Our Mistake: Jumping the Gun on Winter Classic Jerseys

We were wrong.

Last week, we passed along reports that indicated these jerseys were, in fact, the real Winter Classic sweaters to be worn by the Flyers on January 2nd at CBP. Since that post, I’ve been told be multiple folks that those jerseys are not confirmed, and likely not the final design. They may be close, and perhaps nearly identical (indications are that they will be predominately orange and feature black shoulders), but what we posted was incorrect.

While this is hardly a serious matter, we did want to make sure that we updated the report. We rarely hold back here on CB, but do take pride in passing along accurate information– both from other reports and our own sources. In this case, we were one of many sites that jumped the gun on the unconfirmed report.

I’m not going to post the jerseys here, but we’re talking about this design, not the obviously fake (and widely purchased) Tony the Tiger sweaters

Like I said, it’s very possible that the final design resembles what was posted; however, no one knows for sure. We’ll keep at it and still make it our goal to leak the jerseys before they’re unveiled. 


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  1. Why do some people that comment on this site have sticks up their ass like Gadaffi did?
    Too soon for a sodomized joke?
    Personally give me the Flyers 80-90’s whites and the Ragners blues with the statue of liberty logo.

  2. Philly sports daily is a joke site…they reported this and this site and a bunch others picked it up. It’s a shame a lot of people jumped on that story and posted it. Gave them attention that they don’t deserve. Tons of better sites than them, this one included.

  3. “but do take pride in passing along accurate information– both from other reports and our own sources”
    Other reports and our own sources…what’s the difference exactly? Other people’s sites are your own sources. Your research consists of google, click on other phillies blog, regurgitate, post.

  4. Put some laces on it!! Don’t tell me it’s reserved for the original 6 either, the damn Pens did it on those powder blue trash bags they wore in their winter classic.
    I hate the “Tony The Tiger” jersey for the simple fact that no team should ever sell a jersey that the team has no intentions of wearing.

  5. Whats this “We” and “our” shit fuckface? Cowboy up, repost as “I” and “Me”…you got more excuses then Tony La russa?

  6. Andy- this post would probably a good place to start when looking for stories that include our own sources.

  7. Actually, no. See the Flyers are owned by CSN. They report everything to them first. You clearly picked up a rumor about the jerseys.
    ARe you going to claim the Dr J auction post was your own story too? It posted on yahoo yesterday.

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