Phillies Release Medical Updates

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  • First baseman Ryan Howard (ruptured left Achilles) had his stitches removed on October 25 and has progressed to partial weight bearing. He has begun a rehabilitation program in Philadelphia. He's still half a year away from playing and has improved just enough to get off his Rascal and go to Manhattan Bagel.
  • Third baseman Placido Polanco (sports hernia) had a follow-up exam with Dr. William Meyers on October 26 and is continuing his rehabilitation in Miami. Don't worry, he'll hurt it again next year.
  • Left-hander Cole Hamels had stitches removed from his left elbow (loose bodies) on October 27 and is continuing his rehabilitation program in Philadelphia. He had a follow-up exam for his hernia surgery today with Dr. Ernest Rosato and has been cleared to progress back to his off-season program as tolerated. Which includes puppies, children, and Comcast commercials. Just kidding, Cole will be just fine– he upheld his end of the bargain.
  • Right fielder Hunter Pence (sports hernia) continues his rehabilitation program in Philadelphia. He will have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Meyers next week. At least his condo has a great view.
  • Right-hander Jose Contreras (right forearm strain) was seen by Dr. Michael Ciccotti on October 20 and will begin isometric forearm strengthening next week. He is on track to progress to regular strengthening in the beginning of December and initiate throwing at the beginning of January. He will be 40 in December.
  • Ross Gload (hip) was evaluated by Dr. Bryan Kelly in New York on October 18. Dr. Kelly did not feel an arthroscopic procedure was warranted at this time. Gload was set up with an off-season rehabilitation program. Are we still acknowledging his existence?


Sorry, I guess I'm still not over it quite yet…


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  1. No pitches seen here either. Watching the World Series would be comparable to watching my hot ex-gf get married to some doucher. The Phils should be on that altar getting ready to celebrate.

  2. If Gload didnt need surgery, why didnt he go on the DL for two months during the season?? This stupid team lead me on all year saying this guy was “fighting through the pain” and now he doesnt have surgery??
    Im going to go watch Game 7 and cry…

  3. FULLY agreed Faber. That was the reason he wouldn’t go on the DL, cause it needed surgery and nothing else and he would wait till after the season. Now this? Really, it was just a waste of a roster spot all year. He had one dimension- hit, a little bit. Well, there’s other bench guys out there who can hit a little, and also be used for defense and speed.
    I don’t know who is responsible for that decision, but I gotta think ultimately RAJ has to say enough is enough at some point. RAJ should get all the praise for landing the big names he does, but the reason Pat Gillick was great and won championships was because he made the under-the-radar, strength-of-all-25 moves. RAJ hasn’t proven the ability to do that yet. Lookin’ at you on that one now, Rube.

  4. Hello Bitches!
    Boy have I missed you. Anyone watch baseball tonight? I hope you all die while sucking on your own nut.
    Cards win! Cards win!
    Hey Iron Balls, you suck! Cards win!

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