Nnamdi Asomugha Named 10th Nicest Player in Football, Still Couldn’t Tackle a Scarecrow

SI.com released their newest Players Poll today: Nicest players. Unlike Chase Utley, who is just mean, Nnamdi Asomugha is a swell guy.

1) Troy Polamalu 

2) Drew Brees

3) Peyton Manning

4) Larry Fitzgerald

5) Matt Hasselbeck

6) Tim Tebow

7) LaDainian Tomlinson

8) Tom Brady

9) Jeff Saturday

10) Nnamdi Asomugha

11) Aaron Rodgers

12) Calvin Johnson

13) Tony Romo

14) Donovan McNabb

15) Brian Dawkins

View the gallery here.


10 Responses

  1. Judging a CB off of tackling is like judging a DT off of his speed…
    Seriously, Nnamdi isn’t the problem with this team. Dude literally forced a 3 and out by himself at one point. It’s the fact that he’s not being used properly because he’s a man-to-man CB. Like how DRC is NOT a slot corner in anyway. Just shows how bad Juan Castillo is, he can turn some of the best defensive players into looking lost on the field. Also, doesn’t help that he has zero safety help.

  2. Gotta agree with fresh. I was at the 49ers game and it seemed like every time Nnamdi was man to man with Vernon Davis, Davis was nonexistent.

  3. Still Couldn’t Tackle a Scarecrow?
    Come on man, remove that headline before you make some believers out of that BS. As Fresh said, Nnamdi literally forced a 3 and out by himself yesterday. Looked like he was putting on a tackling clinic during that series. Fact is, he’s Lockdown Corner and the dude needs to be put in a position where he excels. But that job’s up to the coaches.
    Jarrad Page on the other hand…..

  4. Why in this town are we always talking about cornerbacks and tackling. Corners are paid to cover. Samuel and Nnamdi came here as all pros.

  5. Bobby D., don’t cut it short.
    Look no further than the “2 and Out” the Eagles were victimized by in 2009 to Dallas. Quite simply, the Cowboys ran bubble screen after wide out screen on Asshat’s side and the guy wouldn’t even play press to meet the challenge.
    Sometimes a Corner has to tackle. He plays defense, right?

  6. Yes, we get that CBs sometimes need to tackle. And especially so in our zone defense. But that’s the thing, we should not be running zone if our CBs are not great tacklers. DRC and Asante are known for being poor tacklers, so we put them in a zone defense where tackling skills are needed? Does not compute.
    Asante should be traded for something/someone to help this team’s future. And we should use DRC & Nnamdi as man-to-man CBs, that’s the way those 2 got to be in the top tier of that position in the first place.

  7. Fresh, that’s the spirit. You’re right on da money with that. I’ve been dangling Asshat for years now as trade bait. He’s not a team player and is an over rated self promoter. There’s no reason that the Eagles can’t use Asomugha and Cromartie like Vincent and Taylor….ah, remember those days?

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