll pick up, or don't touch or something like that. It needs to be a simple three words so everybody understands everybody and we're all on the same page.  And then we won't have this problem in the future.”

Q: Do you have to dictate those three words to them? 

A: I guess, yeah.


Coburn took the blame. This time.

Q: Once you saw him have the puck on his stick, I guess the assumption was that he was just going to outlet it somewhere, right? Not just slide it to you? 

"Well, I was ready for a bit and then the closer and closer I got to him, I kind of thought he was making a different play, but that's on me because I always have to be on my toes there. "


I love honesty. It's certainly much better than the myriad clichés most athletes hurl our way. Unfortunately, it’s not a practice that hockey players always appreciate– remember, this is a crowd that buys wholly into work hard, pucks on net, and big stops.

Telling it like it is something Bryz has done his whole career. When things go well, he credits teammates. When they don’t… well, he let’s them know it. And when it's his fault? He takes the blame.

But he's always blunt.

No cause for concern here – we’re talking about an October hockey game – but Bryz’s candidness is worth keeping an eye on.

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13 Responses

  1. yipes. i hope coburn doesnt lose his shit over this. not exactly right to call out your teammate by name like this. everyone knows it was on coburn but still not sure bryz needs to say his name like that. he couldve gotten away with “im not really sure who it was…” etc or something similar.

  2. I’m all for the bluntness except if it’s gonna fuck with the chemistry of that locker room. We just got it back to normal and we don’t need this shit.

  3. It’s october hockey. In a league where more than half the teams make the playoffs and the #1 seed never makes it to the cup….i’m not too worried.
    YES mess with the lines, experiment with D parings, bring up rookies. Winning every game in hockey isn’t necessarily as important as finding the right combination that’ll win you 4 of 7 games when it matters.

  4. Someone translate these words to Bustgalov- “When the other team wants to dump and chase, don’t pull the puck out from behind the net.” It’s pretty much the worst play a goalie can make in that situation.

  5. @henry, he didn’t really say it was Coburn. The transcript makes it look like that, but when the reporter asked he more or less just shrugged.
    I think the honesty is refreshing.

  6. I’d like to see some honesty about the other boneheaded gimme goal to the Blues. It was their 3rd (in the 2P), I believe. The one where Coburn and Mezzy crowded Bryzy onto one side of the crease, almost tying him up, and then Coburn kicked the puck out to the slot on a 45 degree angle to the open side of the crease, right to the Blues scorer.

  7. If this link works (they changed the url codes), here’s that goal:
    Well, Bryz wasn’t totally tied up but he was already down and didn’t have any move except to stack the pads, and Colaiacovo had plenty of time to lift the puck over them.
    But my point is how stupid Coburn was there. Back in me reform skool varsity hockey days to never leave the puck anywhere in front of the goal. Coburn had his stick on the puck before he kicked it. Why didn’t he shot out to the boards or tap it behind the goal? Kicking out to the open side of the net is the last thing he should of done.
    The way the D’s are bunching up to Byrz is disturbing; right now they are his worst enemy. Because for the most part, the D roster has been unchanged since last year; not a lot of new guys except Lilja (and Walker, who was a scratch). OK, it’s an impulse given the goaltending sitchyashun over the past few seasons, but I think that Lavs needs to address this with them. There should have been an arse chewing from the Caps loss about this, so there should be another again.
    BTW, the Blues flew into town not Friday nite but Sat very early in the AM and didn’t have a morning skate/practice. So perhaps maybe those late nite “School of Jagr” sessions are tuckering the Flyers. maybe they should ease back a bit on that. Sometimes you can overdue it and rest is not always a bad thing.
    BTW, Boyo, how can you miss this little move by Matt Read:
    Now he’s REALLY a Flyer
    And nobody missed this, but it’s so good to see Pronger’s drilling of Backes, especially since it was so clean:

  8. I’m fine with Bryz calling out the play(er) as it’s not really calling him out as much as it is accountability.

  9. When my girlfriend does something to piss me off, I think of an excuse to go out alone and stop somewhere to have at least 2 turkey burgers with melted provolone washed down with warm Guinness. The farts kick in around midnight when she’s already asleep and I just rip ass relentlessly after pulling the blankets over her head.

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